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Pest Control Is Not Just Simple Spraying Using Insecticide

Many people think that controlling pests is easy to do and can do by anyone without proper knowledge, products, and equipment.

Let me give you details on how a reliable pest control company in Sydney like Safe Pest Control Pty Ltd.

Does the real process of effective and at the same time, safe to humans and environment pest control.

To have effective pest control, SafePestControl’s philosophy is to:

INSPECT carefully

Conducts PLANNING,

Gives the best SERVICES with high-quality RESULTS to meet clients’ expectations.

On-site Inspection SafePestControl Technicians conduct the initial inspection in the whole area of reported premises with a pest infestation, they will search for all places or cabinet/furniture with possible sources of pests and their entry points.

They will also survey nearby establishments or buildings to ensure the blocking of entry points of your neighbors’ pests.

SafePestControl is known for its in-depth and systematic inspection.

Inspection is a critical part of the pest control process since this is where pest infestation is located and its access, if there are areas not inspected thoroughly and pests are hiding, surely pest infestation will likely to occur again.

On-site Pre-analysis After the inspection, SafePestControl Technicians will then analyse on-site all the information gathered such as the areas with visible signs of pests, the possible hiding spots, and the properties which exhibited some damages.

These will be the basis of the extent or level of infestation in the specific area.

Business to Client Consultation (B2C)

In SafePestControl, they want the homeowner or the business owner to be involved in the whole pest control process and so the actual situation will be discussed by SafePestControl Technicians with their clients, together with their analysis of the pest problem they have.

Pest Trend Analysis

To be able to come up with accurate and proper treatment programs, analysing pest trends is one of the important steps of the pest control process.

SafePestControl Technicians or Exterminators are also the ones who will discuss the analysis with clients, on what extent the infestation is, how pest become present in those areas even the place is always clean and sanitize, in what period or season pest occurred and what are the species infested the area in the first place.

Conceptualize Tailored-fit Plans and Programs 

A thorough inspection and careful analysis are done, the next step is to conceptualize customized or tailored-fit plans and programs appropriate and only necessary to resolve the pest problem.

SafePestControl believes that the pest problem of each client is unique and so treatment programs should be tailored to what is needed.

Different pests also have different ways of the treatment procedure, for instance in treating cockroach, spraying to lower outer walls, garden and interiors then followed by a dusting of roof void and subfloor and after 2 weeks, a follow-up spray with gel is recommended. While spraying and dusting are treatments done in controlling silverfish.    

Treatment Application  

The most important part of the pest control process is the application of the treatment.

SafePestControl uses high-tech tools and equipment such as thermal imaging scan and sprayer, accurate amount of pesticides, and proper ways of application such as spraying, dusting, baiting to name a few.

SafePestControl is also known for its first-class eco-friendly products and organic chemicals used in all pest control treatments, all are assured safe to their clients, pets, and the environment.

Checking Results and Give Advice 

After the treatment procedure has been done, SafePestControl Exterminators will check if the pest infestation was completely eradicated, the possible entry points have been blocked and control measures were placed properly.

Then, they will give simple and yet helpful guides to follow by the clients to prevent pests presence.

SafePestControl also gives a 6-month warranty to all pest control treatments they implement, and clients can easily call them up for some queries or more advice if needed.

So if you want to experience the “real process” of pest control, just Call 1300 119 085 now,

SafePestControl Commercial is here in Sydney and they will come near you to help you out with any pest problem you may have in your commercial space.