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Summer can be one of the hottest among the temperate seasons and we know how easy it is for us to get excited about it.

But did you know that it’s also the season where most of the common pests tend to crawl out of their lair, attempt to invade your home and spoil the summer vibe?

The majority of the list are cold-blooded pests that are more active during the warmer months and most likely to visit your home or commercial property; so make sure you keep your eyes open.

1. Ants

Among the seasonal bugs, ants get the top spot of pests that most likely to sneak into your house. They often build their nest outside, particularly in the soil near any structural building and even on cracks or crevices inside your house. To prevent an ant infestation, keep your home clean, secure any opened food items and try our simple prevention tips that can efficiently eliminate ants.

2. Roaches

Often regarded as unpleasant creatures, the roaches can be more than just a nuisance because they are also capable of spreading diseases. They are attracted to the warm and humid weather so make sure that your home has enough central air. They camp out and thrive mostly in any moisture-prone areas.  The best way to deal with these sneaky little critters is to keep your house as clean as possible.

3. Mosquitoes

They get bloody thirsty and thrive even more during summer. Due to the dry heat brought about by the summer season, the life cycle of mosquitoes is at its’ peak – therefore more are laying eggs and more eggs are hatching. Regardless of the species of mosquitoes, they love warm temperature which makes them hungrier than ever, particularly becoming extra active at dusk and dawn. To keep these blood eaters away, light mosquito repellent in and around your house. Secure any opening by setting up some screens on your windows and doors.

Check for any potential mosquito breeding ground near you as they can lay eggs even at a half-inch of water. Also, to save yourself from any threats of a mosquito bite put mosquito repellent lotion on your skin and if it’s not too hot it is advisable to wear long pants or clothing with sleeves.

4. Fleas and Ticks

During the dry season, these guys are sure to come even more alive. The summer heat and the increase of humidity provide an ideal environment for fleas and ticks to thrive their population rate. Fleas tend to be more active at sunset and preferably feed on your pet’s blood (though we can still encounter flea bites occasionally). Meanwhile, ticks are blood-eater parasites that cling to its host and are particularly waiting for you once you spend time outdoors. It is important to check yourself right away as you could have picked up a tick after taking a jog or a stroll. They are also carriers of Lyme disease so make sure to tuck the edge of your pants into your socks to reduce the risk of contact. If you wish to keep them away, you can also try out some non-toxic and organic ways to avoid these pests.

5. Spiders

The most prevalent seasons for spiders are early autumn and summer. The transition between these two seasons coincides with the breeding period for most of the species of spiders. They are visibly seen scurrying just to enter your home due to their attraction towards the moisture-prone environment.  Since most female spiders tend to seek indoor shelter, your home becomes even more vulnerable as male spiders looking for a mate. To protect your home during the spider season, it is best to keep everything tidy and clean. Seal any potential opening and check for any sheltering sites to eliminate the risk; by doing so, you can have a spider-free home!

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