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Many people love to go to the shopping centers with a complete variety of goods in all categories of retail items they need while getting some services, entertainment and relaxation at the same time.   

There are different types of retail stores in a shopping center, such as department stores, grocery stores, cafes, dining areas, appliance or electronic shops, fashion stores of different apparels, bakeries, pet shops, medical clinics, cinemas, gyms and other recreational areas.

As much as mall-goers enjoy loitering around, hopping to different retail stores and do shopping, there are also several discreet horrendous creatures on the move going in and out the mall.

In these large commercial premises, the most commonly found pests are rodents, which chew electrical wires in some shops and eat any kind of materials ; cockroaches, which hide in small cracks or spaces and are attracted to papers, card boards and food leftovers; ants, which are present in any sweet food or beverages and fresh food; fabric beetles, which eat synthetic fibers materials; silverfish which eat paper-based products; flies, which is easily attracted to smelly and tasty food, and last but not the least, bed bugs, which are hiding inside cloth or fabric-covered seats.

These pests choose to stay and live in a climate-controlled environment with many possible hiding spots to use as their shelter and with readily available food all over the place. 

Also, there are many entry points for them to get through since shopping center has multiple entrances and exits.

Also, there are many public use areas in shopping center which also become their favorite hiding places like toilets, play areas for kids, amusement rides, gardens (for some landscape designs) and parking lots for cars.

Clearly, everywhere in the shopping center and retail stores, pests can actually be seen.

They infest all kinds of tenants’ stores, whether it is food or non-food store.

In fact, it is very difficult and challenging to avoid pests due to adjacent leasing units of different stores. 

The high foot traffic of shoppers also contributes to many pest problems in the shopping center, as they can bring in insects like mites, lice or bed bugs inside the mall unknowingly.

Aside from customers, there are different goods or products delivery in loading docks which also become the entrance of some other pests.

Pest infestation is likely to occur in the whole shopping center in any location and certainly, it adversely affects several businesses worldwide in many aspects.

Unexpected costs, damage to business’ reputation, customer satisfaction rates become lower due to discomfort they might feel and health risk to employees which may lower their productivity, are some of the possible effects of neglected pest infestation.   

To stop more terrible things to happen, store managers and shopping center managers must look into it as soon as they see an onset of pests in the shopping center or any retail store.

Quick action must be done right away, before rodents can start a fire accident, silverfish can damage a wall paper and completely destroy the material, ants eat all the merchandise or retail goods and flies contaminate fresh food in the grocery.   

In a worst scenario, pest infestation might also give sleepless nights to store managers as this might lead also to lawsuit, when customers file a complaint to the authorities.

Pest Control in Retail Stores & Shopping Centers

It is very difficult to manage pests in large commercial premises like shopping center due to a very diverse landscape and the presence of many retail stores or tenants.

Ordinary pesticide products which are available in the market are not advisable to use because they might not be safe to store personnel or customers and might damage store materials, tools or property.  

Therefore, the best and only solution to this pest problem is to consult with pest control professionals from a reputable pest control company in Sydney which is SafePestControl.

SafePestControl which has highly-trained and experienced pest control exterminators is not only fast and reliable, but also responsible.

Pest control technicians here are using low toxicity level of chemicals, which is at the same time organic and truly Eco-friendly.

They care for the safety of the customers/personnel and the environment.

With nineteen years of pest control expertise, they know exactly how to manage and control pests in large commercial premises like shopping center and many retail stores in it by targeting pest infestation areas for visible signs of pests, entry points, identification the types of pest present, and developing a comprehensive treatment plan.

Also, SafePestControl is compliant of all regulatory bodies and industry standards such as Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points or HACCP, AS4801 for OH&S Management System, ISO9001 and ISO14001 for Quality and Environment Management Systems. Surely, you are in good hands!

Call now at 1300 119 085 for immediate inquiry and booking. Let us be partners and let us make your Retail stores safe and pest-free!