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If you find a tick on your body, there are a few things you can do to remove it.

  1. Use a pair of finetipped tweezers to grasp the tick as close to the skins surface as possible.
  2. Pull the ticks body away from the skin with a steady, even motion. Dont twist or jerk the tick, as this can cause the mouth parts to break off and stay in the skin.
  3. If the mouth parts do stay in the skin, remove them with the tweezers.
  4. Clean the bite area with soap and water or an antiseptic.
  5. Dispose of the tick by putting it in a sealed bag or container. If you develop a rash or fever within 2-3 weeks of removing a tick, see your doctor. You may have been infected with a disease such as Lyme disease. (Read: GET RID OF UNWANTED PESTS QUICK)


Humans and animals have a very long relationship with each other. Some animals become “beasts of burden” to humans while others provide companionship and entertainment. And among these animals, cats and dogs are very popular with people from different countries for some good reasons. For one, it is very easy to keep them in our homes, and feeding them would be a problem.  (Related: GENERAL PEST CONTROL)

The number of pet owners around the world increases by numbers all year round. Acquiring a canine and feline pet is so easy by just visiting a local pet shop. But behind these adorable furry pets hides a menacing creature so scary that it would give anyone goosebumps. Ticks are parasitic arachnids, usually 3-5mm small and living through blood-sucking either in humans or animals.

Ticks have 3 families classified, Ixodidae- the hard ticks; Argasidae – the soft ticks; and lastly, Nuttalliiellidae. They are also related to mites, with the same subclass Acari. In Australia, there are possible 70 species of ticks throughout the land; they are usually occurring in humid, high moisture areas. People often encounter ticks with their beloved pets, cats, and dogs. (READ: HOW TO GET RID OF TICKS)

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Many pet owners love their dogs with very thick furry hair, but unknowingly, there hide a bunch of ticks under that beautiful furry hair. You will notice your dog is scratching every part of its body frequently. Ticks make your pet their host to survive, feeding through your puppy’s blood and this may cause sleepless nights for your pet. Ticks become dangerous to humans since they cause Tick-borne diseases or illnesses such as Australian Tick typhus or commonly called Spotted Fever in the coastal strip of Eastern Australia and Flinders Island Spotted Fever in Victoria, Tasmania, and Flinders Strait.  (Read: SIGNS OF PEST INFESTATION IN WINTERSIMPLE ANT PREVENTION TIPS)

Tick paralysis can easily be seen through early symptoms such as headache, rashes, fever, and weakness of the limbs, to name a few. Tick bites cause also some allergic reactions which can make the face and throat swell and difficulty in breathing, if severe. When you see early signs of ticks’ presence in your pet or your home, don’t just ignore it, or else, you will be surprised when you get a bite, ticks are like ticking bombs! You are already in danger. (Read: HOW TO GET RID OF DUST MITEPEST CONTROL SERVICES IN SYDNEY)

Having your pet with grooming or ticks treatment cannot actually get rid of those ticks completely, as there are already eggs, larvae, or pupa which are possibly left on your pet’s skin or her things and areas she usually plays. You can hardly see those eggs or larvae because they are too small. The best thing to do to eradicate those deadly ticks is to get professional help from Safe Pest Control Pty Ltd., the pest control experts in Sydney, Australia. (Read: WHAT ATTRACKS PESTS TO YOUR HOME)

Safe Pest Control with 19 years of experience and expertise in giving the best pest control solutions to any pest problems in Sydney, is highly certified professionals in dealing with clients and their problems. Safe Pest Control Technicians easily comprehend the details of pest problems you may have and can determine the possible causes and sources of the pest infestation. They are keen-observer and search carefully the whole area for surveying the entry points. (Read: HOW TO GET RID OF BED BUGSHOW DOES WEATHER AFFECT PEST INFESTATIONS)

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