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Safe pest Control Technicians are highly skilled experts at the forefront of their Industry. Through ongoing training programs and use of latest innovations, Safe Pest Control delivers a high level of standard through client friendly, interactive reporting system

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Instant proof of work carried out with barcode evidence of products used.

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Compliance with all regulatory bodies and industry standards. 

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Accurate proof of time and location stamp via our mobile application.

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Long standing member of Australian Environment Pest Mangers Association

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Safe Pest Control's service team can fulfill requirements for organizations that require HACCP quality audit as well as providing educational material to prevent future outbreaks.

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Milad is fantastic, really knows his stuff, super friendly and if any issues they will come back so appreciate that they do that (esp. when cockroaches are such an issue in high rises!), and are really helpful in taking the time to explain things. Highly recommend! Thanks again!
Jo P
Jo P
04:24 12 Apr 18
We love these guys. Prompt. Effective. easy to deal with. We highly recommend them.
Erez Gordon
Erez Gordon
00:06 06 Apr 18
Very nice guy. Job well done. Will call Milad again next year
06:47 20 Feb 18
Safe Pest Control has looked after our family for years now. Our yard used to be invaded by redback spiders every summer. They'd live under the eaves, under our outdoor table and chairs and even climb into the children's toys! As a family with little ones, we chose Safe Pest Control because it's important to us to manage the problem in a way that's safe for our kids and environmentally responsible, and I'm pleased to say our spider problem has been well taken care of. Safe Pest Control has also managed other pests for us, including a rat in the roof and mice in the kitchen and carry out our annual termite inspection. The staff are very helpful, knowledgeable and informative, and we would very highly recommend Safe Pest Control for peace of mind and to help you solve these annoying pest problems and get on with enjoying life. These guys are tops!
Roslyn East
Roslyn East
00:04 28 Sep 17
These guys are professional and reliable with reasonable price.We chose them because of their non-toxic pest control treatment. We have a family and are very conscience of all the pesticides other companies use.Would defiantly recommend them.
Bahar Bahrami
Bahar Bahrami
02:01 01 Sep 17
Quick and easy. Great to have a chemical free company available!
01:33 05 Feb 19
We have used Safe Pest Control for 8 years. Having tried other contractors, I found Safe Pest Control provided a more effective service at a cheaper rate. Would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody. They have always been super professional and friendly.
J Engledew
J Engledew
04:17 09 Aug 18
Milad was a awesome. Very friendly and knowledgable regarding pest control. No fuss, was thorough and was on time! Couldn’t have been happier. This is our second time using his services. Would highly recommend!
Andrew Foo
Andrew Foo
04:24 15 Jul 18
Great professional service, staff are very polite and knowledgeable. Very rarely do I experience such great services from tradespeople. After having them service my home, I was so happy with the service , I even use them for my regular pest control at my surgery.
wei david
wei david
11:44 17 Jun 19
Always on time and on point. Yet to see any roaches since taking these guys on.
Marcel Ghabbar
Marcel Ghabbar
06:34 08 Jul 19
Highly professional service. Staff is very friendly and helpful. I had them treat my unit for German Cockroaches and very satisfied with the service offered.
Madawa Soysa
Madawa Soysa
04:24 05 Sep 19
Friendly and competent. Came when he said he would and very fuss free service. Great to have nontoxic options. Thanks!
22:38 07 Nov 19
very good service,I used for many years
Zw Yu
Zw Yu
00:14 12 Nov 19
Milade provides the best pest control service we have ever had in over 40 years of getting our house/yard sprayed. The spray is safe for our pets (dog, bird,fish) and lasts almost the 12 months between sprays. Milade is thorough, courteous and reliable. We recommend this company to everyone.
Ani Muscolino
Ani Muscolino
00:20 04 Dec 19
Friendly, Reliable and Effective service. Thanks Milad. 🙂
SquarePeg Studios
SquarePeg Studios
07:52 11 Dec 19
Very satisfied with the service! I highly recommend this company. Milad is thorough and works in detail. I had problems with cockroaches for almost a year, trying every product sold in supermarkets. None did the job. He came and after a week, all gone. Also the spray is safe for kids and environmentally safe.
Merce Pujol
Merce Pujol
04:51 04 Mar 20
Milad has kept our place 'pest' free for 8 years now and we wouldn't use anyone else! He is extremely thorough and really takes care with his work. So friendly and always punctual as well!
23:01 17 Feb 20
We have gone through a number of companies and by far had the best experience, quality and service from Milad. Not only is he honest but cares about the end result. Thank you
SanChurro Penrith
SanChurro Penrith
02:16 18 Feb 20
Great communicator and works in with you and your pets.
Heather Noakes
Heather Noakes
23:48 10 Mar 20
Milad is fantastic, really knows what he's doing. I was worried about how pest control might affect my pet rats (one of whom has breathing issues already) but he talked me through every step of his pet-safe approach and had helpful expert answers to all my questions. My roach infestation resolved within 2 weeks exactly like he promised, and his package includes a 6 month guarantee so I know they're not coming back any time soon! Very satisfied.
Lucy B
Lucy B
05:59 30 Apr 20
Milad has been helping us with pest control for almost a decade. Always calm and friendly. He has made sure we haven't had to deal with any pests and that's a big deal for my pest averse family!
Enying Ngoei
Enying Ngoei
03:34 09 May 20
Milad did a wonderful job! He was on time, professional, friendly and efficient! Highly recommend.
Jenna L
Jenna L
07:40 14 May 20
Outstanding professionalism 100%We recently had a problem with an unexpected house guest in the way of a wasp nest living in our louver panel. Milad not only removed the nest, but he also helped to cut back the branches which was touching our roof and skylight window. Branches that were from our next door neighbour! Milad showed concern for the wasp nest and he was very thorough in his work. I want to thank Milad for his always quick responses to our bees, wasps and bugs problems. He displayed patience, compassion and professionalism all throughout his work. We have known him for more than 10 years now. He always understood our panic and always assured my family and I, that he was going to take care of the bugs and bees problems. We are so thankful and we happily appreciate your kindness too. We will always rate you more than 10 out of 10. We definitely and highly recommend your company to other families and friends.
Stephen Sze
Stephen Sze
01:43 10 May 20
We have been using Safe Pest Control for three years in a row for cockroach problem in our apartments. Thanks to Milad did such a thorough job each and every single time, very approacable, informative and professional. Highly recommended!
Remy Hidayat
Remy Hidayat
12:18 18 May 20
Excellent & Professional ServiceWe have been using Safe Pest Control service for nearly 4 years now. From our experience, we can highly recommend them for their expertise in this area and their professional service.In addition, we experience high standard of customer service and follow up process during warranty period. Because of trustiness and their AAA+++ work, we started getting the termite inspection service from them too.
Upul Jayalath
Upul Jayalath
09:35 21 May 20
Milat is very throughout, reliable and friendly. We had an issue with German cockroaches and within a few days they had completely disappeared. Would definitely recommend and he will be our pest control guy 🙂
Claudia Milton
Claudia Milton
00:39 20 May 20
Highly professional. Excellent service. Very friendly staff. I had a problem of german Cockroaches and they once and every Cockroach was gone and dead. I tried someone else before this company but that was a disaster. But with Safe Pest Control my apartment is bug and Cockroaches free. Thanks for your service.
03:08 30 May 20

Safe Pest Control has been providing exceptional service to both residential and commercial property owners alike, throughout Sydney for the past 15 years.

During this time through the development of our processes and techniques we have become renowned in the industry for leading the way in environmentally friendly Pest Control Sydney services.

All the products we use are not only industry leading but also completely eco-friendly and bio degradable.

They are all non-toxic and you may rest assured that your health is never at risk of being compromised.

The techniques involved in our industry have evolved massively in the time we have been in business and we are proud to have moved with the times to offer our customers great value from our range of Pest Control services.

As a Sydney based home or commercial property owner you will see the difference when you employ Safe Pest Control’s skilled technicians.

This is a high-tech company employing the latest environmentally sound techniques to remove the age-old problem of pest’s entering your premises.

Our modern new age, Sydney based company offer a 6 month warranty with all our Pest Control treatments.

This applies whether you have a problem with cockroaches, fleas, spiders, silverfish, rats and mice, carpet beetles, ants, moths and even termites.

For each treatment we are called out to we will provide you with a certificate for the job.

This will include a batch number and details of each product used and specifications of the exact amount of the non-toxic chemical used and where it was sourced from.

Offering our clients full peace of mind for every eventuality is and always has been of paramount importance.

These certificates also provide full details of the dates we visited, the time, tools and even the weather conditions at the time for further documentation.

Although our processes have constantly evolved over the years as new courses came out and technology developed, one thing has never changed during all the time we have been in business.

This has been our approach in dealing with our customers.

We established core principles right from the start in terms of what our customers should always be able to expect from every member of staff employed by Safe Pest Control.

We will always have complete honesty and integrity in all aspects of our business.

We will always be prompt and on time for our work. We have always used the best environmentally friendly pesticides available on the Australian market.

Your fantastic Sydney property will never be subject to spills and we will never leave a mess behind for you to clear up.

All our staff at all times is friendly, respectful and courteous. We will work with our clients to minimize any potential disruption to your home or commercial property.

You will also receive all appropriate advice and support to considerably reduce the risks of any re-infestations to your property.

Safe Pest Control is one of the few pest control Sydney companies that can offer a login service whereby should you be away from your properties while we are working, you can log into our website and access the online real-time reporting feature.

This is just one of many innovative features we have implemented to ensure our customers are always aware of the work schedules and that we are adhering to our advised service times.

Another feature is the pest analytics we provide you with, thoroughly analyzing the pest’s activities and behavior in order to provide you with full information about how we are treating your pest problem.

Our Commercial Pest Control division has rapidly expanded as Sydney’s business owners have taken to our thorough and professional approach to keeping their pests out.

Knowing that we are EPA, WorkCover and HACCP complied is also a huge reassurance.

Does your Sydney home or business require urgent pest control?

We have your solution. 5 star ratings, eco-friendly, child and pet safe products, certified treatments and affordable price what more could you ask for?

Safe Pest Control Sydney has been providing exceptional service with effective results to both residential and commercial property owners alike, throughout Sydney for the past 15 years.

Our company is trusted, reliable and reputable in the industry for leading an environmentally friendly approach to Pest Control services in Sydney.

Our products are eco-friendly and completely biodegradable. We control over 12 major pest types pests including cockroaches, termites, mice, rats and ants.

Every treatment is catered to the specific property, pest type and extent of infestation.

Our team is made up of highly trained Environmental Pest Managers who will give you expert advice on how to ensure your pest free home lasts by taking preventative measures.

Our team can answer any questions you have, and with a 6-month warranty period you can have the ultimate peace of mind.

Call us today for a fast and easy quote on your home or commercial business! Whether it’s your first experience with pest control or you’re a loyal monthly client, our customer service will have you as our number one priority.

Don’t hesitate to get into contact with one of our friendly technicians today via phone on 1300 119 085 or email us at

No job is too big or small! Safe Pest Control services the entire Sydney Metro and greater Sydney region.

We also have an extremely flexible work schedule to ensure that our treatments are convenient for you! Our team can work with your schedule as they operate Monday to Saturday 8am – 5pm.

Safe Pest Control offers treatments for both residential homes and commercial businesses including restaurants and pubs, schools, offices and industrial locations.

Commercial Pest Control doesn’t need to be a hassle and inconvenience. As a business owner, you have the responsibility of keeping your workers, clients and business safe from any nasty pests.

Get in touch with one of our technicians today to discuss the best ways to protect your business.

We also offer building and strata inspections as well as pre-purchase inspections.

Pre-purchase inspections are crucial for ensuring that you are buying a clean and structurally sound home.

It allows you to move into your new home feeling safe and secure! We offer a prompt, courteous and efficient service and guarantee all of our work.

Safe Pest Control is one of the few pest control Sydney companies that can offer a remote log in service whereby should you be away from your properties while we are working, you can log into our website and access the online real-time reporting feature.

This innovative feature ensures that we are efficient in adhering to our advised service times and allows you to be updated on our progress.

We also provide you with pest analytics that thoroughly analyses the pests activity and behavior.

This provides you with complete information regarding the extent of your infestation and the ways in which we are treating it.

Our clients are our main priority and we like to keep you well informed throughout the entire process.

We stand out in the industry due to our Safe Pest Control eco-friendly approach.

Through the developmentof our processes and techniques we have become renowned for leading the way in environmentally friendly Pest Control Sydney Services.

Safe for your family, pets and the environment! We are a modern, high-tech company utilizing the latest environmentally sound techniques to ensure your home or business is completely pest free.

Safe Pest Control upholds its social responsibility ensuring its products are Eco-friendly and safe for family and pets with little to no irritation.

We are, as our name suggests an Eco-friendly pest control company. Pesticide products have improved immensely over the years, increasing the Eco-friendly safety within its products.

Dedicated research and development has been conducted to reduce the risk within our products and cater for family homes with pets as well as the environment as a whole.

Our products are also approved by APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority).

At Safe Pest Control, we work hard to ensure every one of our efficient and friendly technicians are trained and proficient with the highest industry standards.

Our processes and procedures comply with the standards set by the NSW Environment Protection Authority.

Our services come with a “No smell, no mess” policy, ensuring that we leave your home the way we found it… just without the pests!

You can return to your home after a pest treatment knowing that it will be clean and safe for your family and pets.

In order to ensure that all of our clients are completely satisfied with their Pest Control Sydney treatments, we offer a 6-month warranty period.

This gives all our client’s peace of mind and leaves them happy with their new, pest free home.

For each treatment we complete, we will provide you with a certificate for the job including a batch number and details regarding the products used and specifications of the exact amount of the non-toxic chemical used and where it was sourced from.

These certificates also provide full details of the dates we visited, the time, tools and even the weather conditions at the time for further documentation.

This allows each client to have access to every detail of their treatment and gives them peace of mind.

Our clients always come first, ensuring you are 100% satisfied with your treatment is our #1 priority!   Another reason why we are the best Pest Control Sydney has to offer is our termite insurance offer.

Despite the dangerous structural damage that termites can cause, insurance companies often don’t cover for termite damage.

We are here to provide convenience to you. Our experienced Service Technicians service all of Sydney, including the Eastern Suburbs, Hills District, North Shore, The Shire and more.

Our service is available 6 days a week, so we are sure to be available at a convenient time for you. Call us to check for an available appointment today!