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As much as people want a pest-free home, they still need to think of the welfare of their children especially their little ones (LO).

Actually, they become worried about what pests can bring to their households because their family members’ health can be at risk. 

Homeowners are availing over-the-counter pesticides or multi-insect killer and use at home to get rid of the unwanted guests-the pests! 

These ordinary multi-insect killer sprays are not effective to kill or eradicate pests like cockroaches or ants in your house and at the same time, harmful to family members especially your children once exposed to them.

The toxicity level of this kind of insecticide is very high and only kills the pests sprayed upon but some other cockroaches hiding inside your unused cabinet or furniture will continue to reproduce and come out when they get the chance.

Some pests develop immunity easily to ordinary insecticides, they just feel dizzy when sprayed but still can manage to move and run fast.

With that, homeowners like you will only spend a lot of money on buying those sprays, while spraying more and more chemicals inside your homes which put your children in danger unknowingly. 

Pesticide chemicals become harmful to humans especially to children if the amount applied is not right, inaccurate, and excessive.

The younger your child is, the impact of an excessive amount of pesticides is heavier since children like babies, and toddlers’ nervous system and organs are still developing and pesticides cannot easily remove from their bodies.

They are quite sensitive to the toxic effects of pesticides when not carefully used and applied, without using proper tools or equipment.        

Now, are you still going to use the over-the-counter harmful chemicals to get rid of these pests in your home?

Better get someone who truly knows the technicalities of eradicating pests, those with proper equipment, safe products to use, and with expertise in doing that.

The pest control experts from one of the most reliable pest control companies here in Sydney, the Safe Pest Control Pty Ltd., can help you out.   

SafePestControl is using first-class eco-friendly pest control products to keep your home pest-free and at the same time, safe to your family especially your little ones, and the environment as well. 

In SafePestControl, the pest control treatments used are in the exact amount, enough to have a great impact on pests and resolve any pest infestation in your home but with no harmful effects to humans due to its low toxicity level. 

 SafePestControl Technicians are highly-skilled and well-trained pest control exterminators in Sydney, they are friendly, courteous and they care for clients’ safety.

Also, they are known for using the latest technologies in controlling such unwanted guests in all residential, commercial, and industrial premises.

In fact, they are using an interactive online reporting system, where clients can see the actual treatment procedure being implemented in their house or establishment even they are out for work or have important appointment outside the home.

Their pest control tools and equipment are updated and state-of-the-art as well.  

They are members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA), managing and controlling pests throughout Sydney. 

With SafePestControl, your children’s health is also their priority, they keep them protected from pests and so with harmful chemicals, they knew exactly the right products and amount to use for all pest control treatments. 

A highly recommended pest control company with a 5-Star rating from Google Reviews because of its excellent service in pest control.

Truly, you are assured that your children are in good hands with SafePestControl. 

It’s time to stop buying over-the-counter pesticides, get real protection for your family, your children, and your home, just Call 1300 119 085 now for free consultation and booking!