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As one of the leading commercial pest control companies in Sydney, Safe Pest Control can protect your business, factory or warehouse from any unwanted bugs.

Our multi-phase approach to tackling outbreaks has an extremely high success rate with customers giving assurance that annoying pests or rodents won’t impact their operations.

Businesses of all shapes of sizes trust Safe Pest Control to keep them safe and healthy, from small business owners all the way up to multinational companies and businesses which have multisite operations.

Safe Pest Control Sydney team uses state-of-the-art technology in the fight against pests and our chemicals are environmentally friendly as well as pet safe.

Commercial Pest Inspections

We are at the forefront of modern technology in the commercial pest control services space.

Commercial pest control forecast modeling services help us help you by getting a better understanding of each client’s situation. We realise not every job will need the same services and our advanced forecast modeling can help predict what pest are more likely to be prevalent in your home or business, when they are likely to be hatching or breeding, and when is the best time to perform a pest inspection to minimise any disruption to you and your family.

Our commercial services algorithm takes into account the weather, seasonal change, the environmental situation in your area, previous data collected in and around your suburb and much more. This intelligence helps our team perform effective pest management services.

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Leading Pest Control Services - Real Time Reporting

We have developed the best online commercial serivce reporting system in the industry.

Each commercial client is given a unique ID and login which opens up a whole new world of commercial service intelligence, giving you greater insight into your commercial service and the work carried out by our qualified technicians, providing you with comprehensive commercial treatment.

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The benefits of our real-time commercial servicel reporting are:

*Easy to understand service records – we explain the types of services and bugs we treated for and which areas they were highly active in. Our records also indicate the areas of your home and commercial premises and whereabouts we performed our environmentally friendly treatments

*Tips –Our team will happily give you a list of the best low-cost recommendations you can adopt to keep those pesky bugs, cockroaches, and rodents away.

*One-on-one service – we email your records straight to you so you can access them any time of the day or night.

This is why our services offer much more than just a treatment.

Commercial Care

Plans & Contracts

A small pest activity can bring down a factory. You can’t afford to let pests infest your factory, warehouse, school or supermarket. A Safe Pest Control Commercial Care Plan will give you peace of mind knowing that your business and the people you serve are protected against pests.

Based on client requirements and the survey, we offer a variety of Commercial Care Plans. The following Commercial Pest Control Plans are available:

  • One-time Contract
  • Monthly Contract
  • Bi-Monthly Contract
  • Quarterly Contract
  • Semi-Annual Contract
  • Annual Contract

Why Safe Pest Control?

All Year round Rodent Control

We are one of the few ipm commercial operators in Sydney that are HACCP compliant.

Sydney commercial businesses in industries need to adhere to strict guidelines and conditions as outlined by the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (FSANZ), Food Act 2003, and Food Regulation 2015.

HACCP is the leading commercial pest control body in Sydney that is responsible for enforcing the highest Commercial food and safety standards in the industry. By being HACCP compliant, our Sydney commercial team has been recognized as a leader in providing ongoing protection against rats, mice, and cockraoches all year round for all food and hospitality sectors.

We are the trusted  commercial pest control team looking after the biggest commercial names in food and retail and can offer peace of mind and assurance to business owners that, their staff, and families are in safe hands when it comes to Commercial services. we cover from north shore to south, eastern suburbs, and western Sydney suburbs Monday – Saturday. Call us to speak to one of our friendly Commercial technicians for a free quote on your commercial services needs.

One of the most important things you can do to protect your Sydney commercial business from cockroaches, rats and mice is to implement a good prevention management plan. This means ensuring that your Sydney commercial property is clean and free of clutter and that you have proper Sydney commercial sanitation procedures in place. You should also make sure that all cracks and crevices around your Sydney commercial property are properly sealed off, as these are common entry points for pest.

In addition to preventive measures, it is also important to have a robust commercial pest management plan in place. If you do experience a pest infestation in your commercial premises, it is crucial to take swift action to get rid of the creatures. This may involve hiring a Sydney commercial professional exterminator company or using DIY methods such as traps or pesticides.

Whatever route you choose, commercial pest control services in Sydney are an important issue for businesses of all sizes in Sydney. Dealing with pest such as rats or cockroaches can cause serious damage to your commercial property and can also lead to health concerns for your employees. Let’s discuss the importance of commercial pest prevention and how you can protect your commercial business from these harmful creatures. Call us today our commercial technicians can give you great advice. 


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Your Commercial Pest Control Partner

If you don’t have the right commercial pest control partner, controlling rats and mice can be difficult. They are a nuisance all year long, searching for food, shelter, and water.

Residential and commercial customers can benefit from our commercial pest control solutions to control and prevent the spread of rats and mice. These filthy predators will be kept out of your premises by using sophisticated technology, lots of analysis and reporting, as well as Integrated Pest Management Technologies.

Our commercial pest control strategy is to provide eradication and proofing for your premises. Our technicians will start by inspecting for entry points or areas where rodent infestation is active. For food and shelter, rats and mice will eat through almost anything. Our commercial pest control team will inspect the areas rodents most commonly use to enter, as well as any other issues you may be experiencing.

Once we can identify elements like nesting materials, damage or rodent grease marks, we’ll get started on a commercial pest control treatment plan.

We offer a variety of rodent control solutions, including proactive sealing, gel bait in bait stations and cutting-edge rodent soft bait.

Our commercial pest control team will seal any openings or holes in your building, as bait-based extermination is only one part of the process. We install door sweeps, set up gutter guards, protect vents better, and seal up any existing damage. Standard Pest Management can keep your facility free from rats and mice.


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Inspect - Control Commercial Pest Problems

Our Sydney commercial exterminator experts understand the responsibilities that fall on commercial businesses in hospitality or other industries to remain compliant.

A healthy commercial kitchen environment or any industrial premises must maintain regular commercial pest inspections services, commercial rodent treatment, or other commercial services throughout the year. However, if your restaurant, cafe, or food processing factory is beset by a pest infestation, then this can prove disastrous. The sight of cockroaches, rats, mice, rodents, spiders, and wasps in and around any commercial business can immediately set off a bad reputation and that is something many businesses struggle to bounce back from.

Need commercial pest solutions? Every year, the Daily Telegraph releases a ‘Shame File’ which names and shames commercial premises that have been served with breach notices for poor food and safety standards. Here’s where controlling commercial pest issues matters! 

We Can help with commercial inspections services all year round. Commercial services problems with Sydney’s leading pest inspections commercial team, which provides a safe treatment plan that is not harmful to our planet but at the same time is highly effective in eradicating bugs from any commercial food production or restaurant.

Professional Rodent Treatment:

We guarantee our commercial clients’ ongoing cover with our all-year commercial  plan, giving you peace of mind that the job will be performed to the highest level of expectation. We take our HACCP compliance seriously so don’t hesitate to contact us today to help you and your commercial service needs.

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Pest Control

Rodent Problem? Regular Pest Inspection is a Must!

We understand the commercial service responsibilities that fall on businesses in the food and hospitality industry to remain compliant.

A commercial food processing plant or other food-related factories must have a strong pest management plan in place to prevent any future outbreaks from their premises.

The sight of cockroaches, rats, mice, rodents, fleas, and bugs in and around any business can immediately set off a bad reputation and that is something many clients may struggle to bounce back from.

 with a rapidly growing commercial Sydney service team, we are fast becoming well-known and trusted brand in Sydney. Our commercial pest control solutions will provide you with certified, highly effective treatments to protect your commercial kitchen from unwanted bugs. Our sydney services commercial team will tailor an all year round commercial service plan to provide you with ongoing protection. We take our HACCP compliance seriously, so don’t hesitate to contact us today to know more about our commercial  services and competitive prices.

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Commercial pest Management:

If you own or operate a Sydney commercial business, it is important to be aware of the potential risks posed by rats. These creatures can cause serious damage to your Sydney commercial property and can also pose a health hazard to your employees and customers. Sydney commercial exterminators pest management for businesses is essential to protect your company from these harmful creatures.

Rats and cockroaches are not only unsightly but can also carry diseases that may be harmful to humans. In addition, they can cause significant damage to your Sydney commercial property if left unchecked. For these reasons, it is important for Sydney commercial businesses to have a robust pest management plan in place.

Talk to us about commercial pest control.