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Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are two Disney characters beloved by many – both by kids and those who are young at heart. Undeniably, they have become part of almost everyone’s childhood. Apparently, when it’s a different kind of mouse or any other Rodentia species they’re not as equally welcomed and viewed as lovable as Mickey.

With the current rat control challenge due to the COVID-19 lockdown, we understand how it may intrigue you to get to know them. As the pandemic outbreak dramatically cut down their food supply, rodent sightings during daylight hours became the new norm in the streets of Sydney. You might be thinking about what makes them act the way they do. Or what’s the root cause of the rise of rodent infestation? We got the answers to your questions! This article will provide an overview of the rodent behavior, including some facts about their common habits and primal instincts for survival in a 12-question game (though not the usual 21 questions).

Question #1: What rodent species are considered to be the most common formidable pests in the world?

A: Roof rats and Norway rats (more known as Brown or sewer rats) are rodent species that frequently create pest issues both in residential and industrial settings. (Read: Pest Control Services in Sydney)

How to Identify Black Rats vs Brown Rats?

A: The Roof rats (commonly called Black rats) can superbly climb and tend to nest at attics, walls, cabinets, and ceilings. It is a lot smaller than the brown rats, weighs about 5-10 ounces, and streamlined with a sleek uniformly black coat.  Meanwhile, the Norway rats are frequently referred to as “Brown rats” who build their nests in underground burrows; thus giving them the alias name as “sewer rats”. . They are strong swimmers and not great climbers like the roof rats. Though they are larger and can bulk up for about 13-14 inches in length (measurement starts from the nose up to the tip of the tail).

Do they have a queen like the colony of ants?

A: There is a considerably large rodent population in and around Sydney (though technically, they are living underground). And yes, a hierarchy is also developed wherein the stronger ones prevail – at least when it comes to a battle for food scraps. The winner takes it all; leaving the weak at the bottom of the social dominance. (Related: Rodent Control Services)

Question #4: What makes them aggressive?

A: Top answer would be whenever they’re hungry. The availability of food drives a rodent’s habit. Another thing that makes them aggressive is when feeling threatened. They tend to fight that involves biting, chase, and box; while also exhibiting belly-up defensive postures. It is often demonstrated by male rats as they are quite territorial.

What’s the largest rodent in Australia?

A: Apparently, the largest rodent in Australia is attractive and uniquely shy native rodent specie called “Water-rats”. It is mostly recorded to be living around the Sydney Harbour and Parramatta River; thus making it superbly adaptable to aquatic life. (Related: Getting Rid of Mice)

What is a rodent’s diet?

A: They are omnivores and are fairly opportunistic feeders. Rodents are likely to consume just about anything they can find, though mostly human food scraps. They may also prey upon birds, or other meat-related wastes – even cannibalize their own kind.

 Can you enumerate the sounds rodents make and what’s behind every sound?

A:  Other than hearing them produce tiny squeaking sounds, you can also hear them cluck, grind, hiss, and a few gnaw-ish sounds when they’re chewing food. According to some rodent behavior research, high-pitch and faster-tempo noises indicate that the rat is disturbed.

Are rodents polygamous?

A: Yes, they are polygamous and forms a group or somewhat a colony. With multiple males and females, they build their nest typically in urban areas and any location near people’s homes. For them, the mating period may happen all year-round. You might it find hard to believe, but adult females (of Norway rats) can mate again about 18 hours after they’ve given birth.

Do rodents have a preferred taste?

A:  Not necessarily but once they find it palatable, they’ll most likely come back for more. So it is important to use the most palatable bait to lure them in your traps. Pasta baits are readily accepted by rodents in urban areas while grain-based baits work well in rural areas.

Does a rat have a sensitive sense of smell?

A: Yes, they do. It is harder to lure them if your bait has an overpowering odor. Aside from this, they also do scent marking which may vary depending on the type of rodent. ( Read: Mice Pest Control)

Do rats have favorite routes concerning their foraging behavior?

A: Food hoarding is a natural instinct for rats. However, did you know that they generally move in a certain pattern? Typically with excellent memories, they never forget a route they’ve previously remembered (with the use of kinesthesis). You can determine their favorite route because they form noticeable runs, smear marks, or droppings they’ve left behind.

What are the other things rodents can do?

A: You might have not heard about it yet, but did you know that rodents can go longer than a camel without having a drink of water at all? Did you also know that they succumb to peer-pressure (just like us humans)? Yes, they are prone to disregard personal experience just for the urge to copy the behavior of their peers.


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading these fast facts and was able to understand the life and behavior of the rodents. With these secrets revealed, you can know strategically devise basic pest control measures against these pests. However, to fully ensure that your home is protected, hiring Professional Commercial Pest Control Sydney Service is best recommended.

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