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Have you visited a friend in a hospital? Do you happen to stay there overnight to watch for her? Do you have itchy bites and scratches on your legs or arms when you get home? Hospitals are critical commercial establishments that require the highest level of sanitation, as this is a place for sick individuals or patients who are suffering from different illnesses. This is a home for sick people where they feel safe and protected. But what will happen if one of the healthcare facilities inside the hospital is infested by bed bugs, cockroaches, or rodents?

How can this be safe now? How can a patient feel secure and protected? How can the patients be well? Pests are all around the corner, how can they even sleep and eat well? In a hospital building, there are many entry points and possible areas where pests would love to stay, which are considered hiding spots.  (Check out: Sydney’s Common pests)


Healthcare facilities include food service preparation areas, cafeteria or canteen, food carts, janitorial closets, employee or nurses/doctors and other staff lockers, their pantry, patients’ rooms, bedside furniture, vending machines, comfort rooms, intensive care units, dialysis rooms, laboratories, autopsy rooms, emergency rooms, laundry areas and loading docks. Bigger hospital buildings have bigger or more facilities, thus with bigger pest problems involved.

Bed bugs, for instance, are usually found under patients’ beds, also they are very easy to transport from the patients’ visitors, or their bags or their blanket came from the laundry area. Bed bugs can hardly be seen in your visitors’ clothes or under your mattress and linens but the very itchy bites left on your skin are quite visible. These might cause the patients or the visitors not to sleep well and some infections if severe. Related: Pest Control For Shopping Centers

Other terrifying pests in the hospitals are cockroaches. They stay and are attracted where food preparation areas, dishes, and used medical supplies are washed and dumped. Cockroaches can cause contamination of food, medical equipment, and supplies; also they can transmit diseases like E. Coli and Salmonella to patients or hospital staff. Spreading bacteria all over the healthcare facilities and throughout the hospital is quite easy and fast for them.  ( Read: Industral Pest Control)

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Cockroaches can start the infestation in a broken plumbing system in the lavatory. While rats and mice may damage many electrical wiring of any healthcare facilities, they can also contaminate the pantry or hospital canteen/kitchen through their droppings and feces; ants can do the same, contamination and spreading diseases by infesting some medical preparation areas or equipment and even open wounds of patients. The impact of pest infestation in hospitals is very frightening, as this place where we expect our patients, and sick people will be cured but will possibly be infected by those creepy pests and some health professionals. (Related: Pest Control Service for Restaurants)

Before that happens, better call up the Commercial Pest Control Solutions throughout Sydney for immediate assistance. Since pest control is crucial in the healthcare facility! SafePestControl exterminators know the best way how to eradicate the pest infestation through understanding how pests enter the healthcare facility, identifying the most problematic pests and how they will possibly develop. In doing so, they can analyse carefully how to prevent pest infestationCheck out: Common Pest Problems in Hotels

SafePestControl technicians are also highly-skilled and well-trained in developing and implementing strategies to control certain pests. They are members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA). Surely, you are in safe and good hands! SafePestControl, with almost 2 decades of pest control experience and expertise; specializes in controlling such scary pests whether on residential or commercial premises. Also, SafePestControl is using eco-friendly pesticides, safe for your patients, healthcare staff and professionals, and the surroundings. Checkout: Essential Pest Control Services for Food Manufactoring and Hospitals.

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