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How to Get Rid of Bird Mites

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Bird mite control

The best comfortable place everyone wants to have in your room where you can feel relax and coziness, especially when you are tired from the whole week’s work. Lying on your bed to get better sleep and take a full rest is somewhat the best thing to do. But how can you do that if there are itchy, scratchy, and red bumps on your skin; something is biting on your skin but you can’t see anything? Watch out for the annoying and irritating creature, the Bird mites!  ( Related: How To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles)

What are Bird Mites?

Bird mites are a very tiny parasite, less than 1 millimeter in size in oval-shaped body and semi-transparent in color but turned red to clack when they digested the blood from its host. They can easily move from one place to another with their 8 legs. They are usually found in warmer regions with humid and moist conditions like Australia, during spring and early summer. From the several species of bird mites, the most common is the Ornithonyssus bursa, known as Tropical Fowl Mite, and lives in bird’s feathers.

You may see bird mites in some birds’ nests like poultry, starling, sparrows, and pigeons, where they lay eggs. When the birds left those nests, there are thousands of mites in them that usually look for a new food source and start to enter your home or business premises. They can reproduce quickly even with a short life span (around 7 days). They undergo 5 stages to be fully developed, namely, egg, larva, protonymph, deutonymph, and adult. During deutonymph and adult stages, they need more food so they suck blood from their host. (Read: How To Get Rid Of Silverfish)


Bird mites are usually found on a bird nest, which are possibly built in your house or building’s roof area, wall cavities, balconies, window ledges, and sometimes inside the basements and chimneys. They may even move into ceilings, climb walls and go inside your room, step up to your children’s bedding to search for food.  (Related: How To Get Rid Of Cloth Moths)

Danger and Damages 

Bird mites are considered as an extremely problematic pest, though they do not transmit serious diseases, their bites inject saliva that can cause severe irritation including itching and swelling creating red bumps on their skin then later become rashes. Also, cause discomfort for some people when they feel the sensation of creeping bird mites on their skin, and when they scratch it, may result in secondary infections.

The problem with their bites, they can hardly diagnose right away, and often be mistaken with other insects’ bites since they look totally the same. Bird mites do not harm any home or building furniture or stored food in your kitchen, only if you have pet birds in your backyard, they might infest them if not acted immediately. To avoid this to happen, better check the signs of their presence below. (Read: Safe Pest Control)

Signs of Bird Mites Presence

Checking the signs of bird mites is actually very difficult due to their very small size (1mm) and low numbers when visible. You might need to be very vigilant in checking your walls, beds, ceilings for some small red dots moving around.

And when you see nests built near your vicinity or your children feel any unusual itchy bites, this would give you an idea that your home is probably entered or infested by bird mites.  (Related: How To Get Rid Of Waps)

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How to prevent Bird Mites?

It is advisable to prevent bird mites from entering your home or business premises, here are some important TIPS which can easily be done, Repair any broken roof tiles which can give bird mites easy access to your roof cavities Block any entry points under your house attics or roof space using wire mesh or netting Wash the infested clothes or bedding at the highest temperature to kill the mites and also their eggs. Practice good hygiene in your home, make sure to always clean and sanitize your carpet, bedding and some upholstered furniture in your bedrooms and bathrooms as these may become possible breeding grounds for bird mites. After doing these prevention tips vividly and you still see some signs of bird mites, you may ask assistance from pest control experts to help you in getting rid of these pests immediately

 How to get rid of Bird Mites? 

 In getting rid of these tiny and horrible household pests, such STEPS can be followed. 

  1. During the Initial inspection of your pest control technicians, proper identification of bird mites is important to know what control measures can you do or implement. 
  2. Searching for the sources of possible entry points and locations of bird’s nests in your home.
  3. Removal of all bird’s nests searched in different identified areas, pest control technicians should use masks and gloves to avoid the transfer of bird mites and other bacterial infections. 
  4. Lastly, eradicate bird mites through pest control treatments using safe products.  

For some areas, there will be difficult to access the bird’s nests, and if that happens, you may really need to contact the trusted and reliable pest control company in Sydney – Safe Pest Control Pty Ltd.

SafePestControl is a trusted pest control company with almost 2 decades of experience and expertise in dealing with pest problems throughout Sydney, offers cost-effective pest control solutions for your bird mites problem. It accepts all kinds of pest problems for residential, industrial, and commercial pest control treatments. It uses eco-friendly products in all treatments.   (Read: How To Get Rid Of Bird Mites)

SafePestControl Technicians are experts in handling pests, from careful inspection and searching of all possible entry points of bird’s nests to accessing these areas to complete removal. You won’t have to worry about the eradication of these pests with them since they will discuss with you the best analytics and comprehensive treatment plan which is tailored fit for your pest problem.  

SafePestControl is also a long-standing member of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA) which assures you of safe and effective pest control to be implemented. Getting rid of bird mites is easy if you contact one of the most reliable pest control companies in Sydney, SafePestControl! Just Call 1300 119 085 now for immediate booking!