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Ants are better known as a menace to any tasty treats left behind. They are also known to be one of the hardest working insects in the world, they love the heat and our temperature, which makes them thrive at what they do best. There are roughly about 15,000 species of ants and from that Australia has just shy of 1,500 of them. Black ants are the most common and aren’t the type to carry diseases yet you wouldn’t won’t them lurking around your pantries. Most ants travel in colonies but some choose not to live in them and go out in the wilderness by themselves and seek shelter and survive on their own. They have a decent life span as the Queen of a colony can live through out to 15 years as working ants(usually male ants) live up to 7 years.

Time to get a Professional Ants Control?

The main reason why an ant usually comes into your house is that you are not storing your food properly. Leaving food, and leftovers unattended for hours or even minutes will attract a tiny insect-like ant who is always in search of food and shelter. Ant has a superb sense of smell which enables them to find food. Not storing your food properly will also lead to an ant Infestation where ants will be randomly seen in colonies even if there is no food involved. If this is the case in your house, You should contact us immediately before it gets out of hand.

If you’re having an ant problem, it’s important to take care of it as soon as possible. Ants can be very persistent and can quickly invade your home if they’re not dealt with. That said, here are a few of the best ant killers on the market today.

When it comes to getting rid of ants, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. What works for one person or family might not work for another. red imported fire ant

If you’re looking for an all-natural ant pest killer, try using borax. Simply mix borax with water and pour it where you’ve seen ants. The borax will kill the ants, and the water will help to dissolve their bodies. Another all-natural ant killer is vinegar. Pour vinegar into a spray bottle and spray it where you’ve seen ant activities.

If there are more ants, you may need to call in a professional ant control service. The ant pest professionals will be able to use stronger ant pest chemicals and methods to get rid of the ants.



Safe Pest control was really good, friendly and professional until the end. They provided good recommendations to deal with the infestation and treated the room with a good result. Thanks a lot for your help. I definitely recommend them.
Every time I’ve used this company they’ve been fantastic. Their technicians are lovely, professional, and punctual, and the services have been effective (cockroach treatment).
Max was brilliant and very accommodating. He completed all work in a professional and timely manner. The cost of the service was also very reasonable!
Very happy with their recent service, they were very thorough in their application and very friendly to deal with. They even left us with some anti-ant product when we indicated an irregular issue . Will use again next time.
We have been using this company's services for the last 5 years and can't thank them enough for their professionalism and wonderful quality of service. All the agents who have been to our place all truly professional , punctual and honest! Our recent pest control was done by Ethan and Mark. Both very knowledgeable and friendly. We highly recommend this business and will be using their services in future. Well done team!

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4 Easy Ant Control Tips

If an ant is showing up in your house and it’s not that big of a problem, a kitchen towel with 50% water and 50% vinegar and a clean swipe of where the ant is present will help control the ant, or you could track where they enter your home and sprinkle a little black pepper at the point of entry.

If you have a restaurant that needs ant control you can add ¾ sugar and ¼ boric acid and put the mixture where they are most common and that should stop them from harming your business. Although those methods might not work all the time for commercial areas such as businesses and restaurants you will need to request help from our Professional Ant Control service team. Our ants pest control team will make sure to use commercial garde insecticides to get rid of your problem, by using our service you are assured that ants won’t be visiting your premises.

Clearing Leftovers:

Ant loves any leftovers on the kitchen table and in your pantries. Make sure to destroy any form of them entering your premises with ant sprays and repellents. Make sure to always clean up any crumbs or juices that have been spilt, ants love any sugary items to consume so you will most probably find them near your candy jar.

Storing Food Properly:

Make sure to keep all your food items in air-tight containers because that prevents ants from entering.

Block Possible Entrances:

Make sure to block any forms of entry from window frames to small crevices in your property, as one gets a hint that there is food close by the others get informed straight away.

Cleaning Up:

Always make sure that your garbage is taken out and not in your garden, as ants can get a good idea of what’s in there and go searching for more. Also, make sure no pet bowls are left outside either.

Ant Pest Control | Safe Solutions

Where there are humans, there are pests. Ants are the most common type of pest that is found both in homes and businesses.

Green ants contaminate your food and white ants damage your property by building their nests in your walls, doors, or window frames, weakening them over time.

Moreover, ants may even bite. These bites may not cause serious health issues, but it is sure to cause pain, a little bleeding at times, and swollen skin.

If not treated on time, the infestation may increase, causing many problems for you and your family.

If you are looking for ant pest control in Sydney, Safe Pest Control is the place where you can put all your bets. We offer effective and sound solutions for all your ant control needs. Our service team of experts will visit you do a step-by-step inspection and offer a customized plan accordingly. Call Us today for your free ant inspections.

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Why Safe Pest Control

Our pest control team uses a step-by-step, proven approach to eliminate the problem from the root. To determine if there is an infestation, our ant experts will inspect your home thoroughly. The inspection includes identifying entry points and looking for signs of ant infestation.

We will create a plan tailored to your needs after the ant inspection. We seal any entry points that could be used by ants or other pests. We also spray your exterior to reduce pest entry. Our ant experts will give you tips to help prevent future ant infestations before we leave. We also offer effective ant-pest tips to help you repair any damage caused by pests.

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We offer numerous ant pest reasons for all Sydney residents to choose us as their number one choice for Ant Pest Control Services throughout Sydney. We are a timely, safe, and effective ant pest with unmatchable customer service.

We care for our environment because we know there is no Planet B. Our Ant Pest Control service team uses safe control pest inspections and eco-friendly pest deterrents that are absolutely safe for you, your family, your pets, and our environment. With us, you don’t have to worry about mess or smell either.

Our Ant Pest Control team will provide effective, and timely ant pest control service. We use state-of-the-art ant pest techniques that ensure quality service while minimizing your risks. We offer complete ant control service with our 24/7 customer support service team, who are just a phone call away! Our No Smell and No Mess policy guarantees no disruption to your business or home.

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We are just a call away and offer same-day service. You are not supposed to be living with ant pests, and no one understands that better than us. Whether you are facing ant pest infestation in your homes, businesses, offices, or other commercial premises, our ant pest control service team will provide a comprehensive solution. We cover Bronte, Castle Hill, Chatswood, Coogee, and Cremorne just to name a few.