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 Are you looking for a pest management company for your home or business? Safe Pest Control team are Sydney’s leading pest controllers – but just don’t take our word for it. We have hundreds of positive Google reviews and many more satisfied clients.


We cover the Greater Sydney area and Safe Pest Control’s qualified technicians are specially trained to deal with any pest infestation you may have.

Our pest management services, which are provided by the sanitary and epidemiological services, are required by every organization that is making progress in business or setting itself a similar goal. The Pest control treatments are ordered by:

Warehouse managers where food products are stored or managers of logistics centers, since pest control is important for different types of enterprises;

Business owners who are directly involved in the storage, processing, packaging, transportation, and sale of food products;
farmers, livestock breeders.


Safe Pest Control is the expert in Sydney when it comes to the effective pest control removal of pests and rodents services. Whether it is commercial pest control or residential pest control services, our eco-friendly pest management chemicals and solutions protect the environment while keeping you safe. Don’t risk the health and safety of your home or office – give the team at Safe Pest Control a call today! Our expert technicians are professionally trained to handle all types of pest problems.


Safe Pest Control’s leading client management service, using smart technology, helps give you peace of mind that our team is with you every step of the way.



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Highly Trained pest control

Highly Trained


Our Pest Control Sydney’s team of technicians is specially trained and qualified to perform residential or commercial rodent pest control services – no matter how big or small the house.

Covering the Greater Sydney area, you can find satisfied clients from all suburbs of Sydney including the North Shore, North West, Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs, Sutherland Shire, Sydney South West, Western Suburbs, Inner West, and more. Our eco-friendly pest management services use products that really pack a punch and are effective against even the most stubborn of bugs including:

Give us a call today on 1300 119 085 for all your Pest Control Sydney services needs. An expert pest control technician is despatched to every job with clients given a detailed description of arrival times and job progress reports. The use of smart technology enables our technicians to be the leading company in using data analytics to help you better understand the rodent problem in your home or business.


As one of the state’s leading commercial pest management companies, Safe Pest Control commercial Sydney’s team can protect your business, factory, or warehouse from any unwanted rodents or pests.

Our multi-phase approach to tackling pest control services has an extremely high success rate with customers given assurance that annoying pests or rodents won’t impact their operations.

Businesses of all shapes of sizes trust the Safe Pest Control commercial services to keep them safe and healthy, from small business owners all the way up to multinational companies and businesses which have multisite operations.

Safe Pest Control Sydney services use state-of-the-art technology in the fight against rodent control, and pests, with our environmentally friendly spray applications which are pet safe.

Don’t compromise the health and safety of your business or workers by failing to perform a proper pest inspection. Get your commercial pest control services quote today by ringing the team at Safe Pest Control Sydney.

And best of all, our environmentally friendly pest control services won’t disrupt your commercial business or put you at any health risk.

Need a pest controller that is HACCP compliant? Then look no further than Safe Pest Control services. We are one of the few pest exterminators in Sydney that are HACCP compliant and have taken the time to earn those certificates and qualifications.

RESIDENTIAL PEST CONTROL  | Award-Winning Pest Treatments

Do you need a reliable pest control Sydney rodent services for your home in Sydney?

Well, look no further than the team at Safe Pest Control sydney – the leading experts in residential pest control in Sydney NSW.

Safe Pest Control Sydney services has been providing reliable rodent pest control treatments throughout Sydney for the past 15 years. Our pest management company is trusted by thousands of satisfied clients with our team of experienced technicians covering the Greater Sydney area.

We tailor services to the individual household or client so no pest control is ever the same.


Looking for an environmentally friendly rodent pest control solution for your home? Safe Pest Control’s unique eco-friendly chemicals and formulas give pests the flick and remove any unwanted bugs, rodents, birds, fleas, ticks, termites, silverfish, and more from your home while at the same time, minimizing harm to our planet.

And clients can rest assured that our pest management company won’t spray and run. Our unique pest control Aftercare program gives each client a guaranteed six-month warranty so if your pest control service isn’t done right the first time, we’ll come back for free. That is the Safe Pest Control promise.

Call us today for a fast and easy quote. You will be amazed by our level of customer service. Don’t believe us? Check out the hundreds of positive reviews we have on Google!

Comprehensive Services:

A standard set of pest control Sydney services can be combined into packages, providing discounts for them. For example, “termite inspection + rodent control”. Or processing of several apartments at a discount.


Our Sydney pest management specialist spends a lot of time advising new clients on the phone. The more facts about pests you can find out, the easier it will be to work to resolve any rodent or termite control issues. You also need to guide a person on prices, because sometimes even in the price list it is impossible to give an accurate answer about the final home pest control services cost.

After all, it depends on specific conditions, area, processing methods, and distance to the object. Our pest management consultations are provided free of charge.

In addition to the price list, one way or another, it is important for clients to find out the duration of the procedures.

Therefore, it must be indicated or denoted by time ranges. Also, many companies give guarantees for their services, which are prescribed in the contract. For example, a 6-month warranty with unlimited re-treatment.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

  • Experts in residential and commercial Services
  • Qualified technicians
  • Compliance
  • Best reviews
  • Guaranteed six-month warranty
  • Aftercare
  • Recycle
  • Forecast modeling
  • Real-time reporting
  • Environmentally friendly

Pest Control Solutions

Our Sydney commercial Pest Control team offers the best same-day pest extermination for rodents, silverfish, termites, cockroaches, and hygiene disinfection services with the elegant extermination methods we have used throughout our operation to protect businesses or families from pests in Sydney. 


At Safe Pest Control Sydney we don’t perform pest inspection services and then simply leave the client in the lurch.

Our tailored pest control Sydney customer care program ensures that our team is in constant communication with each client. This gives each client the comfort and knowledge that the Safe Pest Control Sydney team is there with them every step of the way.

We are in constant communication with each client in Sydney, before and after a job is performed, as well as committed to following up to ensure that there are no more issues with pests around the home or business. If there is, you are covered with our unique six-month warranty where we come back for free!

This is our Aftercare promise to you.


A termite inspection or termite control is something you should never skimp out on. Termites are nasty little critters that can have a devastating impact on your home. Termite control or inspections are one of the most common requests we take from clients – both residential and commercial. Termites have been known to eat through various timber and in a home which spells serious trouble from a structural standpoint. Statistics suggest that one in every four homes will have some sort of termite presence every year. The good news is that we’re the experts when it comes to dealing with termites or termite control. We offer a warranty on all our work and that includes any potential threat that termites can pose to your home or business. On the flip side, insurance companies won’t insure you for termite damage which leaves you at risk of an infestation if you don’t regularly have a spray carried out. Benefits of a termite inspection:

  • Early detection can reduce the cost of repair and damage
  • Preserve the value of your home by remaining termite-free
  • Uphold the structural integrity of your home

Speak to one of our friendly staff for a free quote. 

Helping you get rid of annoying rodents...

Different Methods Used In Pest Control Services:

There are different options for the pest management of arthropod pests in Sydney. Their choice depends on the methods of dealing with specific types of pest problems. The use of some methods of struggle is possible only on the street, others are used by citizens indoors. Part of the activities and methods of derivatization is allowed to be carried out only by specialized services with the appropriate license.

Chemical Methods:

The chemical method is characterized by the use of insecticides. They create an invisible barrier for pests, preventing them from attacking humans and further reproduction. After the penetration of toxic substances inside, disturbances in the activity of the body occur.

The degree of such impact, the probability of destruction of pests, depends on the amount of the substance and the concentration of poisons. Some cause only temporary disturbances, others lead to the death of arthropods.

Those drugs that are used to kill ticks are called acaricides. Separately, there is a group of means for decontaminating arthropods called repellents.

  • Consider the ways of the toxic effects of insecticides on pests:
  • Obtaining poisonous substances by pests. For this, different forms of insecticides are used – liquid, solid, in the form of a gas.
  • Distribution throughout the body. It occurs under the influence of the chemical composition of a liquid or gas, steam, structural features of living organisms, their tissues, and certain organs.
  • Ensuring exposure. The replication of poisons is necessary for the poisoning of pests, and their further destruction.
  • Maintaining a suitable microclimate in the room where processing, deratization are planned. For this, the temperature is important.
  • Duration of residual activity of insecticides. During this time, the preparations will remain in the treated area, which will prevent the re-distribution of pests.

There are several types of insecticides:

Requiring direct contact;

  • Intestinal: Penetrate during the absorption of food;
  • Respiratory: Come through aerosols, fumigators, and spraying solutions over gardens, and plants.

How Pest Control Sydney Work Is Done:

pests and rodents are found in different habitats, they differ in adaptive conditions, a competent approach to the selection of methods and measures for pest infestation of premises is required. Independent use of traps and other measures may be ineffective. The service usually includes several stages:

Inspection Of The Premises:

Inspection of the premises and identification of nests. One of the key skills that distinguish a professional from an ordinary person who is about to poison pests is the ability to quickly find their nest, as well as knowledge of the most common breeding sites.

Sometimes such places can be quite unexpected, such as old sockets or wall paintings. As a result of examining the premises, an experienced disinfector will be able not only to quickly identify the outbreaks but also to understand how the pests initially entered the premises.

The case here is not limited to cockroaches or bed bugs, sometimes you have to deal with nests of wasps, hornets, and other stinging pests.

Choice Of Means Of Processing:

At this stage, depending on the results of the termite inspections and the parameters of the room, the specialist selects the processing methods and chemicals and determines their dosage. Here you need to know the types of tools and the nuances of their use. In areas where food is stored, pets or children are often present, this is especially important.

Room Preparation:

There is a clearing of places, if necessary, furniture is taken out, and bed linen, mattresses, etc. are removed.

Room Processing:

The actual disinfection process is performed by a specialist. When processing, it is important to remove curious owners from the premises – sometimes this can be difficult to do.

Preventive Measures:

Sometimes after processing, a specialist may take additional measures to eliminate pests. For example, set up sticky cockroach traps to finish off those individuals that will still be able to move.

How To Choose The Best Pest Control Sydney:

Various kinds of pests can suddenly appear, both in a private house or apartment and at a manufacturing enterprise. It is simply impossible to cope with this problem on your own, so people are increasingly starting to seek help from the masters of their craft. So, see the below tips to choose the best pest control company…

Choose a pest control Sydney treatment when the company uses drugs that must not harm the human body, and must also be completely safe for dogs and cats. The company takes into account the personal time of the customer, so it adapts to it and does not set capacious deadlines.

Managers explain to clients in detail the entire scheme of the procedure, since when using some reagents it is impossible to stay at home for several days; Conscientious companies take payment only upon completion of the procedure and do not require an advance payment;

In the event that the procedure did not give a positive result, the client may not pay for the services rendered. In this case, you can safely trust such a company.

Physical Methods:

The physical method is implemented using mechanical means, and exposure to high temperatures. Mechanical methods are used to solve the problem and prevent its occurrence:

  • Use of a vacuum cleaner;
  • Carrying out shaking, knocking out various objects (furniture, bed linen);
  • The use of pest traps, adhesive tape, and nets mounted on windows and doors, in the centers of the spread of parasites.
  • High efficiency in the destruction of ectoparasites, reducing their numbers, shows the impact of high temperatures. Disinsection in this way is often carried out because pests do not have the ability to thermoregulate. Each individual is characterized by its own temperature conditions, favorable for life and reproduction. Changes in these parameters lead to metabolic disorders leading to the death of parasites.

For pest control, the following physical methods are used:

Fire: The fight against certain species is subject to a number of conditions;

Hot Water: Against lice, their nits during boiling;

Dry Hot Air: From lice, and nits on clothes, used in special chambers (dry heats)

Cold Fog: Considered effective against cockroaches

Water Vapor:

From lice, boiling water is used, the steam temperature of which reaches 100 degrees.

Organic Pest Control Methods: 

Among the various pest control techniques for processing domestic and industrial areas, this method stands apart.

The biological method of the right pest control strategy is implemented by placing toxins, and special microorganisms with toxic properties in reservoirs, storage facilities, buildings, basements, and agricultural and adjacent areas.

This method of disinsection allows the use of predatory pests that are dangerous for some species of arthropods.

Mechanical Methods: The mechanical method does not require a special license, this method involves the preventive and directed installation of traps and barriers that comply with safety standards for humans. Such devices are placed in places where there is a large accumulation of unwanted “guests”. They keep pests from entering rooms and spreading there, they are applied independently.


Trap Types: There are several traps that are used in mechanical methods. These are…

Electrical: Such a pest control system is used in the following cases – to combat crawling and flying pests. Soft light is used to bait various pests. After the object enters the trap, the device is triggered, which kills it with an electric discharge.

Adhesive: This includes adhesive-backed pest control tapes, industrial or self-produced. At home, you can make such a design by distributing honey on any surface. The bee product will attract pests and lock them in place.

Alluring: to protect the home from parasites, to exclude them from negative influences use bait with chemicals. For pests, the smell is pleasant, the powder is fatal. Most often, chicken yolk and boric acid are mixed, and ready-made formulations are used.

Collecting: This is aimed at catching unwanted guests and cleaning them from the house. The device can be selected in the store or made by hand. For example, from a plastic bottle into which you need to pour a pleasantly smelling substance. The trap is suitable for catching Silverfish, midges, ticks, rats, mice, cockroaches, rodents, and other insects. Having penetrated inside this place, the pests can no longer break out and die. Installing mosquito nets on windows is also an example of a mechanical pest control option.


commercial pest control shield

How To Choose a Pest Control Company

Search Online:

Firstly, if you start to “google” in search of a local pest management company providing effective pest control services, pay attention to how this site is designed, but if the choice fell on a certain source, try to check how long their social media has existed and feedback on pest exterminators services. Look at the reviews about the company, people will always write the truth. Another thing is if you were advised by relatives or acquaintances of this organization or a certain master.

Customer Services:

When talking with a pest management operator, pay attention to the knowledge and experience he has and whether he understands your problem. You have the right to demand a contract for the provision of commercial pest control services, it must contain all the information disclosed and not in any small print, indicating all legal details. If all the nuances suit you, then you can proceed to place an order for pest treatments.

Look For Certification:

Subsequently, when meeting with the pest management contractor, i.e. the pest control technicians, you have the right to demand from him relevant documents for disinfection: certificates for handling chemicals used, licenses, contracts, or any relevant qualification, then the specialist can begin work on removing pests in your home.

Qualification And Experience:

Every pest management operator must hold a license from TAFE NSW or another qualified institution. This can be verified on the local government website, which reveals if the person has the right qualifications to handle your pest control needs.


When choosing a pest control company in Sydney, it is better to give preference to those whose names are familiar, there are positive reviews about their work. You always need to pre-specify what tool the commercial pest control industry uses, and how the processing procedure goes. If the pest control manager’s answers are rather vague, he cannot give a description of the work, but only knows the prices, then it is better to look for another option.

Pest Control Cost:

The cost of pest control in Sydney depends on the size of the premises, the location of the facility (outside the city or within it), and the prestige of the company. Usually, apartments located in Sydney CBD are processed cheaper as less travel time is required. But at the same time, different companies charge different pest control prices for work at the same facility. So, look for affordable pest control services before sealing the deal with a pest control company.


Pest management companies in Sydney will constantly take care of their reputation, so they provide customers with only those services, after which you can safely count on positive reviews and recommendations from friends and acquaintances.

Helping you get rid of annoying rodents...

Why Professional Pest Control Is Important?

Pests and various kinds of rodents can cause significant damage to the economy here in Sydney NSW, and this fact must not only be recognized but actively deal with the problem if it occurs. Some unwanted pests such as rodents can not only cause unsanitary conditions but also carriers of quite serious diseases that can cause great harm to health. To save money, time, and effort, and to do everything efficiently and in a timely manner, it is better to enlist the support of professionals.


Guaranteed Results:

Those who wish to get rid of the pests problem will quickly be helped with pest infestations treatment which removes cockroaches, rodents, and termite infestation, while the result is guaranteed. As for calling the residential pest control Sydney services, they will not only carry out all the procedures for the extermination of the rodent or pests but will also do everything necessary to ensure that they never appear again.

To do this, every reputable pest control company in Sydney must give a guarantee to the customer. It lies in the fact that if suddenly rodents or cockroaches reappeared in an apartment or a private house, then nothing will be taken from the owner of the apartment for a repeated call.

All this should be spelled out in the contract for the provision of pest control treatments from the company.

Work Done By Qualified Technician:

Of course, it is necessary to fight rodents or insects, and at the moment there are a lot of tools on the market in Sydney that contribute to rodent pest management, but very rarely the pest control measures taken are so effective as to neglect qualified help. Each Sydney rodent pest control case is unique. Sydney professionals are able to instantly assess the extent of the rodent problem and find pest control methods that will be extremely effective in this particular case.

Get It Done Right Save Money:

The self-control of rodents and insects rarely ends in success. Most often, pests disappear for a short time and soon reappear, but in larger numbers. Therefore, when it is necessary to solve rodent or pests infestations quickly and efficiently with a proper pest management plan. For this, you need our Pest control Sydney services. Today in this article we going to talk about services provided and methods of pest control in Sydney by our team. So, read more to know how to choose the best pest control in Sydney.

engaging our  Sydney pest management specialists is the first step on the path to savings, there is no doubt about it. Such a plan of service is quite accessible to the general public. It often happens that lost time is worth much more. Not to mention the amount of money wasted on ineffective products or fakes, which abound on the market in Sydney.

Pest Infestation Health Scare:

First of all, you should think about cooperation with professional pest management, based on health security considerations. Ignorance of pest control methods of application of compounds and technologies, and the inability to properly use the tool can lead to disastrous consequences. If we are talking about the use of toxic substances, then there is no time for jokes, because the life and health of loved ones are at stake. Sydney pest control professionals will take all necessary measures to keep the process safe.

Efficient Pest Management:

Experienced pest control Sydney specialists are able to solve any rodent or pest problem in the long term and with the maximum degree of efficiency. Why return to it year after year, month after month, if there is a worthy alternative. They will save the room from pests for a long time and at the same time will not cause any discomfort to the residents. The choice in favor of specialists is obvious.

HACCP Compliance pest control


pest control

Proof of work


Proof of Location

Highly Trained pest control

Highly Trained

Affordable Pest Control Sydney Services

The Pest Control Sydney Services is a procedure that allows you to quickly control rodents in private buildings and production lines. The thing is that rodents are not just animals that constantly spoil products, because, among other things, they are also carriers of deadly diseases. If you use food that a mouse or even worse a rat has passed through, you can become infected with pseudotuberculosis, which is almost impossible to cure.

Often, such pests appear in public catering, since in such places all food is stored in an open area. It is possible to cope with the problem on your own, but only for a short period of time, after which the new offspring will again begin to attack the provisions.

Of course, all companies in Sydney NSW will offer to deal with the problem as quickly and cheaply as possible, but not everyone really keeps their word. You can contact the Pest Control Sydney Services, to assess the infestation in some cases the business will need to be closed for the entire time of pest control, and accordingly, it will not bring profit.

During this procedure, all harmful microbes and bacteria are destroyed. Often such procedures are needed in hospitals and similar institutions, especially at a time when an acute outbreak of some serious disease has been identified.

It is simply impossible to do this on your own since microbes are not visible to the naked eye. Reliable companies use only the highest quality preparations in their work, which are capable of 100% destroying all microorganisms in the room. The work is considered fully completed if, after a control check under a microscope, no harmful bacteria are detected.

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