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Food Processing pest control

Pest control for food and processing companies

All food products available on shelves in a convenience store for instance have passed their product evaluation through strict and critical food safety protocols. To be able to ensure the quality and safety of any products, a thorough inspection following food safety standards is done by food regulatory authorities. Sanitation and food processing facilities in the plant or factory are included in the checklist inspection.

The plant and the facilities used in the production should be clean and free from any pests all the time. Unfortunately, not all companies in the food industry especially the small ones are complying religiously with these food safety protocols due to high cost. This is the main reason why pests are still visible in the area of production and their warehouses. These companies received many complaints from customers and were penalized by the NSW Food Authority.  ( Read: Industral Pest Control)


Common Pests Found in Food Processing Facilities     

The most common pests found in food processing plants are rats, beetles, flies, ants, cockroaches, mites, and weevils. They vary according to food ingredients present in the place, type of food in the plant, geography, and climate. Pests start to infest a food processing plant due to easy access to food and water. Pests can even stay in food processing facilities inside the plant which may cause machine failure, damage to raw materials or finished supplies and finished goods in the warehouse, and worst, disruption of operations. (Check out: Sydney’s Common pests)

Once these pests are neglected by the plant owner or his Facility Manager has not enough knowledge of the nature of pests and how to keep their infestation, this constitutes threats to the health of the factory workers and the safety of the food processing facilities. In the 14th century, 25 million people were killed in Europe, due to a plague brought by rats. Just imagine if this happens again and the place that was infected was the business that you have. Not only there will be a loss in profit but lives could be at stake as well. Check out: Common Pest Problems in Hotels

This pest problem may incur product loss significantly to the food processing plant owner, who would be mistakenly worrying about the high cost of getting quality pest control services but doesn’t realize the importance of one, resulting in more profit loss and much worse ruin his company’s good name. In the food industry, as we all know, regulatory inspections and audits on food safety standards are done periodically in all companies. And if pest control is inefficient in a food processing plant, the business owner may end up paying hefty fines and may even receive a shutdown notice from food regulatory authorities.   Related: Pest Control For Shopping Centers

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Pest Control in Food processing plants

Intensive pest control services are highly recommended in food processing plants to avoid many pest-related problems and damages pests might cause. It is like you are investing for the success of your company in the future. The high cost of investment for efficiency and the best pest control services is required to achieve advantages such as quality assurance of the products, less risk of product loss, brands of the product improvement, therefore consumers will be satisfied and more importantly, no food safety challenges will be raised. (Related: Pest Control Service for Restaurants)

This means that managing and controlling pests in a food processing plant is quite easy, but only with a reliable pest control company as your partner. SafePestControl is here to give you full assistance in resolving such pest problems and issues with food regulatory authorities. SafePestControl is compliant with all regulatory bodies and industry standards such as Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points or HACCP, AS4801 for OH&S Management System, ISO9001, and ISO14001 for Quality and Environment Management Systems. Our pest control technicians and professionals here are sure to be knowledgeable in their craft and are also hygiene experts. With high-tech treatment procedures and equipment, pest problems have no room in your food processing plant. Checkout: Essential Pest Control Services for Food Manufactoring and Hospitals.

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