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Rodent Extermination

Do you live in Sydney and now are worried about the increasing rat infestation you have been noticing rushing around your house or commercial property and also all the damages rodents may cause to your property? And often these pests can put you and your family members at risk. Thus, you need to take action in advance.

Professional pest control services offer cutting-edge Sydney rats control. They use advanced techniques and equipment to control rat and mice infestations that have invaded your property, as well as they’ll stop their spreading from home or commercial property. Having performed supreme quality rat and mice infestation control for many years, their qualified team will help you deal with rodents and thus prevent rats and mice.


The pest controllers in Sydney have a firm focus on the protection of non-target creatures like dogs, cats, and native creatures so you know that you, your pets, and also your native wildlife are all in safe hands as soon as a professional pest control expert is called upon to eliminate rats and mice at your workplace or home.

Rats, mice, and also other rodents may cause:

  • Food poisoning through contamination of food preparation and utensils areas from their droppings and hair.

  • Transmission of serious illnesses to you as well as your pets through their lice and fleas

However, several experienced, skilled pest controllers in Sydney can handle the matter with care to make sure you get rid of rodents yet the process does not hurt you or your property.


We have been using this company's services for the last 5 years and can't thank them enough for their professionalism and wonderful quality of service. All the agents who have been to our place all truly professional , punctual and honest! Our recent pest control was done by Ethan and Mark. Both very knowledgeable and friendly. We highly recommend this business and will be using their services in future. Well done team!
I was so impressed with Ethan’s professionalism. He was prompt, friendly, informative and super clean even took his shoes off prior to coming into home. He got the job done so fast yet so precise. I will definitely be a regular customer.
My experience today with Safe Pest Control was amazing! Mark was early and really took the time to explain the treatment process. He took his time and was very friendly. I have already used two other pest control companies but the cockroaches have not disappeared. I’m confident that the thorough job that Mark did today will get rid of them. Will update the review later but so far so good.
it was amazing having Mark perform bug & insect extermination. he was extremely thorough and punctual. he made sure that every area was covered and asked questions when needed. very very lovely guy and highly recommend this business
Thanks to the team at safe pest control! They came out a few days after I requested the service and did a great job at our new unit. Ethan was very knowledgeable and professional. I’ll recommend it to anyone having pest issues. Thanks again!!

Types Of Rodents Commonly Seen In Sydney

Roof Rat:

The roof rats are black-coloured rats that are incredible climbers as well as they create nests inside your roof voids & other safe areas in your building. On average, these rats live for 9 to 12 months as well as are around 20 centimetres long.

Norway Rat:

These rats are brown-coloured that usually come out at night as well as live between 9 to 12 months. These rodents can be more than 30 centimetres long and they weigh around 0.5 kg.

House Mouse:

These brown or grey-coloured rats live both outdoors and indoors as well as close to where we humans live. The average lifespan of these rats is around 12 months, as well as they, grow up to about 10 centimetres in length.

What Rodent Control Methods Are Effective?

Tracking Powder:

Often mice exterminators in Sydney need to use mice tracking powders as well as pastes to apply to shelters and also rub marks. These help them track rats and mice on your property and then take proper action.


Pest controllers will set up rat and mice bait placements at numerous strategic areas in & around your property. These rat and mice bait stations safely hold the bait within the specific station. This means that indirect poisoning of non-target creatures is greatly decreased to nearly zero. This approach is extremely effective for managing populations of rats and mice in a big area.

Trapping Method

Experts can set live humane cages in case they suspect native rats and mice are present there and thus relocate those rodents away from your place.

Snap Traps

Experts can also set up specifically designed harmless snap traps where baits can’t be utilized which will require to be observed daily.

It’s essential to keep in mind, however, that the traps must be inspected regularly to avoid damaging non-target creatures around your property. Additionally, both traps and baits must be positioned in places where there’s proof of rat and mice activity.

Helping you get rid of Annoying Mice...

The Importance Of Rodent Pest Control Sydney

Many individuals and pets have encountered health problems because of rat and mice infestation on their property. Rats and mice were accountable for the Black Plague that wrecked Europe and have forced millions of individuals to pass away throughout history.

This’s why rat reduction and mice management have ever been essential work. Below are a few specific reasons to show why these rats and mice should be dealt with immediately. These are all very severe health issues that shouldn’t be underestimated or overlooked.

  • A human being may become contaminated by leptospirosis if come in direct contact with the droppings of rats and mice.

  • Rodent droppings in food will spoil it and compel anyone who consumes it to acquire mild meningitis or mouse typhoid.

  • Rats and mice often bite human beings, leading to rat-bite fever.

  • Rickettsia typhi bacteria will get transmitted to human beings via blood-sucking fleas that invade rats. It can cause people to get sick because of Murine Typhus fever.

  • Many mice bear ticks, as well as these ticks can lead to Lyme disease.

  • Rodents sometimes introduce allergens into your property that initiate asthma symptoms.

  • Rats and mice tend to damage private property, for example, electrical wirings clothes, papers, etc.

Damages Caused By Rodents

Rodents tend to be destructive and dangerous transportations of infections and diseases. Generally, no other damage is comparable to what rodents leave behind.

The rodent bites are contagious as they bear bacteria as well as other deadly termite inspection in their mouth. Rodents carry infectious diseases and also organisms such as leptospirosis, Salmonellosis, bacteria, plague, and rabies.

These ailments have been confirmed to be disastrous unless they’re treated as quickly as possible. The ailments rats transmit don’t only infect human beings but also infect your pets. It means that nobody is safe in the house when these problems are present there in your house.

Rodents also spoil food as well as other personal properties with their urine feces, and foul odour. Rodents’ contamination can result in food poisoning as well as other unhealthy situations. They’re disgusting and dirty animals and need to be destroyed as quickly as possible.

Rodents are even known to damage personal property. They chew on more or less everything including wood, paper, some metals, plastics, power lines, wirings, and insulation.

They’re behind several cases of fire accidents, where rats and mice chew electrical wires as well as bring in nesting materials like leave and thus ignite the fire from there. They can even compromise your building’s structural integrity if it is with a wooden structure. They’re a top-level desecrator in the world of pests.

Rats and mice are dangerous due to a handful of reasons. Let’s discuss the reason why rats are mice considered to be a dangerous creatures.

Carry Diseases:

Rodents can transmit about 45 ailments, some of them are even deadly. The most infamous is indeed the “Black Death” or plague. They not just carry diseases but also spread diseases.

Foods Contamination

Rats and mice can contaminate your food with their urine, droppings, and shed hairs! These pose a considerable risk of spreading potentially fatal diseases among people who consume contaminated food. Thus preventing rats and mice on time is essential.

Physical Damages

It’s calculated that around 1/5th of the world’s fires generated by unknown sources are mainly caused by rats and mice chewing on electrical wires.

Rodent Infestation Symptoms On Yout Property

While you may not see the rats and mice in your home, seeing any of the below-mentioned signs will indicate the existence of rats and mice on your property.

  • Rub Marks: The rub marks are greased smear marks as well as they’re caused as soon as rats and mice rub their fur against a vertical surface such as a wall.

  • Droppings: New droppings of rats and mice are pliable and shiny as well as within 2 to 3 days the droppings of rodents become hard and dull. Droppings of mice are 3 to 6mm long as well as have pointed ends. Droppings of rats are around 12mm long as well as have slightly blunted ends.

  • Sounds: Rats & Mice are usually heard at night as well as they include screeching if the mice are clawing and rats are gnawing.

  • Burrows: Burrows of rats are normally located next to buildings and waterways.

  • Gnawing: Rats chew to keep their eyeteeth down as well as use metal, wood, cables, and conduit to do this. As soon as rats chew cables for example this can reveal bare cables and lead to fires or short circuits.

  • Nest: A rat and mice nest is typically made using paper, rags, and cardboard. So look for nests made of those things.

  • Urine: Rats spot their path with tiny dots of urine, named scent marking, or urine marking. Urine marking is a condition of chemical contact. Urine is filled with information about the rodent who produced it: its sex, species, age, sexual availability, individual identity, reproductive status, social status, and present stress level, and also the scent mark age itself.

Call a professional rodent pest control company once you see any of those signs near your property. The rat control & mouse control company will protect you as well as your family against these possible health problems.

Pest Control companies in Sydney tend to implement a 4-stage rodent removal process that’s developed to keep your home and business pest-free for a long time.


As soon as you’ve contacted a pest control company about your rats and mice infestation, their licensed Sydney-based pest control experts will visit your place and conduct an inspection there. They’ll determine what sort of rat or mice has been creeping around your building, how severe the infestation is, and what property damage they have done so far, and also discover if there is any nest located inside or outside your property.

Treatment Strategy

Depending on the results of the inspection, the exterminator will schedule a proper eradication treatment to fix your property and make it completely pest-free like before. 

Their treatment program will contain, what you can expect from their treatment procedure, how long the entire process will take, as well as any suggestions for you to follow after the treatment ends and then the experts leave your place.

Extermination Procedure

The exterminators will complete their practices according to the plan they prepared. They often mix various methods to get the best result out of the procedures. This may include using various types of rodenticides, traps, fumigation, glue boards, bristle strips, and also other methods to deal with rodents in your home or business place. The pest control experts favour using non-chemical treatments as much as possible for them to deal with your problem.


Continuous prevention is important for making sure that your property will remain rodent-free for a long time. The experts will suggest what restorations and changes you must make to your home or business after they leave. They will even provide a few simple tips & tricks that you can utilize to help keep rats and mice out of your home and business:

  • Clean up any water and food spills you find on your property immediately

  • Often look for any indications of rat and mice infestation around the property.

  • Throw out any trash lying around your kitchen.

  • Store your foods inside some tightly-sealed containers.

  • Clear the gutters regularly

  • Sanitise spots around your home or workplace as needed.

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