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Rat Pest Control Sydney

Rats are among the most feared pests all around the world. They’ve compelled property damage, wasted business reputation, spread diseases, and destroyed stored products for hundreds of years. Such pest problem is adaptive and they know exactly how to locate reliable sources of food. For them, residential & commercial properties are the ideal shelters.

Rats have spots to hide, can run from predators, safely breed, and then get entry to a regular supply of sustenance. At Safe Pest Control, we deliver expert residential and commercial pest control services for rat removal and will ensure your property is completely pest-free.

Let’s check out our effective pest control services and process to help you get rid of rats from your property.

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Rodents pose a danger to buildings, including termite infestation by mice. That is why Safe Pest Control’s professional service offers doubled visit termite inspection services and termite control pest services.

The primary visit is taken before we’ve identified the sort of rodent your property has and the place in which it’s living by termite inspections conducted by an expert pest control operator.

Then we undertake a program for rodent baiting, later, we execute the next visit around 7-10 days later. As soon as we return, we terminate any remains and also rebait to stop further pest problems from taking hold. (Read: Rodent Activity in Sydney)

How can I keep rats away from my home?

Rats can be a real nuisance, spread disease, and various pathogens as well as cause damage to your home. That’s why it’s important to take steps to get rid of them in the first place!

Here are some tips that will help:

– Talk with one of our pest control Sydney professionals before taking any action on your own; they can give you great advice on the best options to control rodents and eradicate your rat problem fast.

– Check for holes or cracks in walls or ceilings where rats could be entering the house; – Check for poop around baseboards, behind toilets, and near kitchens; these signs indicate rats are somewhere inside the home (but not necessarily close).

Rats love to hide, so it’s important to clean up the clutter in and around your home. Keep trash and food in closed bins, clean up spills quickly and keep your pipes and drains clean. ( Related: Safe Pest Control)

How to get rats out of your Commercial Property

There are many safe pest control Sydney methods for rat control. The most effective and safe way to get rid of rats is to hire a rat pest control professional, as they will have the tools and knowledge necessary to examine rodent activity and exterminate them quickly and effectively. However, there are some things you can do yourself to discourage rats and mice from entering your commercial property.

One popular method for getting rid of a house mouse or Norway rats are using traps. There are several types of rat traps available on the market, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and use cheese or peanut butter as bait. You can also use poison to kill rats and mice, but this should only be done as a last resort, as it can be dangerous if not used properly. (Read: Reasons Why You Should Get Rid of Rats Quickly)

Rodent Control

Rat Pest Control Service In Sydney

Rats transmit a host of risky, potentially deadly viruses, so in case you have any rodent problem, it’s essential to contact a professional pest control operator to put rat and mice pest problems in place and virtually guarantee their complete removal from your property.

Rats or rodents can also generate extensive deterioration to properties via their continuous gnawing and also then make nests hidden in-depth within the cavities of invaded buildings. But as they’re rarely seen by owners or occupiers of a property, a termite infestation is sometimes hard to confirm.

But we at Safe Pest Control have experts and advanced equipment to find out any sign of rodents and rats on your property. Let’s now know in detail about those signs below… (Related: 10 Steps To Rats Proof Your Home)


What are the signs of a rat infestation?

Rats can be difficult to detect, but there are some tell tale signs that you may have an infestation. One sign is the presence of rats behind walls. If you see evidence of gnawing on wood or wires, piles of droppings, or a live rat, then you likely have a problem. You may also hear noises coming from the walls- like running, squeaking, or scurrying sounds.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to contact rat pest control near you right away. Safe Pest Control Sydney can help get rid of rats and protect your home or business from future infestations. (Related: Rodent Control Services)

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Our professional team reaches out to your place for pest control inspection after you call you. And professional advice for a pest control service to you if your place shows the following signs of rodents and rats…


Rats are certainly skillful climbers. They easily can gain access to upper floors and lofty spaces of a building, so scratching may suggest that your place is invaded by rats and rodents.

Rat Droppings

Rats produce around 40 droppings each night. Our effective pest control service operators know how to find them out and follow the droppings, they also track the rat’s source to your house.


Rats tend to leave footprints and tail marks in less-used, dusty areas of a building. To establish whether an infestation is active or not, our pest control operator sprinkles talc or fine flour along a little stretch of floor around the footprints and inspects for fresh marks the next day.


Rats can dig extensive burrows for shelter, nesting, and food storage. They create burrows next to concrete structures or objects(garden sheds, decking, garages, etc.) as well as are found in private, well-vegetated places such as wasteland and gardens.

These signs may show rodent activities, and our pest control professional will suggest you proper solution for this. And then we will arrange a proper treatment to get the rodent and rat out of your place. Let’s see the pest management system of our team…(Related: Commercial Mice Control in Sydney)

Pest Treatment And Management


There’re various ways to do this, and we normally develop customized resolutions depending on the customer’s property, the seriousness of an infestation, the kind of rats, and so many more. Here is a glance at how our professionals handle the method:

  • At first, we carry out a detailed inspection

  • Then give a price estimation

  • We then decide whether to set up traps or baits. In some cases, we utilize tracking powders and trace the rats back to their nest.

  • Such traps either exterminate or capture the rat at your place.

  • Then we’ll remove the rats once they’re trapped or have carried the bait.


The team of Safe Pest Control are exhaustively licensed and approvingly authorized within pest control. We deliver safe resolutions through the usage of low-toxic chemicals. Furthermore, we deliver long-term effects. It’s not worth servicing the infestation if it returns later.

We, at Safe Pest Control, make sure to remove all the rodents from your property and also make sure they do not come back after a few days. For more details, you can contact us today!

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