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Pesticides and other chemicals used to control and eradicate different kinds of pests can be harmful to humans, some animals, and plants (crops & flowers) including the environment if not used properly.

An inadequate amount may not totally kill the pests while excessive use may adversely affect the surroundings including human beings and other living things.

What are the possible effects of improper use of pest control treatments and chemicals?

Human beings 

Exposure to pesticides resulted in many acute and chronic diseases.

Acute illnesses such as headache, skin rashes, dizziness, panic attacks, nausea, cramps, diarrhea, impaired vision, and death.

The impact on people depends on the level of toxicity and the amount of chemicals used and exposure to it.

While long-term adverse health effects to people are birth defects, reproductive health, neurological toxicity, developmental toxicity, and cancer. Children are easier to be affected than adults since they inhale faster due to a higher respiratory rate.       


When pesticides are sprayed or applied to your home or backyard or neighbor’s house, there are some chemicals such as organophosphate and carbamates included which are easily transmitted within the body of your pets.

Some health effects include nervous system trouble, cancer, digestive problem, and failure in the respiratory system.

The impact of synthetic pesticides on animals has been known to many people. 

Vegetables, flowers (Plants in the backyard) and the Environment

Many insecticides with a high concentration of Malathion or endosulfan damage vegetation, reduce seed quality and reduce yields of some crops, and affected flower growth.

When pesticides are applied, the soil may be contaminated and some microorganisms which considered beneficial are also devastated.

Also, pesticides with high toxicity levels and chemical concentration may pollute the soil, water, other wildlife including air. 

With this predicament on using pesticides in killing pests, how can we have a pest-free home, workplace, and environment?

How can we be sure if our family, our pets, our plants in the backyard, and the environment safe after pest control treatments?

Fortunately, in Sydney, there is one pest control company whom you can only trust for managing pests properly and safe to your family, pets, plants, and environment, Safe Pest Control Pty Ltd is here to serve you! 

Safe Pest Control, with nineteen years (19) of pest control expertise and experience, with highly-skilled technicians and exterminators who are very much willing to help you in all your pest problems at home and workplace, will provide cost-effective pest control solutions.

They use a combination of first-class eco-friendly treatments and preventative measures to manage and control the pest problem.

All products (pesticides) used are completely safe, mostly organic, you are assured that your family especially your children, pets, and other plants in your backyard are all safe and protected.     

Safe Pest Control offers residential and commercial pest control service throughout Sydney, pest control experts here fully understand pests and understand Sydney as well.

They can easily locate you wherever you are in Sydney and immediately get to you to assess your pest infestation you are into.

They develop effective strategies and solutions which can eradicate and eliminate your pest problems at once.     

Safe Pest Control also offers thorough guidance in protecting your home and workplace from possible dangers brought by pests.

Even in nearby properties are infested, SafePestControl technicians know the best control measures to prevent pests come to you home.  

With Safe Pest Control, all your pest problems will be answered and resolved safely!

If you want peace of mind and quality pest control service, call now at 1300 119 085 for free consultation and booking!

Let’s make your home and business premises safe and pest- free!