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Pubs and pests go hand in hand! Places with foods and drinks are more likely to attract pests. Pest gets hassle-free food bars, pubs, and cafés. But these creepy creatures are always unwanted because they carry potential health risks.

Moreover, you are likely to get penalized by authorities for poor hygiene, and maybe your reputation over social media gets a heavy blow – the last thing any business owner would want!

Safe Pest Control has your back throughout Sydney for sorts of pests in your bars, pubs, cafés, and other commercial areas. We strive to keep you and everyone around you safe and healthy with impeccable pest control services.

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While rodent control and cockroach control are the most common type of service in bars and cafés, the likelihood of other pest infestation isn’t any less. It is good to know the signs that can indicate pest infestation in your premises, so you can call professional pest control in the early stages.

The following signs will indicate that your premise is hiding some creepy creatures in its nooks and corners.

  • Droppings can be the most visible sign of pests. While the droppings of pests differ, the common ones are from the rodents, which are dark brown to black, varying in size. The droppings are are firmer than that of rodents and is usually like a brown spotted mark.
  • Dead roaches are another sign that your property has a cockroach infestation and may have been there for quite some time. It’s an indication of quick action.
  • Scratches and squeaky sounds signify the presence of rats and mice at your property.
  • If you encounter cockroach-shaped skin sheds at your place, you need to immediately call a professional pest control service.
  • Food nibbling and slight damages to shelves, bins, or shredded cardboard all indicate your place is infested with pests.

If you own a bar or café, you already know there are high chances of pest activity on your premises. It’s important maintain routine mice or rat control to keep your place in check to keep it hygienic, healthy, and reputable. Call a professional pest control service for inspection in case you encounter any signs.

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Safe Pest Control is a Sydney-based pest control company. We are designed for your convenience and offer customers a multi-phase approach to their pest control needs.

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We have a reputation for delivering the most reliable, effective pest control services in Sydney, with no mess and no smell. Our success rate is 100% guaranteed, and our team is equipped with the latest in technology to ensure that you don’t get ripped off.

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We offer complete pest control solutions that are safe for the environment and your kids, but more importantly, safe for your pets too!

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We spend time forecasting what will happen in your business, so we can provide you with the right service levels and prevent any problems before they happen. We’ll provide you with real-time tracking to see how effective each treatment was and how much was spent.

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At Safe Pest Control, we know the importance of keeping a clean and healthy environment. We use environmentally-friendly tactics and strategies to ensure that no mess or smell is left behind.

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