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Natural and Non-toxic Ways to Get Rid of Houseflies

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How to Get Rid of Houseflies Naturally

How confident are you when opening your windows? With summer fast approaching, we know how lovely it is to enjoy some fresh cool breeze. But did you know that once you’ve opened your windows, you’re also opening your house to unwanted guests? Yes, summer is also the time wherein you’ll experience the extent of how irritating these “nuisance” flies can be. With their endless buzzing around the windows, they are quite determined in figuring out how to get into the house.

They are tremendously annoying and seem to be landing on almost everything- on our couch, kitchen tops, inside our bedroom, our nicely prepared food, and even on us! Here are a few tips of Sydney natural pest control companies need to know. You might be surprised by how certain things that are already available at your home can be natural repellent against housefly infestation. Plus they are home-friendly! (Related: Non-toxic pest control)

Herbs, Flowers, and Fruits

Did you know that flies are sensitive to less predictable smells? They tend to be quite fussy about certain smells and among the scents, they don’t like are the following strong-smelling plants.

1. Basil

Aside from being a culinary herb, placing potted basil plants by the window or near the entryway can help you get rid of houseflies and mosquitoes too. Its’ strong scent and oil component produce repellent properties against housefly pests.  (Read: Organic Pest Control)

 Tansy, Bay Leaves, Rosemary, Mint, and Marigold flowers

These are other herbs that work best in producing subtle scents which the houseflies take a dislike to. Interestingly, they can be repugnant to other pests too, such as mice and ants.

Orange Peels

Commercial repellents usually contain citrus extracts and using orange peels instead is an affordable alternative way of deterring insects. Just leave orange peels on windowsills or beside doors and make sure to replace them once they dried out. (Related: Why Safe Pest Control)

Essential Oils

Lavender Oil

In contrast with our love for it, the flies hate the scent of lavender. Burning lavender oil or having lavender in any form – whether it’s a bouquet of lavender flowers or growing your own lavender plant, can keep the flies away while having a nice smelling home.

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Its’ strong scent and anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties make it a great way to deter houseflies. You just need to place it under open windows and the aroma can float around sending a repellent warning to the flies. (Read: Common pests in sydney nsw)

DIY Traps

One of the ultimate challenges between a man and a fly is how to successfully swat it. With their compound eyes, which allow them to detect the changing of light patterns, they seem to out-think us and easily evade any sudden movements. Here are a few natural trap baits you can try:

Vinegar and dish soap

Mix an inch of vinegar and add some drops of fruit-scented dish soap in a dish or a tall glass. Cover it with plastic wrap and then poke the top with small holes. This will attract the flies to fly through the holes and the dish soap makes it hard for them to land on the liquid trap which causes them to sink instead.

Plastic Water Bag

Taking advantage of the housefly’s ability to detect light patterns, making a plastic water bag and hanging it can create light reflections all over the place. So the result would be creating confusion for the houseflies and causing them to fly away. (Related: Child Friendly Pest Control)

Houseflies land on almost anything; though particularly fly and crawl on feces. So it is very important to never allow them inside your home and fly around for potential spreading of diseases and infections (such as Typhoid, Salmonella, and E.Coli).

What you need is a reliable and premium Eco Pest Control Service with effective protection treatment to keep the flies where they belong outside of your home. Keeping your house clean is indeed a great way to prevent housefly infestation. But if you wish to strengthen up your defense against them and other kinds of pests, SafePest Control is here for you! (Read: Things to prevent pests)

Talk to one of our Pest Specialists today and we can help you have a fly-free home! Call us at 1300 119 085 and enjoy free estimates!

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