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In search of a pest control expert in Sydney? Safe Pest Control is your go-to local professional with over a decade of trusted experience. Providing high-quality service from termite infestations to urgent spider callouts, we’ve consistently earned 5-star reviews from Sydney residents.

Our promise? Same-day services across the entire Sydney region. Whether you’re in Western Sydney, the North Shore, Inner West Sydney, Eastern Suburbs, or the heart of the Sydney CBD, we’ve got you covered. Each visit ensures you get a highly trained, local, and licensed pest specialist, dedicated to making your home safe.

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"70% of our Business is returning customers and referrals, and we take immense pride in the positive feedback we consistently receive."

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Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of Safe Pest Control’s success. Our team takes immense pride in providing outstanding services in Sydney, NSW, with over 15 years of industry expertise. We maintain an unwavering dedication to excellence, guaranteeing that all our work meets your expectations. If we fall short in any way, we make it right until you are completely satisfied.

We understand the value of your time and promise promptness and professionalism. Our team accommodates your schedule to provide effective and timely solutions to your pest concerns. For a dependable and trustworthy service provider, look no further. Our team, known for their amiability and efficiency, will resolve your pest problems with utmost diligence.
To schedule a complimentary pest inspection, call us now at 1300 119 085.

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Safe Pest Control Services Near Sydney & Surrounding

We proudly offer comprehensive pest control solutions tailored for every need. With dedicated technicians available near eastern suburbs, inner west, western Sydney, and beyond, we’re always ready to assist. From emergency interventions to preventative plans and commercial pest solutions, our team is just a phone call away.

Safe Pest Control

You Deserve a Sydney Pest Controller who:

- Is on time, ensuring you're not waiting all day for a Sydney-based service provider.

- Is polite and respects your home by removing shoes before entering your house.

- Offers options, enabling you to make a decision that best fits your budget and needs.

- Has well-trained staff who can answer your calls from an office, not a call center.

- Treats clients as a valued individual rather than a transaction, ensuring the problem is fixed.

- Provides free quotations, so you get to do your research without pressure to go ahead.

BugFree Living in Sydney

Living a bug-free life in Sydney shouldn’t come at the expense of our environment. At Safe Pest Control Sydney, we champion a harmonious coexistence with nature. That’s why we’re proud of our eco-friendly pest control services. Every treatment we employ is meticulously designed to not only eliminate pests but also minimize our ecological footprint. This commitment extends from the sustainably sourced materials we use to our environmentally conscious methods. 

To bolster your trust in our services, we’re fully insured with Public Liability and Professional Indemnity coverage. Should you require, a Certificate of Currency can be provided for your records. Ready to partner with an eco-responsible pest control service? Contact our experts today at 1300119085 and enjoy an exclusive 10% discount

Wasp Nest Removal

Got a wasp problem? No need to risk the sting; let our professionals handle it! Our online booking system makes it easy to schedule a safe and swift wasp nest removal service at your convenience.

Bed Bugs, Termites, and Other Common Sydney Pests We Treat:

Sydney's Local Trusted and Skilled pest control Technicians

Spider Problem? Call to Book Your Free Inspection

Are eight-legged visitors turning your home into a haunted house? Call us to book a free inspection. We provide expert solutions for all spider-related problems, offering you a safe, spider-free environment.

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Rodent pest control for Multi-Storey Building

Commercial high-rise buildings, with their vast spaces and a multitude of hiding places, are unfortunately not immune to rodent problems. At Safe Pest Control Sydney, we understand the unique challenges that multi-storey buildings present when it comes to rodent pest control. Our specialized rodent treatment services are specifically designed for such structures, providing comprehensive solutions that cover every nook, cranny, and floor. From the basement to the penthouse, the Safe Pest team is experienced in tracking, managing, and eliminating rodent populations, ensuring a clean and safe environment for all occupants. Call us for your commercial pest control needs, and experience a rodent-free building like never before.

Rodent Prevention in Sydney Homes

Prevention, as they say, is always better than cure, especially when it comes to rodent infestations. These unwelcome guests can cause significant damage and stress, but our dedicated team at Safe Pest Control Sydney is here to help. Our rodent prevention services proactively tackle rats and mice infestations in Sydney homes. Using a combination of tried-and-tested methods and innovative approaches, we create robust barriers that deter rodents from entering and setting up a home in your living space. Let us help you ensure your home remains a rodent-free zone and preserve the sanctity of your personal space.  Call our office on 1300 119 085.

Commercial Pest Control in Sydney

Trusted by Australian Companies

When it comes to maintaining a pest-free environment in commercial spaces, trust the professional Sydney-based Safe pest control service. We understand the unique challenges and requirements of commercial pest control and offer tailored services designed to meet your business’s specific needs. Our team is experienced in treating a variety of commercial pest problems, from retail stores, warehouses, factories, and restaurants to corporate offices, ensuring that your operations remain pest-free and your reputation untarnished. Don’t let a pest problem hinder your business, contact Sydney’s award-winning pest control company.

Professional Service for Sydney Offices and Business Parks

Business parks and offices, with their numerous rooms, offices, and cafeterias, are not immune to pest invasions. In fact, they can provide the perfect environment for pests to thrive if not properly managed. That’s where our professional pest control Sydney services come in. Specifically designed for such environments, we implement strategic solutions that maintain the cleanliness and safety standards of your workspace. Our team swiftly and efficiently handles any pest issues, minimizing disruption to your workspace and ensuring a healthier, pest-free environment for you and your employees. Call our commercial pest experts 1300 119 085.  (Related: Extermination services  for Factories)


Free Rodent Check for your Sydney Business

Don’t let a rodent problem harm your reputation. Our Sydney-based service offers a free rodent check for businesses, ensuring your commercial space is rodent-free and maintaining the quality of your brand image.

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Pest Management Service: Book Your Free Consultation

Stay a step ahead of pests with our commercial pest management service. Book a free consultation today and learn how our proactive approach can help protect your home or business from potential ant, mice, silverfish, cockroach, spider and rat infestations.

Solving Mice Problems: Local West Sydney Services

Mice might be tiny pests, but their impact on Sydney’s residential and commercial properties is disproportionately large. From causing notable damage to presenting potential health hazards, their presence is problematic. That’s where Safe Pest Control Sydney steps in. Offering specialized services in West Sydney, our team is adept at providing humane and potent solutions to tackle these tenacious rodents. Our strategy is two-fold: we don’t just eliminate the present infestation but also put measures in place to prevent future incursions. Whether it’s a business facility or your home, ensure these pests don’t claim your space as their own. Get in touch with our expert team today for comprehensive mice control solutions, and let’s bring serenity back to your property.

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Residential Pest Control

Residential Protection IN SYDNEY

When it comes to Sydney residential pest control, we understand how important it is to protect your home from pests that pose a threat to your peace and comfort. That’s why our residential pest control services are designed to safeguard your property from a myriad of pests, from the tiny bed bugs causing sleepless nights to the larger, more conspicuous rodents that threaten the peace of your home.

Whether it’s a cozy apartment or a multi-storey house, our Sydney professional pest inspection team is always on call, ready to ensure that your house remains a safe haven. Pests may vary, but our commitment to protecting your house never wavers. We leverage our experience and knowledge to devise tailored solutions, providing optimal protection for your property. At Safe Pest Control Sydney, your home’s protection is our priority. We don’t just manage pests, we offer peace of mind. Call our Sydney pest control office on  1300 119 085 today.  (Related: Pet-Friendly treatments)

Residential Cockroach Extermination: Say Goodbye to German Cockroaches

No one should have to share their Sydney home with unwanted housemates, particularly not with German cockroaches, one of the most common and resilient species found in Sydney homes. Our residential cockroach extermination service specializes in dealing with these hardy pests, employing a mix of effective strategies to ensure their complete elimination. Utilizing our deep understanding of their habits and life cycles, we provide a comprehensive solution that not only eradicates the current infestation but also prevents future outbreaks. With our services at Safe Pest Control Sydney, you can finally say goodbye to these unwelcome guests. Don’t share your house with pests,  call our friendly pest control Sydney team today on 1300 119 085, and let’s reclaim your home!

Cockroach Extermination In Sydney

Before you decide to utilize Sydney pest control services, we strongly encourage you to understand our comprehensive approach to cockroach extermination. We offer insights into our methods, customer testimonials, and satisfaction guarantees, placing great importance on maintaining open communication with our clients and educating them about our processes. This transparency helps us to tailor our pest control services to meet your specific residential or commercial needs, ensuring the best possible experience with our cockroach extermination service. Knowledge is power, and understanding what to expect can provide peace of mind and help you make an informed decision about your pest control needs.

Speak with a pest specialist? Call 1300 119 085 or Click Here

Top Tier Cockroach Control: Solutions for Commercial Sydney Businesses

We offer top-tier cockroach control for commercial businesses in Sydney. Whether you manage a restaurant, office, or retail store, maintaining a clean, pest-free environment is essential. Trust us to keep your premises cockroach-free.

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Get Rid Termites: Protect Your Property Today!

Don’t wait for termites to take over. Our termite treatment is designed to eradicate these destructive pests and provide ongoing protection for your property. Act today, protect tomorrow.

Termite Home Protection & Inspections

Termites, despite their tiny size, cost Aussie homeowners millions of dollars in damages across Australia each year. In the warm climate of Sydney, termite activity is a common problem for homeowners. Safe Pest Control’s termite inspection service is designed to combat this issue head-on. Our team provides a meticulous check of your home, investigating those hidden corners and crevices for any signs of termite activity. We use the latest technology such as thermal imaging cameras, termatrac and other proven methods to ensure nothing escapes our inspection. Upon identifying any signs of termite infestation our team provides practical and effective solutions, treating the issue before it can escalate into something far more damaging and costly. Speak to a pest control Sydney expert today, call 1300 119 085

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. The pest spray application will not wash away easily. In fact, it will last for months and even years depending on the type of treatment applied.

Our Pest Control solutions are backed with 6 Month warranty with unlimited call-outs free of charge to ensure a long-lasting pest-free period and to save you from catching pests with a glass jar. we also have the best value all-year-round pest control packages which cover a long long list of pests.

We recommend that you have your place treated every 6 months by our professional exterminators. This will ensure the elimination of pests and keep your home free from cockroaches and other unwanted pests.