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Australia is house to the deadliest spiders of the world, including the funnel-web spiders, Trap door spiders, and redback spiders. Most spiders aren’t dangerous, instead, they are beneficial to our environment. Spices of spiders can be split into 2 groups – one is ground-dwelling and another is the ones that spin webs.

Ground dwelling spiders don’t build webs however, they dwell under leaves, in rubbish, in holes, in the garden, vents, etc., either appearing to hunt down prey or trapping the unwary from their preferred place.

Most webbing spiders aren’t dangerous, however, you may not enjoy the appearance of their webs around your property. In your home, the corners of the ceiling or windows, floor, curtains, lamps, and gutters are suitable places for these spiders. Maximum spiders are more active at night than during the day.

So, let’s now know what are the common house spiders available in Sydney that Safe Pest control deals with and make sure your property is free of these spiders.

Common House Spiders in Sydney

As soon as it comes to spider pest control in Sydney such as Redback spider, White-tailed spider, funnel-web spider, Huntsman spider, etc. you can rely on Safe Pest Control in Sydney.

Here is a list of the most common house spiders that our Safe Pest Control team deals with…

Sydney Funnel Web Spider

Sydney Funnel Web Spider

The Sydney Funnel-web Spiders are an antagonistic species and among the deadliest spiders present in the whole world.

As soon as the funnel-web spider is endangered it’ll raise the front legs off the ground high and point the fangs forward willing to strike.

Once the Sydney funnel-web spider hits it takes its fangs down with speed and force.

Appearance Of  Sydney Funnel Web Spiders

  • Brown, purplish, or black abdomen

  • The cephalothorax of this spider is hairless as well as appears glossy and smooth in black

  • The body & legs are wrapped with fine hairs

  • The male comes with a spur on the third part of the second leg and also comes with more skinny legs

  • The Female funnel-web is 30 mm long

  • The male funnel web is 20 mm long

Also Known As

  • Funnel-web spiders

  • Atrax robustus

  • Australian funnel-web

Garden Orbsweaver Spider

The Garden Orbweaving Spiders in Sydney are a big group that is distributed all over Australia, with more than 100 species there. They make wheel-shaped, suspended, sticky orb webs. These webs can be noticed in trees & shrubs where the activity of insects is higher than anywhere else.

Appearance Of Garden Orbsweaver Spiders

  • They’re a stout, grey or reddish-brown

  • Females are 2 cm to 3 cm while males are 1.5 cm to 2 cm in size

  • They’ve got a roughly triangular-shaped abdomen

  • They’ve got a leaf-shaped design on their bodies

  • Often come with a dorsal stripe (brown or white framed with white)

  • They have 2 noticeable humps in the front

Also Known As

  • Eriophora transmarina

  • Garden Orb Weavers

  • Golden Orb Weavers

Huntsman Spider

The Huntsman spider in Sydney belongs to the group “Sparassidae”. They’re understood as being the most “hairy tarantulas”. They’re usually seen inside your house on the walls or behind your door or window curtain.

Appearance Of Huntsman Spiders

  • Commonly they’re mostly black, brown, and grey.

  • Huntsman spiders can be of various patterns and colours

  • The legs of these spiders can span around 15 cm

  • The length of the body of a male spider is 1.6 cm while the female comes with a body length of around 2 cm

  • The front legs are bigger than the back legs which can span out sideways letting them walk both sideways and forward, thus the name giant crab spiders.

Also Known As

  • Sparassidae

  • Giant Crab Spider

  • Delena

  • Heteropodidae

  • Neosparassus

  • Holconia

  • Olios

White Tail Spider

These White-tailed Spiders can be seen all over Sydney and their bites lead to severe skin irritation. White-tailed spiders generally hunt their prey rather than waiting to catch their prey in a web. They prefer to eat other spiders.

Appearance Of White-Tailed Spider

  • The females are 20mm in length

  • Males are 12mm in length

  • Medium-sized spiders

  • The abdomen of these spiders is grey and comes with 2 pairs of faded white spots

  • The legs are reddish-brown or brown.

  • Dark grey-coloured cigar-shaped long abdomen

  • They can travel great distances for prey

  • A distinct cream or white spot can be noticed at the end of the abdomen slightly above their spinnerets.

  • The white-Tailed spider is a slow-moving creature

  • Mostly active at night.

Also Known As

  • Lampona cylindrata

Redback Spider

There are around 29 different types of redback spiders spread throughout Sydney and are sometimes mistaken for the red-black spiders due to their markings and colours. They live in the drier parts of Sydney and are harmful. Female redback spiders are slightly larger than male redback spiders.

Appearance Of Redback Spider

  • Redback Spider Female is 7 mm in length

  • Redback Spider male is 5 mm in length

  • Abdomen is black

  • Legs are red

  • Slender legs

  • 8 eyes, small, in 2 straight rows

  • The male redback spider waves its front legs when it walks

Also Known As

  • Ambicodamus crinitus

Wolf Spider

Wolf Spiders are found throughout Sydney. They’re agile hunter spiders that tend to live on the ground in burrows or leaf litter. They’re often seen in gardens and lawns.

Appearance Of Wolf Spider

  • Body colours are generally brown or dark grey, with bars of black, tan, or yellow.

  • 25 mm length body

  • The underside is more golden coloured

  • It may have a lined radiating pattern on its thorax

  • Have 8 eyes in 3 rows

  • The jaw sides of them have a tiny raised orange area

  • They’ve 4 smaller eyes in front and 4 largest set in a square on the top of their head

Also Known As

  • Lycosa sp

Daddy Long Leg Spider

The Daddy-long-leg spiders are readily recognized due to their skinny, long legs, and small body as well as they can be found easily throughout Sydney. They feed on other spiders and flying insects.

Appearance Of Daddy-Long-Leg spiders

  • Cream to faded brown

  • Around 9 mm in size

  • May have darker spots on their abdomen and legs.

Also Known As

  • Pholcidae

  • Cellar Spiders

  • Harvestmen

Black House Spider

These spiders are found throughout Sydney. They’re normally seen on rough-barked trees as well as once they enter your buildings they’re usually seen around doorways and windows, in corners, and in any other source of light that can entice prey.

Appearance Of Black House Spider

  • The female spiders are bigger than the males

  • 1 to 1.5 cm in length as well as a 3 cm leg span

  • The abdomen of these spiders are charcoal grey along with white spots

  • The dorsal & legs are black to dark brown

  • Their webbings are usually mistaken for the funnel-web spiders

Also Known As

  • Grey House Spider

  • Widow Spiders

Mouse Spider

There are a total of 11 species of mouse spiders in Sydney and it’s closely linked to the trap door spider and also the funnel-web spider. They can be differentiated by their apparent compact, squat, as well as massive fang sheaths at the head’s front area.

This type of spider is considered dangerous as well as needs to be treated carefully as it can be bold and will bite in case provoked or irritated.

Appearance Of Mouse Spider

  • Black or dark brown

  • Bulbous, high jaws and heads

  • Their size ranges between 10 to 35mm with the female being bigger than the male

  • The eyes of these spiders are spread across the front

  • The carapace is shiny and smooth

  • Male spiders come with long slim pedipalps

  • The spinnerets are small, the last part domed & button-like

  • Males often have specific colour spots

  • Male spiders don’t have mating spurs on their legs

Also Known As

  • Missulena

How Does The Spider Removal Sydney Work?

The spray or other solutions that our experts use to get rid of spiders are also driving away other pests like large cockroaches, silverfish, carpet beetles, crickets, as well as any existing wasps.

The dust and spray method utilised for spiders not just eliminates the present spiders but will even deliver longer-term security as residual protection is created.

In case you’re having a problem with white tail spiders or redback spiders internally Safe Pest Control uses the smoke bombs since the all-around rule with spider pests is, that you should spray the spider directly to eliminate them.

The fumes can get into spots the normal spray won’t for example under sofas, behind weighty or difficult to move cupboards and in untidy rooms. When the spray reaches to the spider, it kills them or drives them away.

Funnel web spider | signs of a Spider Infestation

Sydney is filled with a range of pest spiders, some are extremely dangerous. This’s why you cannot take spiders on your property lightly.

Safe Pest Control delivers comprehensive spider pest control across Sydney. Safe Pest Control offers effective and safe services that will control dangerous spiders and prevent dangerous spiders from returning.

They deliver Sydney businesses and residents the highest grade spider reduction service by including integrated pest control and top practice principles. In case you are handling spiders, Safe Pest Control can help you

Safe Pest Control’s goal is to stop the spider reoccurrence and restrict the requirement for future pest management. They do this by delivering exceptional service, like thorough spider control inspections, preventive treatment services, as well as competitive costs for Sydney businesses and residences.

The Safe Pest Control team utilises the most advanced techniques and tools and also continues to lead the industry as soon as it comes to removing spiders. We remove spiders from the following spots in your home and business.

Internal And External: 

At Safe Pest Control, the experts take care of both your internal and external is safe and free from spiders by spraying chemicals everywhere.

No matter whether it is inside your home or business or outside, they spray chemicals that are completely harmless to human beings and pets.

So, you can be assured to get a safe method to get rid of spiders from your property.


Powder/dust is sprayed or spread into your room’s roof hole using a dust gun. The experts will utilise a ladder to enter the roof hole through the manhole as well as the dust will then be spread all over this area.

Sub Floors: 

Powder or dust will be spread into the space under the house

Trusted Spiders Exterminators

Sydney’s best Spider Pest Control company

A professional spider controller like the Safe Pest Control company can do a comprehensive inspection to find out an infestation of spiders on your property.

The professionals can check all possible habitats for example corners of doors & windows, skirting and cornices, behind curtains, gutter lines, in-ceiling voids, garden areas, and outdoor furniture, as well as advise on possible entry points.

In case dangerous spiders are seen, removing them can prove challenging– talk to our Safe Pest Control experts about what choices you have.

The usage of chemicals might not be the most suitable option: spraying the spider webs as well as utilising chemical barrier-style methods against creeping spiders might not be quite effective.

Sydney Funnel-web spiders may be better dealt with by spraying boiling water down their shelters instead of using insecticides. On the other hand, Redback spiders can be eradicated with the direct application using an insecticide. However, on the whole, avoidance is always the best policy.


Spiders are truly beneficial for controlling flying insects around your home, however, they can even be highly unwanted and in a few cases, they can be dangerous. Our Safe Pest Control in Sydney service consists of searching, finding, and also treating these spiders the right way.

It’s truly very challenging to make a barrier against the spider webbings since they walk on tiny claws, so the professionals use an insecticidal spray to treat the impacted areas directly and decrease the overall population of spiders. However, the ground-dwelling spider needs a different type of treatment, as well as professionals, are the specialists in recognising, finding, and treating spider nests and burrows.

Experts understand spiders can be ugly, irritating, and often frightening. Thus, whether you’re impacted by webbing, ground-dwelling or poisonous spiders – or a blend of these – Safe Pest Control in Sydney is willing to carry out effective and rapid spider control removal and treatments.

Get Rid of Spiders with the best Pest Control company in Sydney