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Why People Use Safe Pest Control

How To Get Rid of Cockroaches?

Cockroaches quickly adapt to poisons and develop stable immunity to any poisons. Their vitality is to be envied. If you do not poison cockroaches, the price for it may be your health. There are more than 3 thousand species of cockroaches, and one female cockroach can lay more than 400 eggs in her life.

Just think: one single cockroach is enough for a whole colony to infect your entire house. Therefore, it is better to contact specialized services for the destruction of cockroaches. It is extremely difficult to cope with this problem on your own, you will only waste your time, during which the baby german cockroaches population and also other types of cockroaches will only increase. Consider why treating a room from cockroaches with home remedies is ineffective:

Cockroach Control Spray

Spray application is the most common and effective control method carried out in commercial and residential properties for long-lasting protection.

Cockroach Gel Baits

Gels retain their properties for several months, but cannot ensure the complete extermination of the population. Suitable as prevention against re-infection. Gel baits are effective only if the cockroach cannot find other food sources in the form of breadcrumbs and leftover food.

Cockroach Dusty

Dusting application works great in hard-to-rach areas, such as wall cavities, sub-floor, and roof voids.

Types Of Common Cockroaches Dealt By Safe Pest Control

Welcome to the specialized service for the extermination of cockroaches in apartments, municipal institutions and commercial facilities. Safe Pest Control provides professional pest control services in Sydney and surrounding areas, serving cafes and restaurants, kindergartens and schools, clinics and hospitals, logistics complexes and shopping centres. So, here are the common cockroach types that Safe Pest Control offers treatment for…

Australian Cockroach Control

The Australian cockroaches are noticeably larger compared to the common German cockroaches. Australian cockroaches are typical household pests that transmit disease by polluting food as well as the surfaces they get in contact with. They are also known as ‘Periplaneta Australasia’ which is rather misleading as they aren’t native to Australia and were an oriented species from Asia.

How To Identify Australian Cockroaches?

The Australian cockroaches are identical in appearance to American cockroaches but differ in size. These are smaller than American cockroaches and come with a yellow line on the upper portion of the torso. It’s 3-3.5 cm long as well as the wings of males and females cover the abdomen region. The female comes with a larger abdomen as compared to the male Australian cockroaches.

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As soon as it comes to the top inset for business, homes, and also other institutions, German cockroaches rank on the list. These cockroaches are the type of insects that live in houses, apartments, grocery stores, hospitals, restaurants, and other structures where food is being stored, prepared, or served.  These cockroaches do not differentiate as soon as it comes to food, as they will eat anything available there.

German cockroaches can increase their population quickly and live in any room of a house, most particularly the kitchen and bathrooms. They are a real annoyance because they can damage wallpaper and books as well as they can foul your food. Cockroaches eat the furniture glue, and they bring a nasty smell to your place

Worst of all, a few individuals are allergic to these cockroaches, and these cockroaches are also responsible for childhood asthma.


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How To Identify German Cockroaches?

German cockroaches come with an oval. flat shape, spiny legs, and long antennas. The baby german cockroaches look almost like the adult German cockroaches but the only difference is that they do not develop wings and they are smaller than the adult German cockroaches.

Adult ones have a light tan and they are medium brown banded. The cockroach has wings too. And German cockroaches have shields behind their head. It has got 2 dark stripes (1 lighter and another 1 is darker). These cockroaches measure up to 1.27 cm-1.58 cm long with wings (However, they do not fly).

The whole stomach area of a female German cockroach is shielded by its wings and they have a darker colour along with a round hind.; on the other hand, a male’s wings cover all except the stomach tip and they have a pale brown colour as well as looks like a boat.

Baby german cockroaches, called nymphs, do not have wings. They’re almost black and have 1 light stripe in the middle of their back.

However, the eggs have a slight tan colour as well as they measure not over 0.7 cm long.

These cockroaches are normally found in bars, pet stores, breweries, supermarkets, bakeries, restaurants and also places that have prepared or stored food.  Normally, they dwell in damp sewers, basements, apartment base floors, heating ducts, and also underneath hospitals.  Often they enter into houses from dirty places in your home.

American cockroaches come with an incredibly undesirable odour and also can damage clothing, wallpaper, taint food, and books.  Everyone hates cockroaches, but a few individuals have some allergic reaction to cockroaches which is dangerous. When these individuals eat foods that cockroaches eat, they get unwell which can cause food poisoning, diarrhoea, or dysentery and also induce issues like asthma in kids.

How To Identify American Cockroach?

A few American cockroaches might look slightly different but a maximum of them come with a similar type of body. To the unskilled eye is difficult to distinguish males and females apart since they’re around the same length. 

American cockroaches grow wings and that’s how in a case closely analysed gender can be specified because males’ wings reach their stomach and are longer than females’. The body is flat and oval, has antennae, as well as the legs, are spiny and long. These are around 5 cm in length as well as the colour differs from reddish-brown to dark brown, with a more delicate band near the head.

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Pest Control Services

Sydney Cockroach Pest Control

Cockroach extermination companies use a comprehensive approach using a variety of products and pest control equipment. Specialists take into account the type of cockroaches, the population size, the characteristics and size of the premises, the ways of infection and the presence of a food base that attracts insects.

Modern substances are harmless and in no way affect the health of people and pets. Disinsection from cockroaches in Sydney will help you forget about this problem. Specialists handle not only apartments but also warehouses, catering establishments, office buildings and retail space.

The destruction of cockroaches in the store and office is carried out taking into account the specifics of the premises, the most effective means of control is selected and the concentration is accurately calculated. Professionals follow new developments and scientific discoveries in the field of studying the behavioral reactions of insects.

Using the latest techniques, the cockroach extermination service can guarantee an effective result. Our disinfectants know how to get rid of cockroaches. Forever and ever! (Read: How to get rid of cockroaches)

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Extermination Process

Here is how we work on your project to make sure you get a complete cockroach free place to live or work on.


As soon as you call Safe Pest Control, the expert will schedule a time as per your convenience for the inspection of the severe infestation of cockroaches. They will look for cockroach droppings, and broken parts of cockroaches if any, and also track the oriental cockroach nests if any. Once they figure out the stage of a cockroach infestation, they will plan a treatment using cockroach traps or baits or any other method.

Our inspection will confirm what kind of cockroach has invaded your property as well as will then act consequently.

The inspection is conducted to understand the degree of the cockroach infestation, to see any damage that has been incurred on your property, any hygiene and health risks that need to be assessed, and also other factors related to cockroach infestation.


Treatment Plan

Depending on the findings of their inspection, our experts will offer you a suitable cockroach treatment plan with an integrated pest management system. They will also make sure to work on your project at your convenient time. They will plan german cockroach treatment or treatment for other cockroaches as per your property’s need.

The treatment plan describes what style of treatment is needed, the expected result, how long it should take, any teachings the residents need to follow, and also other information. Cockroaches Pest Control sydney | How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches​

If you need Australian cockroach treatment or German cockroach control, the Safe Pest Control company in Sydney knows how to eradicate all cockroach species as well as achieve the best effects possible Ever.

Extermination Process

Safe Pest Control will put the extermination process into action as soon as they’ve determined what treatment is required. They use different tactics to extract cockroaches from your property, such as heat treatment, cockroach baits, and fumigation treatment.

The experts from Safe Pest Control offer pest control that removes every egg, adult cockroach, and also nymph lying around your property. Not only does this make your property completely cockroach-free, but it’ll also even give you peace of mind.


Finally, after completing the project they will make sure that your place is as mess-free as before. And before leaving your place, our experts will guide you on how to prevent cockroaches from entering your place. As well as, they will make sure to use solutions that will keep cockroaches away from your property forever and ever!

If you are interested in how much it costs to kill cockroaches in an apartment with a guarantee in Sydney, please contact our specialists on 1300 119 085 for advice. Warranty service is carried out completely free of charge if insects reappear within 3-12 months. Cockroach Control Sydney | How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the most unpleasant neighbors for humans. They cause a whole range of negative emotions and are carriers of diseases. These insects are omnivorous and unpretentious, they can be without water and food for a long time. Therefore, it is quite difficult to remove them on your own and rarely succeeds to kill cockroaches permanently.

That is why it is better to hire a professional like Safe Pest Control for identifying cockroach infestations and performing cockroach treatment for both your residential and commercial properties. So, hire pest control specialists to get the most effective cockroach control services in Sydney.

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Treatment Types


with the help of sub-zero or elevated temperatures. The most popular method is hot fog. The chemically active substance is charged into a special generator and sprayed throughout the room with a hot jet of steam. In addition, ultraviolet light is used as a physical effect. Radiation prevents the development of insect larvae and is suitable for auxiliary processing;


using active insecticides. Chemical poisons can be aerosolized or applied to surfaces in gel form. Cold fog gas treatment helps to penetrate the most inaccessible places. In combination with gels, a prolonged action is provided;


affects insects at the genetic level. The most popular are professional traps that cause infection of the population according to the principle of a chain reaction.

Our exterminators have the highest qualifications and extensive experience, allowing you to quickly and effectively deal with the German cockroach population, oriental cockroaches, American Cockroaches, and Australian cockroaches.

We use modern foreign and domestic solutions that have proven their effectiveness and have the appropriate certificates. Disinsection of adult cockroaches, the price of which depends on the characteristics and size of the premises, is carried out by sanitary and epidemiological standards.