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Flea Pest Control Sydney​

Fleas are typical pests, particularly for pet owners. However, fleas can also be an issue even in places where there have been cats and dogs in the past sometimes. Throughout the warmer times, fleas will breed at alarming speeds thus it’s necessary to have an effective flea control program and experts to end fleas’ life cycle.

These are parasites as well as will survive on both human and pet blood. And flea bites aren’t only an itchy irritant, your pets can even get allergies from the flea saliva and these are also known to transfer diseases. So, treating them on time is what you should do. Let’s know in detail about fleas and why you need a professional end of lease flea treatment.

Why Safe Pest Control?

Fleas can lead to extreme annoyance and discomfort, particularly for your beloved pet. Also, they may transmit themselves to a human keeper and survive on them. Fleas leave bite spots and even feed on skin flakes of humans, which may start allergies and other skin conditions such as dermatitis as well as mange in dogs.

Also, fleas can transmit tapeworms to pets and spread germs and diseases in some nations. That is why fleas are also considered pests and this issue needs expert knowledge to get rid of them permanently. If you wish to get rid of fleas, you can contact Safe Pest Control Sydney.


Commercial Flea Control

Fleas and ticks are a very common problem for dogs, cats, and other mammals. Commercial flea control is essential to keeping your animals safe, healthy, and free of these pests. From vet clinics to farmers, we have the right product for your needs. Our technicians use completely safe and thoroughly tested products to permanently end flea and tick infestation in your home or business. When it comes to flea and tick control, you can’t afford to skimp. Not only do our products kill 99.9% of these harmful pests, but they are also safe!

For a free quote on commercial flea pest control contact us today on 1300119085.

Life Cycle

Safe Flea Pest Control Spray​

flea pest control

To check if your pet is infested with fleas, you can use a specific flea comb to catch fleas live. You can separate the fur of your pet using a flea comb so that you can check the skin of your pet. You are looking for tiny darkish specks. Typically, fleas are black, reddish, or brown. In case you find out something that colour and see the thing moving, you have encountered a flea. And you should now consider having pest control services.

Fleas tend to be seen where pets rest, feed and also play. From late December to late February is the peak season for a flea. Lengthy periods of humid, warm weather during the summer times provide excellent conditions for fleas to thrive.

Even though fleas are completely dependent on the host animal they infest for food as well as do spend significant time on their host animals, their actual habitats are the sleeping places or nests of their host. Inside your home, fleas can multiply in carpets, floor cracks, and also upholstered furniture.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas

Prevention is the key

Efficacious flea pest control in Sydney consists of complete knowledge of how these pests grow & survive in the home environment. To be true, you can eradicate fleas by simply killing adult fleas. A female flea can deliver thousands of eggs in her entire lifetime. Therefore, you have to figure out where their eggs normally settle before hatching.

Normally, fleas can produce eggs both indoors & outdoors. Particularly, this means that fleas can lay eggs both outside or inside of your home. For example, in a case inside the home, you may see fleas in the bedding, pet beds, and floor coverings.

In case you wish to destroy the sight of fleas as well as their eggs, then vacuuming may help for some time. For instance, you ought to vacuum your carpet intensively and tiles to stink every flea & egg out. Nevertheless, it can certainly not effectively eliminate the issue.

Regular cleaning of the pet’s bedding or house would be perfect. Even, it will help in case you always move around and clean your furniture to get rid of hidden fleas hiding under or behind. Generally, flea eggs tend to hatch in dull spaces.

Make sure that the dwelling of your pet is well-ventilated and dry. Typically, fleas love saggy or wet spots. TO be true, moisture and warmth make an ideal environment for fleas to survive as well as breed. Moreover, never let the pets miss their everyday shower.

It doesn’t take long for fleas to take over your whole house. Thankfully, you don’t have to suffer anymore as soon as you call us at Safe Pest Control Sydney for flea removal from your property.

Your Local Experts

A flea bite is an infamous vector of infection, especially the plague, however, this condition hasn’t happened in Australia for more than 90 years now. The significant vector of plague is truly the rat flea which rarely attacks humans until rat folks are in plague ratios. Even though not so common, one more disease shared by rat fleas, endemic or murine typhus periodically happens in Sydney. Specific intestinal worm parasites of cats and dogs can be transmitted to human beings by fleas, however, as in this matter, the affected flea has to be consumed. This method of disease isn’t very common neither in pets nor in humans.

Fleas are quite small insects that don’t have wings and the size of flea ranges from 1-10mm. Nevertheless, fleas can easily jump long distances as well as can quickly spread around your house. They easily can be identified by having the following features:

  • Enlarged back legs that let them jump over long distance

  • Very compact body

  • Very firm tarsal claws which are utilised to grasp their host

  • Piercing mouth for sucking blood

  • Back pointing hairs that let them easily move through the fur or hair of the host.

What our client say

  • Kitchen utensils and exposed food must be removed or covered

  • Vacuum all carpets, floors, and furniture regularly, paying thorough attention to places where your pets rest. Make sure you seal as well as discard the vacuum bag directly after vacuuming. Tile or hardwood floors can be daily mopped.

  • Wash all bedding of your pet on a hot setting as well as dry on the hottest permissible setting possible

  • Remove your pets and pet bedding from the treatment space and cover your aquariums if any

  • Clear food, toys, bowls, as well as other things from shaded outdoor spaces where pets rest

  • Pets should be treated properly by a vet-approved product for flea control the day before the home is prepared for treatment

Safe Pest Control Sydney executes a 4-step process as part of their lease flea treatments. Their exterminators know how essential the well-being and health of your pets and family are, as well as their services are desired to maintain everybody’s well-being and eradicate the pests that are troubling you. Here are the steps they follow to deal with the fleas issue…

The safe Pest Control team will begin the flea treatment for workplaces and homes as soon as you have contacted Safe Pest Control. Among their authorised experts will reach out to your place at a time that suits your timetable.

The expert will conduct an inspection of the property to determine what flea types they need to eradicate, examine your cats and dogs to check the bites they might have acquired, and find out the traits & invasion marks of the fleas, as well as other factors.

Treatment Strategy

Depending on the results of the inspection, the experts will create a flea infestation treatment strategy to control fleas. This strategy contains how the treatment plan will be taken out, any teachings the building’s residents should follow, a schedule of the treatment plan, the expected outcomes, and so many more.

The team will demonstrate all of these actions to you before starting the tiny flea treatment as well as answer any queries you might have regarding fleas.

The process

Based on the spices of the flea as well as the level of flea infestation you’re facing, the experts will decide if a chemical or non-chemical treatment is required, or a mixture of both.

In the case of the non-chemical treatment, it includes vacuuming your home or workplace, utilizing flea foggers and bombs, and a few other actions. The team often utilises a heat treatment procedure to eliminate the fleas as soon as they need to.

In case chemical treatments are required, the experts will use veterinarian-approved insecticides that’ll kill the fleas, however, they’re safe for you as well as your cats and dogs to be close. These insecticides will eradicate every egg, adult flea, larvae, and also pupae in your home or workplace.

Continuing Prevention

flea control experts

Even though Safe Pest Control’s flea infestation treatment is favorably effective, you must still utilize the continuing prevention approaches they recommend to control fleas and keep them away from your property.

They’ll tailor their advice to make them distinctive to your circumstances so that you can get the maximum out of them. You must even regularly clean as well as mop your room, as this will help to reduce the possibility of fleas invading your workplace or home.







What You Should Expect From The Flea Treatment?

flea pest control

The functional ingredient seen in products utilized for residential flea treatment has 2 residual elements for maximum effectiveness

  1. Insect Growth Regulator – Just affects larval phase fleas as well as prevents them from evolving into an adult flea (disrupts life cycle)

  2. Pesticide – Created to destroy adult fleas as well as developing larval stage fleas on contact

The treatment may take around 1.5 hours (based on your house size) as well as you’ll need to empty the house during the time. You should then let 2 hours for the solution to dry before re-entering the place. The solution will mostly be focused around skirting cracks, boards, and also crevices as well as undisturbed spaces beneath furniture, as this’s where fleas reside mostly.

What to Hope Post-Treatment?

flea pest control sydney

The flea treatment following this process generally results in the rapid removal of fleas. It’s likely, nevertheless, that you might see fleas within 7 to 14 days of the initial stage of the treatment. These adult fleas were in the pupal (pre-adult) stage during the treatment as well as haven’t yet come into immediate contact with the solution. Now that they’ve appeared from the pre-adult stage, they must die within a few hours of getting the pesticide remains.

Why Do You Need Professional Flea Treatment in Sydney?

flea pest control

Fleas bite you as well as your pets which is quite irritating. They can invite danger along with their itchy and painful bites. For example, flea bites can lead to severe health issues.

Trying to get rid of fleas from your property with a DIY project is a tiresome job that may not be fully effective. Sadly, these pests as well as their eggs aren’t easy to eradicate. Thus, a new population will soon emerge in case you do not succeed to treat fleas from the root. You do not need to share your space with fleas. Most significantly, you do not need to handle these pesky problems all alone.

Just like other parasites out there, these pests must leave your property. Especially, you can fully get rid of them in case you partner with a local Safe Pest Control in Sydney. Fortunately, Safe Pest Control’s experts understand what to do to make you free from the dangerous and annoying flea infestation.

You cannot eliminate the whole flea population by simply killing only those you notice on the surface. Instead of chasing them one after the other, you can contact Safe Pest Control Sydney today for the most effective and efficient flea treatment. In case you have fleas, do not hesitate to talk to our expert at Safe Pest Control today.

Why Safe Pest Control?

Safe Pest Control offers flea treatment for both homes and commercial spaces that’ll make a remarkable difference. Safe Pest Control’s services have allowed countless individuals in Sydney to get rid of pest issues. You can consider hiring Safe Pest Control for the following causes:

  • Certified pest control experts with several years of experience

  • Same-day or next-day service

  • An all-inclusive & upfront quote

  • Family & pet-friendly procedures

  • A transparent and friendly service

  • Sydney-based company

  • 100% satisfaction assurance


In case you have pets living with you or nearby, there is a high chance that you will have a flea infestation at some point. There’re nearly 7 dozen species in Sydney, including dog fleas, rat fleas, and cat fleas which all can ride on a variety of hosts, including human beings.

Along with giving foul bites, fleas are even known as disease transmitters around the world. However, as fleas are tiny creatures and there’re so many species available, the only method to guarantee you stop an infestation is to call Safe Pest Control today!

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