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At safe Pest Control, our residential team of professional exterminators starts protecting your home by conducting a thorough pest inspection with a focus on areas that attract rats, mice, spiders, cockroaches, rodents, and other pests, and their access to your house. Our licensed technicians will offer you advice on how you can control pests through preventative steps, and our technicians will perform an initial treatment to rid your home of any existing pests. After the initial treatment, we will recommend an ongoing pest management program for your home.

We specialize in environmentally sensitive techniques and an integrated approach to pest management. We are a locally owned family business in Sydney NSW with over 15 years of experience supporting our local communities and local businesses.  If you prefer a more eco-friendly solution for mice control in Sydney NSW or other pest management-related problems, a thorough inspection of your property will identify the pests present and will help us decide on an appropriate extermination approach. Often what many consider to be “pests” are actually non-harmful insects that control other unwanted bugs and can be beneficial to the ecosystem around your house, but we understand that doesn’t always mean you want them in or near your home. (Related: Pet-Friendly Pest Control)


Residential Pest Control sydney
Residential Pest Control services sydney
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We have been using this company's services for the last 5 years and can't thank them enough for their professionalism and wonderful quality of service. All the agents who have been to our place all truly professional , punctual and honest! Our recent pest control was done by Ethan and Mark. Both very knowledgeable and friendly. We highly recommend this business and will be using their services in future. Well done team!
I was so impressed with Ethan’s professionalism. He was prompt, friendly, informative and super clean even took his shoes off prior to coming into home. He got the job done so fast yet so precise. I will definitely be a regular customer.
My experience today with Safe Pest Control was amazing! Mark was early and really took the time to explain the treatment process. He took his time and was very friendly. I have already used two other pest control companies but the cockroaches have not disappeared. I’m confident that the thorough job that Mark did today will get rid of them. Will update the review later but so far so good.
it was amazing having Mark perform bug & insect extermination. he was extremely thorough and punctual. he made sure that every area was covered and asked questions when needed. very very lovely guy and highly recommend this business
Thanks to the team at safe pest control! They came out a few days after I requested the service and did a great job at our new unit. Ethan was very knowledgeable and professional. I’ll recommend it to anyone having pest issues. Thanks again!!
Residential Pest Control

Child Friendly Pest Control Services

We will create a residential pest control plan for you with steps to help you control unwanted pests using the least damaging methods to the environment, your home, and your family. Often these treatment methods include changing habits, trapping insects, relocating or trimming shrubbery, sealing cracks, and sealing and storing food properly. With an integrated pest management approach, we try to avoid the use of pesticides unless other methods have not worked.

Many new customers often ask “Why do I need your service year-round, especially in winter?” simply put, Living in Sydney NSW among the beautiful greenery and expansion of urban areas, pests such as rodents, rats mice, and cockroaches will only increase even in our winter or rainy months. We have services to provide protection 24/7 year-round program. Many new challenges arise in the cooler months, including rat control Sydney and other pests invading our homes looking for shelter. Pests like rodents prefer warm, dry locations. We have developed custom programs and techniques specifically for use in the winter and rainy months. 

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Our team residential offers a variety of residential treatments, based on your budget and needs. It is important to understand how roaches live in order to treat the problem. Roaches communicate by touching antennae, so with gel baits, dusting, and granules, roaches will share the pesticide and get to the hard-to-reach areas for us. Insect growth regulators prevent cockroaches from completing their normal development to the reproductive, and adult stages. As soon as you see one cockroach, it is important to call, as one cockroach means there are at least 10-20 more in areas you can’t see and these pests are prolific breeders. Our residential team’s treatment recommendations begin with a regular maintenance service to prevent the return of roaches after initial treatment. We offer monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly commercial cockroach control services. Call us today on 1300119085 for more information about our cockroach service.

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How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches:


Gel bait used for German cockroach control and other common cockroaches

works by placing it along cracks and crevices of infested areas where roaches congregate.  The bait will remain pliable and palatable to cockroaches as long as it is visibly present. Roaches will come in contact with the gel when they squeeze through these areas and take it back to the nest.


A commonplace for roaches to live are in cracks and crevices, especially in, dark corners around fireplaces, radiators, stores, pipes, rubbish chutes, and cookers as They provide warmth and a source of food. Again, the idea is to keep the dust out of the way similar to gel bait in that the roaches will be exposed, but humans will not. This is a very targeted treatment and is often used when an infestation has not become out of hand.


Granules are only used outside or in cavities. A technician will apply these in cracks and crevices around a foundation or in a crawl space.


Growth regulators prevent cockroaches from completing their normal development to the adult stage. A synthetic copy of a naturally occurring insect biochemical works as an effective growth regulator by preventing the nymphs from developing into reproductively functioning adults.


Heat technology has revolutionized the industry. By applying a constant source of heat, all standard pests and their eggs will be destroyed (something pesticides can’t promise) and no pesticides need to be applied. With a heat treatment, we use heaters to obtain an internal temperature of about 150 degrees. This is too hot for pests to survive, but not hot enough to destroy your electronics or other property. Heat penetrates areas that pesticides often can’t reach and is ideal for people with a sensitivity to pesticides.


This form of treatment is ideal for internal and external areas. It includes spraying a low-toxicity, low to no-odor pesticide around your property. This will not require you to vacate your home for more than 4 hours, like other methods, and is a trusted method of cockroach removal.

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You don’t have to worry about pests anymore! With decades of experience and expertise, our residential team will take care of all your needs. We’re available all year round so you can let us handle the problem without worrying about it. We know how important it is for customers like yourself who live in Sydney’s south, west, north, or eastern suburbs areas – just give us a call today on 1300 119 085 or get a free quote online.

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Best Sydney Pest Control Solutions | Get Rid Of Pests Today!

When it comes to extermination services such as for german cockroaches, wasps, or rodents control, how do you which pest control solutions to trust when it comes to choosing a company? The truth is there are many pest control service in Sydney NSW and they all seem like good enough companies at first glance. What makes a reliable professional pest control or trustworthy, besides their title of course!?

There’s no easy answer because each service has its own set goals for success but if we look deeper into online reviews from other people this can help guide your decision about which business will provide quality work with fair pricing.

The health of your family is the most important thing. You need someone who will not risk harming you during an extermination process, which means finding out about their online reviews beforehand and making sure they’re worth doing business with!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does pest control cost?

If you’re looking for an affordable pest control solution, then look no further! Our residential team will provide certified safe spray treatments starting at $189. We have been in operation since 2008 and offer exceptional service with reliable long-lasting treatments.

Is service available on weekends?

Yes! Our residential team operates Monday – Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm. Noting our flexible schedule will be sure to fit you in at your preferred time.

Is extermination safe for my family and pets?

Absolutely, we use eco-friendly pest control products that are safe for family members and pets. We ensure our industry-leading pesticides don’t have any negative impact on you or your home’s environment so it can be one of the many reasons why our residential team is considered among the best commercial pest control companies around!

What is the pest control warranty?

We provide a 6-month warranty with our general pest control. For every treatment, we carry out we’ll give you a certification for the task, which includes an identification number for the batch and information on the product that was used. This certificate should also include the specifics of the quantity of the chemical that is non-toxic employed and the place it was obtained from. The certificate also includes information about our visits, as well as the time and the tools used, along with other features of standard reporting. This kind of report allows every patient to be able to view every aspect of their care. Our patients always come first. Ensuring that you are completely happy with your treatment is our top priority.

How long does pest control last?

Extermination treatments last for between 3-6 months, based on the kind of treatment. Our method finds a balance that allows you to only pay for the services you require providing outstanding value for money as compared to one-size-fits-all treatments. This method ensures you receive a long-lasting treatment at reasonable costs

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Sydney pest control is not as easy and straightforward as one may think when dealing with rodent in your house. It typically takes many steps, from preventing issue altogether to eliminating it once an occurrence has already occurred.  Pest Control Supplies seems like an easy way to solve all problems, but in reality it’s not that simple. It takes knowledge and expertise on how pests work – which you can only gain through experience-to control them effectively so they don’t come back again soon after being eliminated for good!

Pest management might seem like an easy task, but it’s not. No matter how hard you try there will always be some pests who refuse to budge and this is where a professional company comes into play!

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