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How To get rid of Cloth Moths

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What are Cloth Moths?

There are two distinct types of moth commonly found in Australian households, namely the Webbing cloth moth and the Case-bearing cloth mothThe 6-legged webbing cloth moth is golden brown in color, 8-10 millimeters in length, and with 2 antennae. Its wings have a span of ½ inch, though they can’t fly nicely and only stay in the dark area of the closet. This cloth moth is the most common fabric moth and usually feeds on different animal products such as wool, fur, carpets, clothes, and some furniture with upholstery.    

On the other hand, the case-bearing cloth is 7-10 millimeters and has silvery-brown wings with faint spots, similar in appearance to webbing cloth but more brownish. Same with webbing cloth, it feeds on upholstered furnishings and different garments. ( Related: How To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles)


Both webbing and case-bearing cloth moths prefer darkness inside the clothes cabinet or closet and dirty fabrics like carpets.

They can also be found in kitchen cupboards and pantries as other hiding spots. (Read: How To Get Rid Of Silverfish) 

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Signs of Cloth Moths

  • There are visible signs of cloth moths which you may check inside your home to know if there are cloth moths and/or infestation.
  • If there are holes in your clothes and other fabrics, surely, there is a cloth moth infestation.
  • If you see cloth moth droppings like coarse sand and some shed skin inside your closet
  • If you see cloth moths flickering around your light sources at night or crawling on your room edges.  (Related: How To Get Rid Of Cloth Moths)

Dangers, Threats, and Damages

Aside from damaging clothes at home which is costly, they can also contaminate food through their feces and cocoons. This may cause some allergic reactions and possible illnesses to homeowners when they happen to eat the contaminated food. Moreover, cloth moths have been responsible for losses of industrial revenue exceeding million in a year, from natural fabrics to synthetic fabrics as materials in many productions. Also, cloth moths infest dried vegetable material and adversely affect the industry when they are neglected and not acted upon immediately.  (Related: How To Get Rid Of Waps)

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How to prevent Moths? 

Here are some important TIPS to prevent cloth moths in your home, which you can easily do.


  1. Practice good housekeeping at all times, your clothes and other thing made up of fabric material should not be placed in a dark and neglected pile or stack.
  2. Clean all areas regularly using a vacuum cleaner to remove hair and dust including carpets or rugs under furniture or doorway.
  3. Keep your house dry and well-ventilated, as cloth moths can’t live well in these conditions.
  4. Clean and dry the clothes, soft furnishings, and other fabrics before storing them, and ensure to seal the containers as well. If you found your clothes with droppings, wash them thoroughly and dry them at high temperatures.
  5. Fumigate with dry ice in the affected area is another way to prevent cloth moths
  6. Get professional help from a trusted pest control provider like Safe Pest Control Pty Ltd. to assist you in eliminating your pest problem and also guide you on how to prevent cloth moths from reoccurring. (Read: How To Get Rid Of Bird Mites)

How to get rid of Cloth Moths?

SafePestControl Technicians are experts in handling cloth moth infestation and they know exactly how to get rid of cloth moths quickly in a safe manner.

  • A thorough inspection will be conducted by the technicians in different areas where there are signs of pest presence, checking carefully all cabinets and drawers, and closets to determine the source/s of the infestation and its extent as well. In inspection, they will also look for silken tubes under collars or patches, as these are hidden portions of clothes.
  • Technicians may use cloth moth traps to catch the adults and clean the areas where possible larvae stay through the vacuum cleaner.
  • They will give advice for you to follow, such as washing all clothes, beddings, and carpets properly in the affected area and avoid using mothballs especially if you have children at home as these are not safe.

The safe methods and good advice are SafePestControl’s known for, they ensure that your home and your family’s health and safety as their number one priority. (Read: Safe Pest Control)

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