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What do you need to do to prepare before having pest control conducted at your house?

  • Ensure general housekeeping is carried out prior to our service.
  • Move any furniture away from the walls to give the technician space around the edges.
  • Cover or pack away kids’ toys.
  • If a member of the household is pregnant or may suffer from respiratory complaints as a precaution it is advisable they vacate the premises for a minimum of 4 hours.
  • Do not clean edges (Skirting boards) for 2 weeks or as long as possible.
  • Move external stored items away from walls
  • Clean pet food bowls or turned over
  • Cover or remove any fish or birds.
  • Mow the lawn


What to look out for when hiring a pest control company in Sydney?

The process for selecting a pest control company should be the same as when you are looking for other services. Competency and cost are very important. When selecting a pest control service in Sydney, cost should not be the only factor that determines the company you pick. Using unregistered products or misuse of pesticides can harm your health and put your property at risk.

Take your time and do your homework.

Stay away from companies offering multiple services and pest control. Unfortunately, in recent years there has been an increase in the number of unregistered or part-time pest control operators in Sydney who have little knowledge or experience. (Read: GET RID OF UNWANTED PESTS QUICK)

The obvious signs to look for are:

  • Online reviews
  • Website
  • Car signage
  • Uniform
  • License
  • Address and phone numbers.

Our advice to renters, landlords, or businesses has always been to take preventive measures such as blocking entry points and good housekeeping to reduce the chances of an infestation. Having said that, once you have an infestation outbreak especially if you live in an older building with lots of cavities and entry points, you will need a proper safe pest control treatment to manage the situation. (Related: GENERAL PEST CONTROL)

Safe Pest Control treatment certificates are issued for all services carried out. This will clearly indicate:

  • Product used
  • Batch number
  • Mixed amount used
  • Concentration
  • Targeted pests
  • Weather condition
  • Time of treatment

What’s the average cost of pest control in Sydney?

Your average general pest control is between $190- $380 depending on the size of your place or additional services added. This should cover webbing spiders, American cockroaches, Ants, and silverfish with a warranty of 3-6 months. The pest control technician should treat your external walls, garden, fences, Subfloor, and roof /wall cavities. This service should be carried out every 6- 12 months depending on environmental factors.

A termite inspection will cost between $220-$350. Your inspector must check your entire property. This includes all accessible areas of your roof, subfloor, interior, external walls, garden, and fences and must provide you with an inspection report and highlight any issues detected that require your attention. This service should be carried out every 3- 12 months depending on environmental factors. (Read: SIGNS OF PEST INFESTATION IN WINTER)

Termite treatments are normally priced based on size and structural type and condition. There are chemical barriers or baiting/ monitoring systems to protect your house against termites.

Rat pest control will cost between $190-$290. Your average rat control consists of a baiting program where baits are placed in secure places such as roof voids, subfloors, or lockable bait stations. It is often required to have a follow-up check of the baits around two weeks from initial treatment depending on the level of activity. This service should be carried out every 3-12 months depending on environmental factors. (Read: HOW TO GET RID OF DUST MITE )

Flea pest control will cost between $250- $450. In most cases two treatments are required to break up the flea breeding cycle – the egg to the adult flea is complete in just 12 – 22 days. A light blanket spray of all carpeted and/or timber floors is required as well as garden or subfloors. It is important to treat your pet and the environment together to gain maximum results.

Although cost should not be the main deciding factor if you’re thinking about getting a general pest control treatment or a termite inspection for your place, there are a few points to take into consideration. A cheap service is not always in your best interest when it comes to pest control.

Do pest control products from supermarkets really work?

Your short answer is NO. We have all at some point used an aerosol spray to kill a spider or cockroach inside the house. In most cases, your average supermarket spray is only good to get rid of what you see in front of you and does nothing more than waste your money. The reason for that is Cockroaches are nocturnal insects therefore infestation builds up during the night after all lights go off. By the time you start noticing cockroaches during the day, it’s already too late, the numbers have built up inside cracks and cavities and at that point, it will become a losing battle trying to kill them one by one. (Read: WHAT ATTRACKS PESTS TO YOUR HOME)

Smart Kill Technology
Season Long COVER
Rapid knock down spray
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weather resistant spray
Non repellent spray

Why do you need a maintenance service instead of just a one-time treatment?

To maximize the safety of our users most pest control products used in Australia are biodegradable which means the products break down over time making them safer for everyone in the household. Also, Sydney being a green leafy city provides the perfect conditions for insects to reproduce especially during the warmer season. (Read: HOW TO GET RID OF BED BUGS)

How frequent is the service?

Most pests like spiders, cockroaches, ants, or silverfish will require a treatment every 6-12 months.

How long would a service take?

For a standard size house, it will take approximately 1-2hrs for a full treatment. (Related: PEST CONTROL SERVICES IN SYDNEY)

How long is the service warranty for a general pest spray?

The average warrant period is between 3 to 6 months.

Are you insured?

Yes, Safe Pest Control is fully insured.

Is there an extra charge for controlling more than one type of pest?

Yes, depending on the type of pests or level of infestation we often have to use different products or carry out extra services to control the problem. (Related: SIMPLE ANT PREVENTION TIPS)

How long and how often do you and your pets need to be out of the house?

Although the products we use have a high level of safety, we do recommend leaving the premises for 1-2 hours to allow the treatment to dry.

Is there an odor?

All the products we use at Safe Pest Control have no smell.

What about the impact on fruit trees and vegetables?

The products we use will not affect your fruits and vegetables. Some of the products we have are also used in agricultural applications such as banana crops, apples, pears, ornamental, and turf. (Read: HOW DOES WEATHER AFFECT PEST INFESTATIONS)

Can Safe Pest Control quote a price over the phone?

Yes! For most residential pest control pricing, we can help over the phone with the exception of termite treatments and bird control.

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