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Bed Bug Pest Control | Bed BugTreatment & Management

Bed bugs, probably the worst type of insects when it comes to a good night sleep. Being one of the biggest pests in homes all over Australia, you have to get rid of it before it gets out of hand. If seen in motels and hotels it can effect the business in a very negative way. They love to accommodate in warm areas, dark places and we’re food is common, which means a bed meets all the criteria’s.

People who travel and lot and stay in places like motels and hotels encounter this pest Quite frequently. They also cause discomfort to care homes and student accommodations. With this pest on the rise, the best is to get professional help, We at Safe Pest Control offer our customers the best service and a stressless procedure to get rid of bed bugs and their infestations effectively. Sydney-Wide Pest Control Services – Health and Safety First, Call 1300 119 085 Today!

knowing exactly what type of pest it is, is important for pest control and solutions as they rely heavily on knowing what the insect is. As bed bugs only pop out at night as they are nocturnal it’s very difficult to spot them. During the day they hide near by to their accommodation usually inside
cracks and crevices. The correct identification of a bite will help you choose the most effective method saving you your valuable time and money.


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Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation and How to get rid of them

compared to other insect’s bed bugs are probably the smallest one, due to their size it may be difficult to identify whether you have  a infestation in your property. To an expert the signs of bed bugs are easy to track but for the untrained eye it might be more challenging. Dark stains on the mattress could mean that you have a infestation. One of the most common identification methods are if you have blood stains on your sheets. If you get bitten by Bed Bugs, they usually show up as red bumps on your body mostly found around your neck, hands, arms and legs. A small population of people can even have a rash around the bites. Red spots and itchiness in different areas could mean that there is a infestation in your bed.

Where do bed bugs hide in the daytime?

If any bed bugs are found in any of these areas you can request an inspection, and our trained technicians will offer the best solutions for your problem. If you have just returned from a well deserved trip, the last thing you want is for bed bugs to enter your home with you, so keep your bags and clothes on a tiled surface or your garage  as bed bugs don’t like surfaces like that. Make sure to was your clothes with Hugh temperature. Vacuuming also helps reducing the chances of bed bug infestations.

Bed Bugs Prevention Tips

If you have been on a vacation and you’re getting back to your place of residence, you have a higher chance of bed bugs infestation as you could be bringing them in your clothes and luggage, so due to that reason we recommend you leave them in the garage. Vacuuming and cleaning is another method that helps reduce the chances of bed bugs infestation.

Here are some ways to prevent Bed Bugs

1. Bed bugs are seasoned travellers! If you’ve recently returned home from a trip, leave your luggage in the garage or a tiled area until you’ve checked it and cleaned it thoroughly (clothes included).

2. Vacuuming regularly (a minimum of once per week) and steam cleaning carpeted areas will help kill bed bugs and their eggs. Vacuuming all mattresses is also an important preventative measure, as this is one of the bed bug’s favourite hiding spots.

3. If you think you may have an infestation and/or have seen evidence, wash and dry your clothes, linen and other soft furnishings in the highest temperature possible to kill the bed bugs and their eggs.

4. Reduce clutter in bedrooms to eliminate places where bed bugs can hide. This is particularly effective near the bed and on the floor.

5. Contact a professional pest control provider immediately. Not only will they work with you to eliminate the infestation, but reputable companies such as Safe Pest Control will teach you how to prevent it from re-occurring and will provide advice for regular inspections.

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Why Safe Pest Control

Residential and Commercial Bed Bugs Pest Control Sydney

bed bugs have a high mobility rate, helping them from moving to a new room after there done with yours. Preventing their infestations as soon as possible is key. Contacting professionals is the best way to get rid of them, make sure to contact us today for and expert opinion. Few tips that can be done at home are, cleaning the bed sheets and areas  effected with High temperature, keeping the area clean by vacuuming and sweeping. 

The two option for this pest is to DIY or professional help. Although DIY might seem easier to do it’s not, because you will need to know where they spread from and their level of infection, not to mention its very time consuming. We at Safe Pest Control take care of your problem and give you 100% satisfaction, we use the best products and serve the best service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do bed bugs look like?

Bed bugs have an oval-shaped body, measure half a centimetre in length with six legs, large antennae and no wings. It is light brown in colour, which changes to a rusty red after it has fed on blood.

What are some of the signs of bed bug activity?

The most obvious signs of bed bugs are the bites themselves – which resemble a mosquito bite and normally come in a cluster of three bites. You may also see blood spots on your bed linen and mattress and dark faecal stains in the areas bed bugs like to hide. Q. What steps can I take to prevent bed bugs from entering my home? A: Good cleaning practices in your home will help prevent an infestation of bed bugs, as will minimising clutter and reducing their hiding places. Regular vacuuming of floors and mattresses and steam cleaning of carpeted areas is also a great preventative measure.