Different Weather Conditions & How It Affects Specific Pests

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Insects make up most of the 90% of animal life forms, with a large percentage of them falling under the category of Pests. We all know that weather affects humans on a day to day basis, ranging from their mood to energy levels, and these daily changes also affect pests and how they propagate. The extreme temperature associated summer and late spring affects the rapid accumulation of pests and their lifespans in and around homes and businesses.

Different Weather Conditions & How It Affects Specific Pests

Sydney has a sub-tropical climate, which means mild weather the whole year-round. The atmosphere is also contrasting with chilly, breezy winter and warm and humid summer. Knowledge of these fluctuations can help homeowners decide whether to treat the problem by themselves or call a professional commercial pest control Sydney.

Warm Weather

Sydney is known to have warm weather however it is this type of weather that assist pest growth. Pests stay outdoors when the land is still warm and dry. Thus, they can roam farther and claim territories. Warmer temperatures open vast opportunities  for food collection and reproduction before hitting the wet, rainy, cold seasons. Those insects and bugs who survived the winter will begin to gather and re-start the colonization in Spring.

Mild Weather

Pest infestation expeditiously grows  when the weather is fair. Once the pest established their proximity to food, shelter, and water supply, they begin to attack their unsuspecting victims. The majority of locations can include basement areas, leaking pipes, bed covers, clothes, attic and roof areas and under the kitchen sink. Pest will hunt for leftovers in the kitchen, or loose crumbs through eating areas of the home and in and around household rubbish storage areas. The weather condition has a minor effect on the ant population, so they are working year-round.

Cold Weather

As much as they can, pests will find their way to avoid harsh conditions such as cold weather. Ants want to avoid the rain, so they colonize in backyards to get closer to food storage. Fleas in pets wish to survive too, by pretending to be driven out of the furs. However, these tiny pests can live without a host for some period, but cannot live in freezing conditions. Thus, they tend to crawl inside the warm and dry locations such as homes. Notice the irritating itch and skin rashes caused by ticks, bedbugs, and mites during the cooler months?Other pests like cockroaches and cloth moths go undercover, literally hiding under clean clothes, old books and darkest place like boxes.

The Best Time to Call for Pest Control

Pest species may come and go, but there is always another specie on hand to replace them. One season of swarming mosquitoes,the next season with rodents or cockroaches.

The reality of how pest infestation inflicts epidemic diseases urges people to act immediately. If DIY efforts to get rid of pests barely succeed, the best option is  to call for a professional pest control service.

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