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Everything you need to know about Fleas

Fleas are commonly linked with pets such as cats and dogs. The reason for this is that they inadvertently carry them around! If you own pets then it is essential that you maintain and care for them so that they aren’t prone to being a host for fleas. Fleas can range from 2mm to 8mm in length and aren’t easily detected with the human eye. Their bodies are flat which helps them move around with ease while being able to get into hard to reach places. Fleas will drink blood for survival, hence the reason they are found hitching a ride on cats and dogs. One of the other places that fleas love to breed is in your carpet. If you are itching and scratching then chances are fleas have infested your carpets, rugs or other places in your home. Due to their bloodsucking nature, fleas can spread disease so it is really important that you get intouch with our qualified pest Control Flea team to Treat your problem the moment you realise there is an issue.

Life Cycle

Time For a Professional Pests Control?

Signs of fleas are a little difficult to assess. One of the main reasons for this is that three of the four stages of a flea’s life (egg, larva, pupa and adult) sees them hard to detect to the human eye. Making it even more difficult is the fact that most of the time when fleas have infested a premises, 80 percent of the total fleas will be in the eggs and larvae stage. Adults will make up just two percent of the fleas. If you do spot a flea then chances are there could more lurking around somewhere.

Ticks prefer warm and moist areas, so they are most likely to be found in the armpits, scalp or groin. Unlike other insect bites, tick bites are painless. You should alwasy check your body, your child’s body and your pet after going outdoors that are known or suspected to have ticks. Ticks range from 1-2 mm (milimeters), so look for any black or dark brown spots on you body as you might find ticks biting on to your skin.

Signs to lookout for

Excessice scratching

If your pet cat or dog has thick hair and you see them scratch the back their head and neck, then it is most likely due to fleas hanging around in there.

Sudden Hair Loss

If your pet cat or dog has thick hair and you see them scratch the back their head and neck, then it is most likely due to fleas hanging around there.

Red Skin

Flea bites will cause allergic reactions. If you see any red, irritated patches or painful looking welts in your pet’s skin, then its most probably caused fleas.

Flea dirt

Signs of fleas also include small reddish brown or black tiny particles in your home or on your pet. However, it is good to  inspect first as it can be just dirt particles lying around.

Flea eggs

One of the many places that fleas tend to lay eggs is inside a carpet with small spaces on it. You can check for fleas by putting on glows and running your fingers through the carpet. Make sure to use a magnifying glass as flea eggs can be so small.

Easy To DoTips

Prevention is the key

Although there are many things that can be done to prevent fleas most of them won’t give you the satisfaction you’re looking for. For pet owners there is a higher chance of having fleas around your place of residence, so due to that we encourage you to brush your dog or cat with a flea comb and wash your pet’s bed regularly.

If you have spotted the areas that fleas are present make sure to wash them thoroughly to get rid of them. For infested areas like clothes and bed sheets it’s best to put them in the washing machine for a long period of time. For dog owners it’s more common to have fleas around due to their pets , so to reduce the chances of fleas its best to comb them every so often with a flea brush. If your dog itches a lot it’s best to throw their
beds away as fleas are comfortable with that environment, and just buy your dog a new bed. For other areas it’s best to vacuum as the pressure of the vacuum can disturb the fleas and reduce a infestation.

If you don’t own a pet then make sure that your home is clean and make sure to sweep your garden whenever possible. If your shifting homes and the previous homeowner had a pet, make sure to check if there are fleas in the carpet, they tend to lay their eggs in carpets and lay there till the time is right to hatch.

If you need a expert to help you with this, Speak to our Pest Control Flea team today 1300 119 085.

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Fleas are reddish-brown insects that develop on and feed mammals, birds, and humans. These bugs typically prey on animals but can be found in many homes.

You have fleas and need help with getting rid of them.

Who hasn’t dealt with that situation, right? You have a pest infestation and need a professional to help you tackle the problem.

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Fleas are a problem that has plagued both residential and commercial places for a long time. We know how much it sucks to deal with fleas, especially if you’re in the midst of a flea problem.

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Safe Pest Control has been operating for over 15 years and has the expertise and experience required to provide the best Flea pest control solutions.

Our Flea Pest Control team uses only premium products that won’t harm your family, pets, or property. We’re the local experts in the Sydney area, and we’re happy to provide a free quote today! We are reliable, affordable, and offer all the latest in pest control methods. With us, you’ll never see another bug again!

We offer a range of services to help you maintain the integrity of your home or business so pests don’t get in. Regardless of what pests you have infested your home—a few visits with Safe Pest Control is all it takes to be rid of them forever! We will never stop until it’s safe for you and all of your loved ones.

We offer reasonably-priced flea pest control services that will keep your home or business free from pests, giving you peace of mind and saving you time and money. We have highly trained professionals available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergencies or to provide expert advice on how to eliminate pests.

Searching for pest control near me? There is no job too small or big! Secure Pest Control services the whole Sydney Metro along with the entire Sydney region. We also have a flexible schedule of work to make sure that our services are suitable for your needs! Our team is able to work around your schedule, working between Monday and Saturday from 8am until 5pm. Safe Pest Control offers treatments for both residential and commercial enterprises, including restaurants and pubs offices, schools, as well as industrial areas. Commercial Pest Control does not have to be an inconvenience and a pain. As an owner of a business, you are responsible for keeping your employees as well as your clients protected from any harmful insects. Call one of our experts now to discuss the best methods to safeguard your company. We also provide strata and building inspections, and pre-purchase inspections. Inspections prior to purchase are essential to ensure that you’re purchasing a solidly built house. This allows you to relocate into the new house with confidence and security! We provide a quick professional, friendly and reliable pest inspections and control sydney service. Safe Pest Control is one of the few pest management Sydney companies that provide remote log-in services in the event that you are separated from your regular connection while we are working it is possible to log on to our website to access our live reporting on our website. This unique feature makes sure that we’re efficient in observing our recommended schedules and also will keep you informed on the progress we are making. We also provide pest analytics that fully analyzes the behavior and activity of pests. This gives you complete information about the severity of the infestation as well as the methods we’re dealing with it. Our customers are our top priority, and we will keep you informed throughout the whole procedure.

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We are unique in the market because of the Safe Pest Control flea control service approach. With the advancement of our methods and processes, we are now known for being the pioneer in the field of environmentally-friendly pest control sydney Services. It is safe for your pets, family members, as well as the environment! We are a contemporary high-tech firm that uses the most advanced techniques for environmental protection to ensure that your property or office is free of pests. Safe Pest Control upholds its social responsibility to ensure that its products are sustainable as well as safe for family members and pets, with minimal to any discomfort. 

We are, as the name implies, an eco-friendly pest control firm. Pesticide products have advanced dramatically throughout the years which has increased the ecological security of their products. A lot of research and development has been carried out to decrease the risks associated with our products and provide for the needs of families with pets as well as the natural environment in general. Our products are also endorsed through APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinarian Medicines Authority) We at Safe Pest Control, strive to ensure that every one of our knowledgeable and helpful technicians is certified and skilled in accordance with the most stringent standards of the industry. Our procedures and processes comply with the guidelines established by the NSW Environment Protection Authority. Our services include a “No smell, no mess” policy. This ensures that your home is left exactly as we discovered the way we found it… with no trace of the bugs! Return back to your house after an insect treatment knowing it will be spotless and secure for your family and pets.  We cover all sydney metro such as parramatta oran park, baulkham hills, maquarie fields and more.

Effective Pest Control Flea Spray

Although it is difficult to identify a flea, identification becomes easier when they are more common and cause infestation. Fleas can be seen jumping onto curtains and furniture.

Fleas can carry ticks and other parasites from the outside. Fleas can spread to your pets through their nests, increasing the likelihood of them becoming infected. Fleas love to hide in furniture and floors cracks, as well as beds and other furnishings.

If you notice any of these signs, it is important to call our spider control experts in Sydney.

* Hopping Around – Fleas can easily be seen moving around carpets, furniture and drapery as soon as they start multiplying.

Flea Dirt is the dark spots on the skin or floor that don’t move. These are called flea feces. When they come into contact with water, they become flea dirt.

Flea bites are another sign of flea infestation. Fleas feed on animals and humans, so the bite usually causes skin to become red and irritated. Fleas are most commonly found in the neck, stomach, hindquarters and ears.

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