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Remove Wasps Nest Today | Dont Risk DIY Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp nest removal 101 – Wasps originally belong to the Order Hymenoptera group. They’re a miscellaneous group of insects. Only in Australia, there are more than 12,000 species, varying from the miniature diapriid wasp, which is barely visible to our naked eyes, to the spider wasp, and cicada-killer wasp, able to take big prey.

Most wasp has flesh-eating larvae that survive on other spiders and insects. But sometimes they manage to infest your residential and even commercial property. In such cases, it is better to hire a professional pest control company to help you do wasp nest removal. Let’s know in detail about wasp and their nest removal from your property.

What Does Wasp Look Like?

Wasp Nest Removal | Wasp Control

There are several species of wasp in Australia. All of them have a matching appearance; big insects with a thin “waist”, and an abdomen that slims to a point (this’s where their sting is!) as well as have warning colorations (yellow, black, and red). There are 3 main classes of wasp present in Australia:

Mud-Daubing Wasp: 

The Mud-dauber Wasp is among the more commonly discovered wasps in areas like Sydney. They live in urban places, woodlands and forests, and even heath. Such wasp is generally encountered throughout Australia.

Paper wasp: 

The paper wasp nests in eaves, underneath leaves, and branches. Nests are typically quite small (max 100 to 200 wasp) and swing by a stalk. Such wasp tends not to be fierce, only stinging while defending their nest.

European wasp: 

The European wasp also known as Vespula Germanica, is a pest in Australia. It is a non-native wasp that was first discovered in 1959 in Australia. By 1978 European wasp was also known in South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia, and New South Wales, as well as is now firmly founded in the Sydney region.

What Entices Wasps to Your Yard?

In case you have a wasp nest on your property, you are perhaps wondering why they have chosen to infest your area.

Even though wasps emigrate through almost every yard, the following are the most common things that attract wasps and also entice wasps to stay on your property:

Food Sources

After spending the winter in a dormant state, the queen wasp and her worker wasps involve in preparation for their survival in the summer months. As well as after a prolonged winter, they are hungry and searching for food sources. In case they can get something to consume in your garden or yard, they will stay.


During the fall, mannish wasps die soon after impregnating the queen wasp of the colony. The queen wasp then takes shelter in warm, safe, protected areas where they stay the winter months.

Wasps may be swinging out on your property because they have discovered safe shelter there. Items like insulated walls, cracks, and crevices shelter wasps from possible predators & harsh elements.

Food Scraps

Even though wasps chase for some of their specific food, they even love a free feast as soon as they can locate it near them. They generally eat protein-based meals and will scavenge scraps like grill drippings or meat scraps.


Generally, wasps are enticed to flowering plants. Wasps relish the flower nectar and the scent, and can fast take over your garden bed. In case you put on strong perfume, wasps may be tempted by that scent too. Thus nest around your property


As soon as fall comes, wasps start exploring sources of food like sugary food to survive through the winter months. Wasps will aim out fallen fruits from trees, hummingbird feed, fruit juice, soda cans, and also anything else that’s a good basis for sucrose.


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How To Identify Wasp Nests In Your Property?

Wasp Nest Removal | Wasp Control

If you find wasps around your home, chances are high your house has a wasp nest. But how do you locate the nest? Here are some clues:

Watch The Wasp

Different from bees, wasps aren’t inherently aggressive. Therefore, you can watch out for their actions at a more intimate range.

Carefully watch them when they chew on wood, feed on flowers, and also indulge in other actions. As soon as they’re done feeding, they’ll fly together in a linear line to their nest.

Identify The Wasp’s nest

It’s good to recognize the wasps to decide whether they’re either hornets or paper wasps and ensure they aren’t beneficial bumblebees, hoverflies, or honey bees.

Bait & Watch

You can similarly put out bait, especially food, as well as then see the wasps up closely. They will eat the bait as well as proceed with the bait to their nest. You need to follow them to discover where they reach with the bait, thus, identifying their home.

A Stream Of Wasp

Notice a group of wasps flying in a certain direction to have a possibility of determining their nest. You need to be careful of a group of wasps as it signifies considerable infestation on your property. In case this’s the case, quickly act to discover the best possibility to destroy them or hire a professional like Safe Pest Control in Sydney.

Paper Wasps

Such wasps generally have open nests that you can spot underneath the eaves of homes.

How To Get Rid Of Waps

The best method to remove the wasp nest is to contact a pest control expert like Safe Pest Control company in Sydney. This may appear like an effortless job, but the pest control persons are professionally qualified to deal with wasps and proficient at wasp nest removal. Here are a few ways that you can choose to take action for wasp nest removal from your property.

Wasp Nest Removal By Professionals

Here is how professionals work to help you get rid of wasp nests with their removal procedure…

Working In Tiny Slots:

Pest professionals are trained as well as qualified to take action in small areas, for example, your attic. This lets them successfully and safely run the removal procedure of a wasp nest from your property.

Safety Tools:

An expert has credentials in Personal Protective Equipment (in short PPE) as well as respiratory protective equipment (in short RPE). This completely shields them from wasp stings, making sure they are safe while removing wasp nests from your property.

Use Professional Products for Wasp Nest Removal:

Wasp experts have access to and also are professionally qualified to use a wide range of pest control solutions not open to the general public. Such products are way more effective than any Do-It-Yourself products available on the market as well as have a verified track record of successful wasp nest removal.

Expert Understanding:

A pest control expert has a masterful knowledge of wasps and their nests; they understand all about their behavior and instincts. They also know how to recognize the symptoms of an allergic response to wasp stings. This helps them immensely while removing wasp nests.

Do-It-Yourself Wasp Nest Removal

In case you’re still headstrong that you want to and can remove a wasp nest all by yourself, it’s highly recommended that you do the following:

  • Have a pre-planned strategy to work on your wasp nest removal project

  • It will be better if you run the removal of the wasp nest project at night. This is because wasps are way more docile throughout this time thus, are less probable to sting

  • You need to avoid using lanterns and torches as this will warn the wasps of what you’re doing there

  • Wear defensive clothing covering hands, arms, feet, legs, and face properly

  • Keep your kids and pets away while performing your DIY wasp nest removal project.

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Process To Remove Wasp Nests?

  1. Quietly and slowly approach the wasp nest at night

  2. Take a plastic bag and cover the wasp nest slowly

  3. Separate the wasp nest from the wall or tree it’s attached to as well as seal the bag properly

  4. Place the plastic bag in a container that has a very tightly fitted cover, preferably away from your residence.

In case possible it is a great idea to keep a whole can of insecticide nearby you to spray on the wasp nest before performing the removal procedure.

It’s essential to note, that in case the wasp nest is in some hard-to-reach places such as up high in a tree, or under your gutters, you shouldn’t try & remove the wasp nest all by yourself as this may lead to painful wounds.

You shouldn’t try DIY wasp nest removal, in case you’re allergic to the wasp stings!

Wasps Nests Removal Cost

The cost of clearing a wasp nest is defined by the process used and also the expert appointed. Some exterminators and techniques are more costly than others because of the products used and also the professionalism applied during the procedure. That’s primarily why most individuals go for the DIY wasp hive removal process, which may initially appear cost-effective but is expensive and highly risky in the long run.

To save some money on the wasp nests removal costs, make sure you work with an experienced rather than performing a DIY project. It’s the better choice financially because you don’t have to purchase the tools or products required for the job at hand. Also, the professionals ensure you get high-quality outcomes and a long-lasting resolution to your wasp problem.

What Do Wasps Do As Soon As Their Nests Are Destroyed?

Clearing a nest could get chaotic, particularly when mismanaged. The process could go either way, as a lot of factors play a vital role – place, extermination method, and time. Night or early mornings are the perfect time for the job. This you will be able to destroy the nest along with wasps. But when you perform this job during the daytime, you will only destroy the nest but not the wasps in it as they work throughout the day to collect their food.

Keep in mind you need to catch wasps by surprise. As soon as you spray a solution, a maximum of the wasps will turn immobilized and fail after a certain period. Other wasps will perhaps attempt to put up a battle, but you must be long gone by that time. Those wasps who manage to run will either wait until it’s safe to return or die.

As soon as you destroy the wasp nest, the existing wasps will come back to the place. Nevertheless, the colonial wasps will not stay active for a long time without their queen wasp since they’re used to residing in big groups. Probabilities are they’ll investigate as well as then escape.

As for detached wasps, they will not have an issue relocating as well as starting a new wasp nest. In case you do not want to risk discovering another one in the same place, check the tips given for preventing wasps from nesting on your property.

How Do Safe Pest Control Professionals Help You Get Rid of Wasps?

Wasp Nest Removal | Wasp Control

Do you know what happens as soon as you contact an experienced wasp control expert like the Safe Pest Control company? Here is the procedure the team at Safe Pest Control follows to remove wasps and their nests permanently from your property:

Start With Property Inspection

Firstly, Safe Pest Control professional will discover the wasp nests and wasp infestation on the property. The certified pest control technicians will determine hanging or ground wasp nests and choose the best method to get rid of all the wasps and their nests.

In case your property got infested with multiple types of wasps, Safe Pest Control professionals will determine each species as well as create a custom-made treatment strategy to treat them and make sure you get rid of wasp nests permanently.

Destroy All Wasp Nests On Your Property

As soon as Safe Pest Control professionals are done with locating the wasp nest on your property, they will address the nests with solutions invented to destroy the wasps inside the nests on your property. They always utilize the utmost carefulness with pest control solutions and ensure to use every solution as per label recommendations.

Apply Yellow Jacket Treatment

Eventually, they will spread bait around the property. This crucial step lets them destroy wasps that weren’t in the nest throughout the time of the removal procedure. As soon as yellow jackets consume the bait, the bait kills them without putting your kids, pets, or property at any kind of risk.

Yearly Yellow Jacket Pest Control

In case you have intense yellow jacket issues, Safe Pest Control professionals will recommend a yearly yellow jacket control agenda.  This resolution includes the facility of bait placements, complete hive treatments, as well as year-round security against these bold pests. The outcome is a pest-free residence that you can relish all year long.

How To Prevent Wasps From Nesting?

Wasp Nest Removal | Wasp Control

Would not it be ideal in case all undesirable insects could simply skip your home? Well, there is no supernatural solution that can completely wasp-proof your house. However, there are always ways to save your family and your property.

Discouraging wasps from nesting can be accomplished as soon as you know the tricks properly. Concepts that can come in handy to prevent wasps from nesting are:

  • Check your garden for any rodent holes. If you find any, immediately fill them for preventing the formation of a European wasps nest

  • Inspect your property for holes and cracks that may serve as an attractive nesting spot

  • Spray all “possible” sites with a wasp repellent of dish soap, mint oil, and water

  • Do not keep any debris outside throughout the warm seasons

  • Plan typical wasp checks on your property throughout the summer seasons.


Inspect your property first and find the nest. Also, try to determine what sorts of wasps are driving you crazy. Do not try to eliminate the wasp nest only by setting it on fire or knocking it down, as it may only disturb the wasps. You will have a very risky situation on your part if you do so.

In case you try to remove the nest all by yourself, do not forget to wear protecting clothing as well as follow a proper plan. As soon as you see yourself doubting, always call a professional pest controller to handle the wasp’s nest problem on your property. With this method, you will be keeping your family and yourself safe.