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Are spiders dangerous? Here’s some facts about Spiders common in Australia

The chances that you have encountered a spider in Australia is probably high, although they might seem threatening they aren’t as bad as a bite from a snake or shark. Out of the 35,000 species of spiders, Australia is known to have the most venomous and dangerous few of them. Spiders are mainly attracted to dark places, air vents and the corners of your house. Spiders that aren’t venomous are annoying as you could run into their webs, mainly effecting people with arachnophobia.

Here are some common house spiders in Australia

Here are some common house spiders in Australia

1) Sydney Funnel Web Has highly toxic venom that is produced in large amounts. Rated as the deadliest spiders in Australia and possibly the world.

2) Redback Spider These are found right throughout Australia. The Redbacks don’t discriminate either and can be found in either rural or city areas.

3) Mouse Spider  – There are eight species of this variety and they can often be found near waterways, rivers, lagoons etc

4) Trap Door Spiders – If you get bitten by one of these some of the symptoms you will experience could be some minor pain, nausea, lethargy or malaise.

5) White Tailed SpidersThese types of spiders have whitish tips on their abdomen, white tailed spiders are native to southern and western Australia. White Tailed Spiders –  

6) Australian Tarantulas – These can also be known as whistling or barking spiders as they are known to produce sounds by rubbing their front limbs against their jaws. They mainly feed on pests.

7) Recluse Spider  – The reputation of this spider has been greatly exaggerated in Australia. Their existence ‘Down Under’ has only been noticed in the last 20 years but in South America they are known to inflict serious bites.

8) HuntsmanThese spiders are widespread throughout Australia and are one of the bigger spiders you are likely to encounter. Huntsman spiders can have up to 15cm leg span. They look menacing, however, are unlikely to be a danger to humans.

9) Common Garden Orb WeaverA very common species in Australian household with alot of variants in size, shape and color. They live mostly in the coastel regions of Australia.Common Garden Orb Weaver –   

Funnel web spider | signs of a Spider Infestation

The first one is obvious, if you are finding cobwebs then you definitely have spider issue. Secondly, egg sacs are an indication that spider are breeding and therefore you may have an infestation issue on your hands. Some spider may prefer a damp and cool climate and as such we advise you to check places such as basements and sheds. Finally, spider do have a major usefulness, they eat other pest! If you do have a
variety of pests around your home then this is another sure sign that spider is lurking.

Domestic Pest & Spider Removal

Do expect a higher number of spiders during Autumn as they love to explore during these times. Best forms of preventing them is to clean, vacuum and get rid of any clutter hanging around. If you are looking to get rid of spider then here are a few recommendations Safe Pest Control can give you. As is the case with many pests  around the home, clutter is usually the number one reason for finding spider both in and outside of your house or place of business. If you’re bit by the funnel Web spider, Redback spider or the House spider make sure to seek medical help immediately as a bite from any of these species can be fatal. To make sure your kids and loved ones at home are safe make sure to contact our Spider Pest specialists and request a check up, and our technicians will provide you with great options for your problem.

Effective Spider Extermination

You will usually find spiders outdoors because there are more pest for them to feed on. If you have a garden in your property you could find them there as well as there are little pest around plants and shrubs, by having out door lights on can also attract spider. If you’re running into a lot of cobwebs make sure to get rid of them as that’s a clear sign of spider, if not destroyed they will keep on expanding and create an infestation through breeding. If you’re still having trouble with pest or spider make sure to contact our Sydney spider pest team, as we provide well experienced technicians in this industry and make sure that spiders won’t be entering your home any time soon

Do you have vegetation directly outside your residential or commercial property?

If you do and you are finding pest or spider inside your home regularly then it could be time to remove it. Vegetation, such as shrubs, trees and various plants provides the perfect hiding spot for a pest and spider who will then seek to move closer to your home when seeking warmth or food.

Are you finding plenty of cobwebs?

That means that spiders are present. Simply grab a broom or vacuum and remove the cobwebs. By leaving them unattended the spider or spider will continue to build their web, lay their sacs and breed.

If you have taken all these measures and are still finding spider around your home or business, then give a professional exterminator such as Safe Pest Control a call. Our  Sydney Spider Pest team are one of Sydney’s leading companies in the industry and members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association with a wealth of experience in dealing with spider and various pests.

Trusted Spiders Exterminators

Sydney’s best Spider Pest Control company

Spiders are one of the most commonly found pests in Sydney. The two of the usual species that most of the households witness are redbacks and white tail spider.

The presence of spider poses a potential risk to your health because they bite. The bites are painful, lead to skin ulceration, and cause severe infection if left untreated. Moreover, since spiders feed themselves on other pest and bugs, this means the presence of spider is an indication of other pests as well.

Furthermore, spiders make their webs in every nook and cranny of your walls and roof, making your home appear nasty.

The infestation may get out of hand if not treated, and controlling spider can be a nightmare.

Safe Pest Control is Sydney’s leading Pest Control service. We offer comprehensive, safe, effective, and timely solutions to controlling pests in Sydney.

Our services are designed to fit both residential and commercial premises despite the size of the home or the nature of your business.

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Commercial Grade Spider Pest Control

     Our spider pest control technicians will inspect your property to determine the extent of spider infestation. With our extensive experience in pest control, we are able to identify and treat the problem area before it gets out of hand. We use a variety of safe and effective techniques to remove spiders from your property. 

 ·    Inspection – Our sydney team of experts will visit your premises after the appointment to do a thorough inspection. During the inspection, our Spider P expert team will check out the possible entry points of pests and where the infestation is most. They look out for all the possible signs like egg sacs, webs, etc.

·      Treatment Plan – Now is the step where our sydney team will design a customized treatment plan as per your needs. The plan also includes preventative measures to keep the pesky spider at bay for longer.

·      Remove Potential Source – Once the treatment plan is ready, we will work out on removing the potential source of pests like trash cans, old food containers, other pests inviting spiders, etc.

·      Leave Property Safe and Sound – Our sydney Spider Pest team uses safe and effective methods to control spider from your homes and businesses. When our team leaves your property, we make sure that your belongings are unharmed. We offer practical solutions to repair any damages that are done by pests to your property.

Commercial Pest Control

Safe Pest Control is Sydney’s number one Spider extermination team to control all types of spider in your area. Our services are unmatchable for both residential and commercial purposes. Our spider pest control sprays are absolutely safe for your family, pets, and our environment. We use eco-friendly deterrents. We leave behind no mess and no smell.

We offer customized service plans that meet all your needs, no matter how extensive they may be. Our sydney team will take care of everything from inspection to treatment, so you can sit back and relax knowing that our experts are taking care of it all! You shouldn’t be living with pests, and we know that. Therefore, we offer same-day services throughout Sydney.

Our Sydney spider team provides you with unmatched quality service that will last for a long time. Our expert technicians have the knowledge needed to tackle any type of pest in any scenario, making your home free from the threat of spider pests.

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