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Our Mission:

Ensure a clean and healthy environment, while respecting your health and the balance of the environment.

Our Vission:

Make your home a pleasant place, devoid of any harmful species.

Services Safe Pest Control Penrith Provides:

If you have noticed insect bites, blood stains on your sheets or pillow, and you feel itchy, this may be a sign of bed bugs. It is strongly advised not to try to get rid of bedbugs yourself because commercial products can interfere with the work of professional exterminators.

Then contact Safe Pest Control Penrith will be able to make a diagnosis after a precise questioning and a meticulous observation of the part concerned. An expert will intervene quickly in the Sydney region.

It is important to act quickly, from the start of the infestation, for successful disinsectization without risk of recurrence. Safe Pest Control Penrith offers solutions adapted to each type of environment and according to the degree of infestation of the premises.

The services The Safe Pest Control Penrith provides are…


The Safe Pest Control rat control company offers effective solutions to get rid of rats and mice that harm your environment and your health. By using appropriate methods, this rodent control specialist helps prevent infestation by these dangerous pests and vectors of communicable diseases.

Destruction of rats, mice, field mice. A rodent infestation is noticed by various signs that vary in intensity depending on the degree of infestation and the species present. Footprints on the ground often with traces of fat are characteristic of rats.

Chewed or shredded materials, a fairly strong smell of urine, usually signals mice. The presence of excrement makes it possible to identify the species present.

Outdoors, galleries or sinkholes in the vegetation and the formation of burrows are symptomatic of the passage of rodents.

We adapt our treatments according to the rodents (rats, mice, field mice, dormice, voles, etc.) present on the site, the destination of the places to be treated.


Is your house or premises infested with cockroaches, wasps, cockroaches, bedbugs, or hornets? Our pest controller will offer you effective solutions against the proliferation of harmful insects, using insecticide products adapted to each type of pest.

Their small size allows these pests to penetrate inside all types of installations and the most diverse machines. As a professional, depending on the insects encountered, the place where they are located, and the specifications of the customers, various methods are used to combat them with the greatest efficiency.

Your hygienist technician intervenes in the fight against cockroaches and other cockroaches in professionals, individuals, and communities based.

Extremely invasive, cockroaches, cockroaches, fleas, ants, bedbugs, flies, silverfish, caterpillars, or mites can be vectors of disease or represent a risk of serious health problems.

Indeed, this specialist offers effective solutions against the proliferation of harmful insects by using insecticide products adapted to the type of pest, level of infestation, number of rooms to be treated as well as the nature of the room in which the treatment takes place.

Eradication of crawling insects, such as cockroaches, cockroaches, bedbugs, silverfish, or beetles.

This pest control technician can also eradicate all traces of flying insects such as wasps, hornets, mosquitoes, flies, and clothes moths.

Bedbug Disinsection:

Causing redness, pimples, or even sleep disturbances, bedbugs can quickly become a real ordeal. In order to avoid the infestation of bed bugs, Safe Pest Control services, is a pest control company that is at your service to offer you a treatment program to fight against bed bugs.

The disinsection company Safe Pest Control Penrith is at your disposal for the extermination of bed bugs in Penrith. The anti-pest solutions offered to ensure optimal results with the total eradication of bed bugs in a single treatment.


Safe Pest Control is a company specializing in disinfection. We work for professionals, individuals,, and public authorities. We put in place a discreet and effective leading protocol in the fields of disinfection and sanitation.

Every day, The Safe Pest Control team works in partnership with its customers to fight against viruses, with a constant concern for listening and dialogue. Our professions require specific and cutting-edge skills.

A corporate culture imbued with experience, skills as well as a dynamic and responsive team providing the necessary answers to problems related to collective hygiene, is essential for the success of our disinfection operations.

Disinfection is an operation allowing the elimination of micro-organisms, germs, bacteria, and undesirable pathogenic viruses, from contaminated environments, so as to prevent any risk of bacterial, microbial infection and superinfection, and any other pathogenic germs. It is therefore an action aimed at preventing the proliferation of bacteria, with the objective of non-contamination by infectious agents.


Professional Team:

Our team is specialized in the fight against all pests. Whether your problem is bedbugs, cockroaches, cockroaches, wasps, hornets, fleas, rats, mice. Contact us now to get rid of them! Our rat and insect repellents can take preventive or curative action in your house, apartment, garden, restaurant, hotel, office, business, public establishment, food industry, etc.


Samsic, particularly committed to its Social Responsibility, is part of a quality and performance approach by constantly developing innovative techniques, with the greatest respect for people, the environment, and your budget.

Environmentally Friendly:

Our hygienists receive 3D hygiene training focused on reasoned and environmentally friendly control. Our working methods are centered on prevention to avoid the massive introduction of chemicals,

Our products have a low environmental impact. We favor the referencing of local suppliers. We are continuously developing new preventive services for new markets.

Quality Product Used:

Safe Pest Control services takes into account your situation, your requirements, and your safety. We only use quality products. Also, we work a lot with ecological solutions, combined with the advice of our experts, in order to offer you cheaper solutions to eliminate pests.

Our Ethics:

We have the ambition to combine pest control services and ethics. To do this, we conduct our business in a fair and responsible manner by offering pest control services upstream of sensitive areas rather than in the treatment of infestations.

We campaign for animal non-suffering and have long rejected the use of glue traps, mechanical swatters, and drowning traps as much as possible. For us, ethics, integrity, and transparency are the foundation of the relationship with our customers, partners, suppliers, and employees. pest infestation, pest control needs, pest control expert, pest treatment, pest professionals, unwanted pests

Our Passion on Work:

We are passionate about pest biology, behavior, and the environment. It is from this passion that the desire to design innovative and ethical Pest Control services was born. Passion combined with audacity drives our teams and creates an innovative dynamic to support our growth and always better support you.

We respond to the growing demand for more quality, more proximity, and more traceability for products: we are thus reducing the environmental footprint of our activities, we are developing our ecological commitment.

Quality Work:

We ensure the quality of the work, whether for a one-off or periodic intervention. Concerned about your safety and in accordance with regulations, we are committed to the rational use of biocides. To satisfy you, each intervention is carried out discreetly and is completed as soon as possible.


Our mission is to control and fight against pests by implementing innovative and responsible solutions for rat extermination, disinsection, and disinfection. We support all companies whose pest control issues condition the smooth running of their business.

Thus, we guarantee the hygiene and safety of your buildings, production plants, restaurants, collective kitchens, hotel rooms, or even healthcare or health establishments, condominiums so that you can maintain your activity, limit your financial losses, preserve the integrity of your products, and your brand image. pest infestations, termite inspections, pest control sydney, other pest control services, termite treatments, pest control industry, termite inspection


Q. Why is it worth contacting the Safe Pest Control?

A. Our company has extensive experience in insect control, uses high-tech equipment, chemicals that are safe for humans, animals, and plants. The quality is confirmed by international and Russian certificates. All work is guaranteed because we are confident in the result.

The range of services of our company includes disinfestation not only of premises but also of adjacent territories (garden, garden, plot, forest).

Here we effectively exterminate pests that eat wood, agricultural plantings, as well as wild bees, wasps, horseflies. We always promptly respond to the request and exterminate pests quickly and for a long time.

Q. Why is deratization necessary?

A. Rodents are active carriers of dangerous epidemiological infections, viruses, diseases such as infectious hepatitis, typhoid, intestinal infections, tularemia, and others. They pollute warehouses with their feces, spoil products, raw materials, products.

Q. Is disinfestation and deratization dangerous for people, pets?

A. Subject to all sanitary norms, rules, and thanks to the use of modern equipment and substances, these activities are safe for people living indoors, animals growing on the plant site.

Q. What should be done after treatment?

A. After the events, it is recommended to ventilate the room, as well as wash the dishes, the table surface, and personal belongings. In the first 2-3 days, it is better to limit yourself to dry cleaning in order to ensure a prolonged effect.

Q. How long does it take to process?

A. The time of pest control depends on the area of the room, for example, 25-30 minutes is enough for a one-room apartment, the presence of a second room increases the time to 40 minutes, and it takes about 45-50 minutes to process a three-room apartment. It will also take time to ventilate the room, at least half an hour.

Q. Do disinfection products leave odors and stains on furniture?

A. This statement takes place if you use drugs of the last century. Now modern microencapsulated substances are used, which do not leave any traces and smell.

Spraying with specialized equipment helps to avoid stains. To find out the details you are interested in, dial our phone number and our specialists will answer all your questions.