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Safe Pest Control is the experts pest management in Sydney when it comes to the effective removal of pests and bugs from your house. Whether it is commercial or other pest control service, our treatments are eco-friendly and will protect your house while keeping you protected. Don’t risk the health and safety of your home or office – give us a call today! Our expert technicians are professionally trained to handle all types of pest problems. Safe Pest Control’s leading Sydney extermination services, using smart technology, helps give you peace of mind that our team is with you every step of the way.

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Pest Inspection & Treatment Services in Sydney

Unfortunately, properties in Sydney are at a high chance of becoming infected by pests because of the location and area’s climate. Irrespective of in case you live in a coastal, urban, or outer part, pests are more or less everywhere.

But do not worry too much; because our professional specialists are known to carry out specific insect or termite inspections in Sydney. We’re available to Sydney and also surrounding areas to offer you effective pest control service.

Our tailored treatments make sure you get the best residential and commercial services result in Sydney. Services by our technicians are performed at the highest level for any inspection or services on your home, including in-between the walls, inside the roof, and also other places, to find out the source of pests and then eradicate them.

Let’s get a vivid idea of Safe Pest Control before you hire for effective extermination treatments.

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Highly Trained


Sydney's leading pest control specialist | Effective Pest Control

Our team of technicians are specially trained and qualified to perform residential or commercial extermination services – no matter how big or small the house.

Covering the Greater Sydney area, you can find satisfied clients from all suburbs of Sydney including the North Shore, North West, Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs, Sutherland Shire, Sydney South West, Western Suburbs, Inner West and more. Our eco-friendly chemicals really pack a punch and are effective against even the most stubborn of bugs including:

  • Carpet Beetles
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Termites
  • Birds
  • Fleas
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Ants
  • Redback Spiders
  • Bed Bugs

Give us a call today on 1300 119 085. An expert pest control sydney technician is despatched to every job with clients given a detailed description of arrival times and job progress reports. The use of smart technology enables our technicians to be the leading company in using data analytics to help you better understand the rodent problem in your home or business.


Award-winning services – As one of the state’s leading commercial companies. Our team will protect your house or business, factory, or warehouse from any unwanted bugs. Our multi-phase pest control sydney approach to tackling extermination has an extremely high success rate with customers giving assurance that annoying pests or rodents won’t impact their operations. Businesses of all shapes of sizes trust our pest control sydney team to keep them protected and healthy, from small business owners all the way up to multinational companies and businesses which have multisite operations.

Our pest management technicians use state-of-the-art technology in the fight against pests and our chemicals are environmentally friendly as well as pet friendly. Don’t compromise the health and safety of your business or workers by failing to perform a proper inspection. Get your commercial extermination quote today by ringing us on 1300119085, And best of all, our environmentally friendly chemicals won’t disrupt your business or put you at any health risk.

Need a pest controller that is HACCP compliant? Then look no further. We are one of the few pest exterminators in Sydney that are HACCP compliant and have taken the time to earn those certificates and qualifications. Get a free quote today!

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Rodent Control Sydney | Get Your Free Pest Quote Today!

Are you looking for a commercial pest control Sydney company to perform an inspection or termite management for your house or business? we are Sydney’s leading exterminators – but just don’t take our word for it. We have hundreds of positive Google reviews and many more satisfied clients.  We cover the Greater Sydney area with qualified pest management technicians who are specially trained to deal with any pest infestation you may have. We offer a wide range of effective bug control and rodent control services. 


RESIDENTIAL PEST TREATMENTS  | Award Winning Pest Treatments

Do you need control pest inspection services for your house in Sydney? 

We are the leading experts in control of pest inspections.

Our technicians have been providing professional extermination and inspections throughout Sydney from 15 years ago. Our company is trusted by thousands of satisfied clients with our team of experienced technicians covering the Greater Sydney area.

We tailor each treatment or inspections to the individual household or client so no treatment is ever the same.

Looking for an environmentally friendly effective solution for your home? Our unique eco-friendly chemicals and formulas give pests the flick and remove any unwanted bugs, rodents, birds, fleas, ticks, and more from your home while at the same time, minimising harm to our planet.

And clients can rest assured that our company won’t dump and run. Our unique Aftercare program gives each client a guaranteed six-month warranty so if your service isn’t successful the first time, we’ll come back for free. That is our promise.

Call us today for a fast free quote. You will be amazed by our level of customer service. Don’t believe us? Check out the hundreds of positive reviews we have on Google!

We Are Insured and Licensed Business:

As soon as you appoint an extermination company that is insured and licensed, any damages generated on your home or commercial area while doing effective pest treatments will get compensated. Our team of the most satisfactory technicians who are experienced and qualified in utilising the most useful and effective techniques to clear pests and stop further infestations in the future.

We Have Advanced Equipment For All Types of  Services:

Being the reputed extermination company situated in Sydney, we’re well-equipped with state-of-the-art instruments to manage any pest removal jobs.

Professional Recommendations:

Once we’re done with eradicating pests from your place, we will deliver pest management advice on what actions to remember to avoid the affair of pests again.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

  • Experts in residential and commercial Services
  • Qualified technicians
  • Compliance
  • Best reviews
  • Guaranteed six-month warranty
  • Aftercare
  • Recycle
  • Forecast modelling
  • Real-time reporting
  • Environmentally friendly

Pest Control Solutions

Our Sydney commercial team offers the best same-day extermination and hygiene disinfection services with the elegant extermination methods we have used throughout our operation to protect businesses or families from pests in Sydney.

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High Standard Protection

Our Sydney pest management team complies with recommended pest control industry measures, ensuring that you get the safest and most effective treatment obtainable in Sydney.

Reliable Pest Management | Free Pest Inspection

Our Sydney commercial team will provide a free pest inspection is as part of our pest control services. The inspection is essential to determine any sort of pest activity that may cause some structural damage to the property.

Assured Services

Our professional pest management commercial team ensures that you’ll get the services results you need via our company that’ll make a substantial difference to the condition of your property.

Friendly Support

One can expect to have affordable pest management services from our qualified commercial pest management team once you contact us. We’re well-known for our professional, friendly, and also exceptional customer service.



We don’t perform extermination services and then simply leave the client in the lurch. Our tailored customer care pest control solutions ensure that our pest management team is in constant communication with each client. This gives each client the comfort and knowledge that our exterminator team has gained over the years to look after them every step of the way. We are in constant communication with each client, before and after a job is performed, as well as committed to following up to ensure that there are no more issues with pest in your home or business. If there is, you are covered with our six-month pest control warranty where we come back for free! This is our Aftercare promise to you.

As soon as the pests such as rodents, insects, bugs, flies, ants, or mosquitoes get into your property, it is quite challenging to get rid of them without damaging your health and environment.

The longer you let the pest infestations and other pest problems go unattended, it’ll get worsen. Therefore, prefer an eco-friendly and also non-toxic cockroach control strategy in Sydney to fight pest infestation that serves your needs.

We execute a complete termite inspection for a termite infestation to treat affected premises for bed bugs and other problems. Our well-trained experts use mechanisms like parasitism, predation, or herbivory to eradicate pests such as insects and mites.

With several years of knowledge in pest control commercial industry, we offer effective, responsive, and quick extermination services in Sydney for all our worthwhile customers.

Furthermore, according to your requirements, we utilize traps that are particularly designed to catch typical insect pests. It’s the most affordable extermination process.

Following are the areas we offer our services to…

As a leading pest management services provider of pre-construction systems in Sydney. We deliver termite prevention facilities to the construction sectors.

Commercial Pest Control Services

Our pest management team can offer commercial extermination services for all enterprises. Irrespective of what kind of business you run, you can trust our team as we have plenty of things to deliver to stop pest infestations from further impacting your industry.

Residential Pest Control Services

With years of pest management experience, we offer the best professional and friendly extermination services for domestic customers all around Sydney and nearby places. We’ll remove any pest infestations found in your place by using ecologically sound methods and products.

About Us:

Household pests like cockroaches, silverfish, bedbugs, spiders, and rodents can be more than just a nuisance, they can become a threat to your property and potentially your health. We provide peace of mind by helping to protect your home or business establishment through all seasons. With Our Sydney Pest Control team , pests have no chance of survival. Whatever the season, our team helps you keep pests out of your home all year round.

Our expert technicians offer you personalized protection, based on science, to rid your home of pests all year round. So, contact us for rat extermination, treatment for bed bugs, cockroaches, cockroaches, or any other pests.

Our pest management team is one of the best pest control, disinfection, and disinfection company. We specialize in the extermination of pests: rats, mice, bed bugs, cockroaches and cockroaches, fleas, wasps, and hornets. We intervene quickly in less than 24 hours in several departments. Here in this article know about our services of pest control Penrith.


Our company carries out the extermination of insects, in apartments, in houses, in hotels, and in common places such as transport. Specialists study the nature of your bed bug infection in order to assess the degree of infestation in your environment. 

There are several dozen pests or pests for which our experts technicians are trained. Among professionals, some pests are active all year round.

That means you need year-round protection. For individuals, the presence of pests is often occasional: it requires treatment to exterminate them. Our personalized treatments adapt to the season, the location of the pests, and the types of pests: insects, rodents…

In Sydney, Our technicians intervene regularly to carry out the extermination and treatment of bed bugs, the disinfection of cockroaches, and the extermination of rats and mice.

Faced with the scourge of bed bugs in Sydney, Our technicians offer you professional treatments, with the latest generation products, to exterminate bed bugs and fleas. Our treatments are safe for you and your animals.

Cockroaches and cockroaches also proliferate, as everywhere in Sydney. It is important to act quickly in the face of a cockroach infestation because the eggs may hatch in the next few days. Our cockroach exterminators in sydney offer you professional treatments at affordable prices.

Rats and mice come up because of the waste produced by man. Our technicians in Sydney are at your service to provide rat extermination treatment for your house, apartment, building, or professional premises.

Safe Pest Control works with various partners specializing in the prevention and treatment of pests. As a rat control, insect control, cockroach control company, our hygiene actions are carried out to guarantee the quality of the hygiene of your premises and contribute to the performance of your teams and the success of your business.

Our anti-pest intervention programs include both specific curative treatment operations against rodents, against crawling or flying insects (larvae, wasp nests, and hornets), as well as real protection plans against parasites.


Why Choose Us?

We take care to carefully analyze the type of pests that must be eradicated, as certain species of pests may remain insensitive to a specific treatment.

Expert in The Safe Pest Control, we guarantee you a discreet approach and effective results for the rapid elimination of pests of all kinds, such as rats, mice, cockroaches, bedbugs, or termites.

To do this, our specialists rely on solid knowledge acquired during training in pest control, rat extermination and also during immersion internships in The Safe Pest Control companies in the Sydney region. Here is why you should choose as pest control service.

Our Passion on Work:

We are passionate about pest biology, behavior, and the environment. It is from this passion that the desire to design innovative and ethical Pest Control services was born. Passion combined with audacity drives our teams and creates an innovative dynamic to support our growth and always better support you.

We respond to the growing demand for more quality, more proximity, and more traceability for products: we are thus reducing the environmental footprint of our activities, we are developing our ecological commitment.

Our Team also provides: Pest Control Seven hills, Pest Control St Clair, Pest Control Croydon


A termite inspection or termite barriers is something you should never skimp out on. Termites are nasty little critters that can have a devastating impact on your home. Termite control or inspections are one of the most common requests we take from clients – both residential and commercial. Termites have been known to eat through various timber and in a home which spells serious trouble from a structural standpoint. Statistics suggest that one in every four homes will have some sort of termite presence every year. The good news is that we’re the experts when it comes to dealing with termites or termite control. We offer a warranty on all our work and that includes any potential threat that termites can pose to your home or business. On the flip side, insurance companies won’t insure you for termite damage which leaves you at risk of an infestation if you don’t regularly have a spray carried out. Benefits of a termite inspection:

  • Early detection can reduce cost of repair and damage
  • Preserve the value of your home by remaining termite-free
  • Uphold the structural integrity of your home

Speak to one our friendly Staff for a Free quote. 

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Our team has been providing exceptional services to both residential and commercial property owners alike, throughout Sydney for the past 15 years. During this time through the development of our processes

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