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Rats are very cunning, smart and at the same time dangerous animals. They live in garbage dumps, in the basements of buildings, in sewer systems, in attics, and even in industrial facilities. They stay as close as possible to people because the irresponsible attitude of a person to the maintenance of premises and buildings is a survival factor for them. Rats are carriers of such dangerous diseases as plague, tetanus, rabies, typhoid, and hepatitis. This is why commercial rat control services take place. So, in this article let’s know about Norway rat pest control Sydney.

Why Are Rats Dangerous?

It should be noted that the destruction of rats is complicated by the fact that these small-sized animals huddle in huge flocks that are difficult to overcome. They behave extremely aggressively destroying all food stocks, as well as birds and even small animals. In some cases, the actions of rats provoke a short circuit of wires, and failure of household appliances and production equipment, since isolation, for unknown reasons, is very attractive to them. Often rats gnaw cables, which leads to equipment malfunction, and even fires. The roof rat is not a picky eater, but most of all they like grains and vegetables and can destroy large stocks, which is especially dangerous in industrial warehouses.

Rodent nest in a private home is a real headache for owners. This is associated with many nuances, which include the rapid reproduction of animals, and can contaminate food and property. See below rats are dangerous…

Norway Rat

Spread Disease:

Rodents often live in basements, attics, and garbage cans, and when faced with them, it is worth remembering that they are carriers of various diseases. Relations with them deteriorated sharply after the spread of the plague because they are also its peddlers.

These rodent droppings carry more than 20 viruses and bacteria that cause serious diseases and epidemics. There were cases of rat droppings causing illness to people.

Roof Rat

Rat Bites:

Rats can attack people and non-target animals, there are cases when they gnawed a person while in bed. The bite itself is not very painful but can be fatal, because rodents carry various infectious diseases and it can cause rat-bite fever. Rats spread diseases such as tuberculosis, typhus, and rat fever.

Therefore, a rat bite can be deadly if left untreated. If you ever encounter a rat bite, you must have it checked out by medical professionals.

Rarely do rodents tend to attack people, but it is still worth remembering that they are nocturnal and attack at night. Victims are more often young children and pensioners, and rats’ favorite places to bite are the feet and hands. Most often attacked by house mouse that is sick with rabies, they have increased aggression. Another reason for the attack can be fear and very strong hunger.

Harm Domestic Animals:

These rodents also often kill and harm domestic animals, which can also be attacked by rodents. You can also become infected without a bite, and upon contact with a rat or its urine, small children and pets often die from this. Still often, people become infected through food that a rat has tried before because they eat almost everything.

Trouble Maker For People:

Rats are capable of delivering a lot of trouble and trouble to people. Getting rid of them is problematic, as these rodents are smart and organized. Animals can communicate with each other and warn the group of dangers in advance so that the population can leave the unfavorable place. 

Destroy Food Stocks:

Many people find out about the presence of rats in their homes through spoiled things and gnawed food. If traces of the presence of rats are found, it is necessary to immediately take measures for their destruction.

Destroy Property:

In this species of rodents, teeth grow all their lives, because of this, they are forced to grind them down. They are able to gnaw not only on paper, wood, and plastic, but even concrete and cement are also too tough for them.

Multiplies Within Time:

Rodents are characterized by amazing fertility. Several individuals are able to create a huge colony in the shortest possible time. The mating season lasts a whole year. During this period, the female gives up to 8 broods. But pests get sick very rarely, although they are carriers of diseases that carry a mortal danger to humans. Pathogenic microflora is natural for them, and immunity can only be envied.

Range Of Pest Control Services

Rodent Control Methods:

Rat control is a set of measures and procedures aimed at combating the spread of rodents. The need for such work arose because of the epidemiological danger that the rats represent. Rat control is carried out in the form of preventive measures and extermination by various methods.

At the same time, the destruction of rats should be carried out not only in a residential or industrial building but also in the territory adjacent to it. Particularly seriousness should be taken to such operations in old houses. Indeed, in such buildings, there are many holes, and crevices through which rodents go to hard-to-reach places, from where it is almost impossible to lure them out.

The choice of method for Rodent control of premises and territories depends on the characteristics of the area, sanitary and technical requirements, and the biological characteristics of pest species. To get rid of rodents, you need to use popular and effective methods.  There are 4 main types of extermination Rat control: chemical, gas, mechanical and biological. See these below…

Rodent Control – Mechanical Method:

The mechanical method of Rat control is the simplest and most common. It includes procedures aimed at capturing rats using mechanical structures such as mice and traps. The advantage of the method is that it does not endanger the health of people and does not harm the environment. The technique is effectively used in small rooms. For high-quality rat-catching, it is necessary to locate the rodent population and places for setting traps.

Rodent Control – Gasing Method:

The gas method of extermination rat treatment is rarely used. The reason for this is the use of organophosphorus components, which have a strong toxic effect on the human body. This method is common on ships or underground tunnels since other methods are not applicable there.

Rodent Control - Chemical Methods:

Chemical methods of extermination Rodent control involve the use of special reagent substances on the premises. They treat surfaces in which rats might be gnawing and are also applied to rodent bait stations. Rodenticides are most often used to kill rats. Their advantages are in availability and efficiency, which allows you to get rid of the threat over a large area.

The choice of a chemical agent for Rat control depends on the biological characteristics of the rodent, as well as their population. Each type of chemical has a specific smell that attracts different groups of rodents.

With the wrong selection, rats will not feel the aroma of the product and will not try it.

Rodent Control – Biological Method:

Biological methods of exterminating rat control include controlling rodents over natural processes in the food chain. To do this, people attract animals that prey on rodents in natural conditions. Cats are kept in living quarters. In large areas and in rural areas, they create pleasant conditions for the spread of predators that will hunt rodents and not interfere with their main activities.

Also, the biological method of brown rat-proofing includes the use of special bacteria and microorganisms that are detrimental to rodents but do not have a negative effect on human health. They need to be added to rodent bait stations since the bacteria themselves do not have the ability to attract rodents. After entering the body, they are quickly assimilated and begin the pathogenic rodent activity.

Commercial Rat Pest Control

Commercial and residential rodent control treatment must be well planned to ensure the complete eradication of rats or mice. A full inspection of property whether a business or a home is essential before applying baits, traps, or other control measures.


In a residential property, you should inspect areas where your client has seen rat activity. Check for rodent dropping in the roof, subfloor, interior, and exterior. Keep in mind placing baits or traps around inside must be done in a safe manner.


Commercial rodent control can be tricky if you’re relying on other people to maintain a clean space while rodent baiting treatment is being carried out. It is essential to eliminate alternative food rats or mice could feed. Our team will provide a full rodent treatment solution plan to control rats as well as a management plan for ongoing control.

Commercial Rodent management and removal must be carried out by a licensed pest management expert. Treatment solutions such as traps and baits must be carried out in accordance with product label instructions. Rodent bait MSDS must be kept onsite, as well as all rat control treatment services carried out.


Rodent inspection of tarps and baits needs to be carried out frequently to maintain an effective ongoing rodent management control.

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How to get rid of rats?

There are many ways to kill rats. But it is very important not only to exterminate rodents but also to consistently eliminate the conditions conducive to their spread. So, see below how to prevent rodent infestation.

Rodent Control – Sealing Gaps or Hideout Places:

First of all, these are measures of a sanitary and technical nature, such as sealing the places of technical input of communications, sealing garbage chambers, timely repair of the blind areas of buildings, and sealing all kinds of holes that make it easier for rodents to enter buildings. Engineering and technical measures, the purpose of which is to protect against the spread of rodents in the room.

In places of technical inputs into the premises of sewer, water, ventilation ducts, electrical wires, cables, etc., the gaps are sealed with cement or alabaster. In those places where rodents can penetrate, metal meshes are installed (the diameter of the cells should be no more than 12 × 12 mm); doors must be tightly fitted. The use of only those structures ensures constant tight closing of doors. Installation of metal partitions in water drains and ventilation ducts

Expert Rodent Removal Ideas..

Seal Garbage Containers:

It is necessary to deprive rodents of access to food – this applies primarily to garbage chambers and container sites for collecting solid waste. Waste should only be stored in tightly-sealed metal bins or containers.

Deprive Opportunity To Breed:

Preventive measures against mouse-like rodents are leading and consist in creating conditions that deprive them of their livelihood (obstacles on the way to food, water, and shelter), which deter rats of the opportunity to breed.

Remove Garbage Timely:

Preventive measures include sanitary, sanitary-technical, and agrotechnical measures. Sanitary is aimed at preventing rodents from accessing water, food, and shelters. In this regard, all livestock buildings and farm areas must be kept clean, the remains of food, manure, and garbage must be removed in a timely manner, and their clutter must be prevented, as well as basements and attics.

Keep Foods Well Stored:

Concentrated feed is stored in places inaccessible to rodents; in those farms where food waste is used as feed, they are stored in containers with tight-fitting lids. Racks for storing grain, flour, and other products in containers are installed in warehouses at a height of at least 70 cm from the floor, the distance from the wall is 0.5 m.

Stocks of hay, straw and other feed should be placed at a distance of at least 10 m from the premises. Stacks of roughage should be surrounded by protective grooves. During the construction of livestock facilities, materials should also be used that would prevent the penetration of rodents into the premises.

Regular Inspection:

Take Agrotechnical Measures:

Agrotechnical measures provide for the creation of unfavorable conditions for the existence of rodents outside livestock buildings. For this purpose, spring processing of fallows, fallows, and fields for spring crops is carried out.

Plowing must be carried out to the specified depth. It is also necessary to remove unnecessary straw, chaff, and other waste from the fields in a timely manner, and, if unnecessary, destroy them. Weeds should not be allowed to grow. Preventive measures also include veterinary and sanitary educational work among the population. Regular activities aimed at eliminating weeds from the territories. Collection of fallen leaves in the adjacent territories. Sanitary cleaning of forest park areas. Regular logging in forest and forest park areas.

Regular inspection and elimination of cracks, holes, and possible moves of rat species in the walls, floor, and ceiling. Sealing sections of the passage of communications;

Using Rat-Resistant Material:

Using rat-resistant material to cover the underside of walls and doors. Installation of ultrasonic, electric, and mechanical repellers, which are safe for human health. Eliminate the possibility of rodents hiding in utility rooms, basements, attics, and food storage areas. Stopping special means against black rats in their possible habitats and ways of movement.

Sanitary and Hygienic Requirements to Prevent Rodents Infestation:

Carrying out regular activities, the purpose of which is to maintain the norms of the sanitary condition of the premises and the adjacent territory. Regular cleaning of waste collection points in residential buildings using detergents and disinfectants (at least once every 24 hours). Covering sites where containers with garbage are stored, asphalt or concrete pavement, as well as keeping it clean.

Use for the disposal and storage of food waste only those containers that ensure tight and hermetic closure, as well as their time cleaning. Regular garbage collection from the adjacent territories.

Rat Exterminator Near Me

Professional rat extermination near me of rats is always cheaper, faster, easier, and safer than applying rat bait yourself. The professional rat exterminators, know this because several times a week we communicate with people who need to remove rats, whether at home, in business, or in a huge factory. Many people try to deal with rats on their own, but in the end, it was possible to finally destroy the rodents on their premises only after professional rat removal. So, let’s know why to choose an integrated pest management program.

Cost Efficient:

Practice shows that the more rats, the more difficult it is to destroy them, and the destruction itself takes much longer. Even if you saw such a comrade only once, you need to destroy them already, until they begin to multiply

It’s a fact that the cost of professional extermination of rats is less than the total cost of rat traps, rat bait, and even more so – the time that people spend on self-baiting rats. It’s just that all such poisons are bought little by little and over a long time, and therefore a person usually does not feel their total rat bait cost. And many still do not have the habit of considering the cost of their personal time this skill is more inherent in entrepreneurs who usually do not have enough time, and it is they who most often order rat extermination services.

Professional Cleaning:

Nevertheless, over the course of years of work, Professionals took rats out of everywhere – from the shops of enterprises, from apartments, from the weight platforms of elevators, and from warehouses, and stores. And all our clients have, in principle, the same questions about rat removal, they all have certain misconceptions that have to be dispelled already when baiting rats, or which dispel themselves when a person sees how these works are carried out. 

Prevent From Further Coming:

The around-the-clock call of the rat extermination team is needed when the animal has climbed into the apartment, cannot escape from it, and the owners cannot sleep here in hysterics and are afraid to walk around the rooms. In experience, in such cases, a call is not needed: while the professional arrives, the rat either finds its way and leaves the apartment, or beats it with a mop, shovel, or hammer cool neighbor. Rats can be destroyed in one day with the help of rodent tracking powders.


The rat problem needs to be solved comprehensively by a qualified commercial rat control expert. It is important not only to destroy but also to apply preventive measures. Professional rat or mice proofing has a wide range of knowledge on the biology of rats and mice and uses new generation certified preparations. High efficiency is attributed to various food mixtures, traps, and gassing with pesticides. All the rat treatment plan have different principles of operation. The choice of this or that means should be dealt with by a professional.

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