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    Bird mites are found all around in the world, favouring warmer regions and thriving in humid and moist conditions. Whilst there are several species affecting average households all around Australia, the most common is the domestic Starling mite, Ornithonyssus bursa from the family Macronyssidae. This tiny parasite which measures less than 1mm in length has an oval-shaped body, 8 legs and is extraordinarily mobile. It is semi-transparent in colour until it feeds and the blood causes its body to appear a reddish/black colour. Typically associated with birds’ nests and chicken houses, bird mites become dangerously problematic when their usual food source disappears. When young birds leave their nest, or die, hundreds and even thousands of bird mites are left behind and this is when they’ll head into your home to find a new food source. They have a short life span of seven days and can rapidly reproduce in this time. Whilst they will feed on human blood (when their preferred bird blood has disappeared), they can not survive on this alone. An extremely problematic pest, the bird mite injects saliva which can cause severe rashes, irritation and itching to human skin. And although they don’t transmit any serious diseases, they can still cause infections. Its bite is an aggressive one, taking longer to heal than an average mosquito bite.


    Measuring less than 1mm long and active mostly at night, the very best evidence of a bird mite problem is unfortunately the bites themselves. People who have been bitten will experience extreme itching and small, red bumps on their skin. If more than one bite has occurred, it will resemble a rash.


    Bird mites are mostly active during the spring and summer months and it is important to determine the exact species in order to get the problem under control. This is where we can help. “If an infestation of bird mites has been identified in your home, the next step is to implement effective and long-term solutions to avoid a re-infestation,” said Safe Pest Control’s Director, Milad Bahrami. “Locating and removing bird nests is the first step because until this is done, the bird mites will continue to pose a problem. Our job is to keep your home and your family safe and we use a combination of eco-friendly treatments and preventative measures to manage the problem.” Bird nests are commonly located around eaves and in chimneys, in your roof space and wall cavities and can also be found in basements, on window ledges and on balconies. So if the mere thought of bird mites is enough to make your skin crawl, contact Safe Pest Control today for the best advice and treatment strategies for your home.


    An infestation of the aggressive bird mite is the last thing anyone wants in their home and the fact that they can increase their numbers very quickly makes them even more of a threat. The good news is that there are ways you can help prevent an infestation from occurring.

    Here are some of our ‘top tips’ for preventing bird mites, which you can easily carry out in your home…


    When young birds leave their nest, or die, hundreds and even thousands of bird mites are left behind and this is when they’ll head into your home to find a new food source.

    A concrete sign of bird mites in your home is the bites themselves and the intense itching and skin irritation which can occur. Bites from a bird mite will take a lot longer to heal than your average mosquito bite.

    Good housekeeping goes a long way in the prevention of all pests, however, where bird mites are concerned, your best option is to call in the professionals. They will know precisely where to look and what to look out for.

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