Are Pest Control Companies Essential?

Are Pest Control Companies Essential?

Who would not want a pest-free and a healthy home or workplace?  Everyone aspires to live and work in a nice, clean and comfortable environment. But how can we assure to have a place like that? 

Pests existence in our living

In our daily lives, we often encounter different unwanted guests in our house, the usual thing to do for a home owner is buy an insecticide or traps and spray/trap these insects or rodents.

This is only a temporary control measure to avoid these unwanted guests which we considered “pests” for a short period of time but as long as we have food on the table or food storage and some unused cabinets or furniture at home, expect that there will be pests living with us.

Pests are organisms which share habitats with humans and are capable of causing harm through transmission of diseases, developing anxiety and other sicknesses. 

In urban areas, common pests are birds (mites), insects (spiders, cockroaches, bed bugs, mosquito, flies, fleas) and rodents (rats, mice).      

We heard so many news about pests which also cause severe accidents in different countries.

Electric-bug killing racket reacted to leaking gas caused explosion

Last September according to 9News, there was a Frenchman, aged in his 80s, who has blown up part of his house while trying to kill a rogue fly.

He was sitting in his home in Dordogne, Southwest France, when he noticed a fly roaming around his place, he used an electric bug-killing racket to blow that fly then a leaking gas canister caused a reaction with the racket.

This caused an explosion and destroyed the Frenchman’s kitchen and collapsed part of the house ceiling.

Luckily, he only got minor burns on his hand since he managed to escape from that explosion, and he did not know either if he was able to kill the pest. 

Also, in Melbourne, a woman bought a Highland Park Scotch Fillet Steak from Aldi, she was shocked to see a large cockroach crawling inside a sealed meat packet while preparing dinner on the following night.

“I was horrified. They are filthiest animals around, I would never buy meat there again”, she said disgustingly.

This incident was a serious matter to Aldi Camberwell, as they need to apologize to the customer publicly, need to check with the supplier, conduct thorough investigation on the complaint and send updates to customer once done.

This really affects the image of their store, as the news has already spread all over the country.     

These are some of the many incidents which are possible to happen to anyone.

We may not know how pests can badly affect and damage our home, our family especially our children, our work or businesses and our surroundings, if we continue to neglect the idea on how to manage and control pests properly.  

Thus, we need to understand the value of pest control.

 The Pest Control

Controlling pests and knowing how to manage them are necessary to be able for us to live a comfortable and stress-free life.

Do you know that as early as 3000 B.C. in Egypt, pest control has already been introduced and somehow implemented?

Yes, Egyptians used cats to control pests of grains which are rodents while Ferrets were domesticated in Europe in 500 A.D. to be used as mousers.

These methods became not so successful and practical in the long run.

Chemical pesticides were introduced around 2500 B.C. by Sumerians who used sulfur compounds as insecticides.

Modern pest control has started to develop across the United States for the Colorado Potato beetle.

Then insecticides Pyrethrum and derris were introduced and chemical pest control became widespread and accepted all over the world.

The development of pest control shows that people of ancient history realized the need of it on their lives.

They began to find ways on how to manage and eradicate pests and not get used to live with them.

They knew exactly the damages and harm pests can cause them and their families and to their sources of living.

Maybe if there were available services of pest control back then, they will surely call an immediate help from the professionals.  

Pest Control Companies are Essential

Proper control measures and careful pest eradication program are difficult to handle and learn.

These could only be done by people who undergo intensive training on pest inspection, planning or conceptualizing different programs for each treatment appropriate on pest problem and the application of treatments, the most difficult one.

Treatments vary on pest types and classification, extent or level of infestation and the accessibility.

These services can only be done by pest control companies, with complete pest control tools and materials, with expertise in using correct and safe chemicals, and more importantly, with a professional team to get the job done.

Unfortunately, not all pest control companies are qualified in all those mentioned services.

Many of them are substandard because they want to make their services cheaper and get as many customers they come into contact with.

Choose SafePestControl, one of the best pest control companies in the country, with high-caliber technicians/ exterminators who will conduct a thorough inspection of your pest problem in your home or business and gives you accurate pest control programs and treatments suitable to your pest infestation needs.

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