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About Safe Pest Control:

House mice are very prolific. They live next to humans. For them, a comfortable habitat where sanitary standards are not observed, dirt, clutter is allowed, and there are many secluded, inaccessible places. They like to settle in basements, where it is damp and warm. They are attracted to dusty attics where old unnecessary things are stored. In the summer they live in the field, in the garden. In winter, they tend to get into the living room, penetrating through narrow cracks or communications.

Our company Safe Pest Control will help you quickly get rid of mice in residential, office, and industrial premises at a professional level. Experienced employees of the Safe Pest Control Sydney service carry out their activities with the help of special equipment and certified drugs in Sydney. (Read: Pest Control Services in Sydney)

Our specialists have vast experience in processing apartments, country houses, plots, cafes, restaurants, hotels, and other private and commercial, and industrial premises. We use in our work the most effective substances and methods that have proven their effectiveness and guarantee the complete destruction of rodents.

Professional means of fighting rats and mice, together with modern equipment, guarantee a 100% result in any, even the most difficult, case.

Complete and guaranteed disposal of mice is possible when conducting deratization in the room in which these smart and quickly adapting animals have settled. The Safe Pest Control company applies professional methods of fighting against mice. They consist in a complete examination of the premises infected with rodents, the adjacent territory, and finding out the reasons for their appearance.

If a colony of mice is found in one of the apartments, deratization is offered to all homeowners in this building. The basement and public areas are also processed. A set of measures and effective means of fighting mice give a good result.

Our specialists carry out activities leading to the complete extermination of the mouse population in the contaminated room. The Company monitors the effectiveness of the measures taken and adjusts them if necessary.

Turning to us, you will forget about such a problem as mice – we offer an integrated approach, with the processing of not only the center of distribution of mice but also the entire surrounding area. This is a guarantee that the mice will forever forget the way to your house! 900+ Free Rats & Mouse Images

How We Exterminate Mice:

To get a quick and good result, you need to contact the SES for professional help. Our company carries out deratization and carries out preventive measures aimed at preventing the entry and reproduction of mice in the home.

We apply the most effective methods that guarantee the complete extermination of harmful animals. Our experts carry out work on the destruction of rats and mice in any area of Sydney. So, let’s know how we control mice.


Our specialists will come to you on the same day. On average, the processing of an apartment takes about an hour. For the office, retail and industrial premises, the processing time may be somewhat longer, depending on the area. (Related: Rodent Control)


This is an effective method, which consists in treating the premises with a highly effective toxic agent. It is carried out by our specialists through the use of modern technical devices. This method gives a quick result and ensures the total destruction of mice.


This is a mechanical method that involves the use of bait, ordinary or containing a mummifying agent, to prevent the appearance of an unpleasant odor from a decomposing animal.


We select baits in accordance with the current situation and the characteristics of the object, we use them in doses that are detrimental to rodents, but do not affect the health of people and pets, and do not poison food and surrounding objects.

Closing Holes:

The process gives a significant result in the fight against mice that live in country houses, city apartments, or cottages. We use nets impregnated with a poisonous substance, crushed glass mixed with cement, and cover the holes with cement mortar to prevent the migration of rodents. mouse control, house mouse, integrated pest management program, mice infestations, rat droppings, roof rat, mouse traps, house mouse, norway rat, mouse infestation,


Q. How quickly will mice die after treatment?

A. When using modern professional rodenticides, death in mice occurs 3-4 days after eating the bait. There are also faster methods. But this, with a high probability, will scare away living individuals from the bait.

Q. How long will the mice be left undisturbed after treatment?

A. It depends on various factors: the location of the object, the place of penetration into the premises, and the presence of favorable conditions for the life and reproduction of mice (food, water, hidden places for breeding). If a number of conditions are met: the absence of places of entry into the room, the absence of open sources of power and moisture – you can count on the fact that one treatment will be enough in the apartments to get rid of mice forever (or for a very long time). For industrial premises, it is necessary to implement a system of protection against mice, taking into account regular treatments.

Q. Where do mice come from in the apartment?

A. Infection, as a rule, occurs through ventilation ducts, openings around pipelines, and communication shafts. If traces of mice are found in the apartment, it is necessary to carefully check these places for cracks and holes. For some mice, a hole the size of a ballpoint pen is sufficient to enter the room.

Q. How dangerous are the substances used?

A. All rat control products used by our sanitary service have the necessary certification from Rospotrebnadzor. What says about their safety for the body of an adult, and even for pets, Turning to the company Safe Pest Control you get a guarantee of complete disposal of rodents, for a long time. We do our work efficiently, quickly, and safely!