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We are fully equipped to meet and defeat the threat of invading species that surround schools, classrooms and cafeterias. The sheer number of potential pests – from ants to bed bugs, bees, ticks, mosquitoes and ordinary flies – is matched only by our safe, versatile and eco-friendly chemical treatments.

Our children deserve the best we can offer them, and our highest priority must be for their good health as they grow. At Safe Pest Control, our highly experienced team can make any school or educational institution into a space which is free of dangerous, disease-carrying pests such as cockroaches, rodents, birds, termites and many more.

We perform a thorough search of the entire premises, from food preparation and dining areas around the cafeterias, to locker rooms and gyms, to dumpsters, basements, gutters, leaking pipes and cracks in the buildings’ foundations. We identify and neutralize any threats we discover, treating the entire area and taking extra preventive measures to stop the problem from returning for as long as possible.

We also use our extensive training and years of inspection and extermination experience to advise you on how to improve, close or seal off any danger points which could allow bugs, rodents or birds to reappear. As any school can certainly appreciate, education about risks and dangers is an important ingredient toward achieving a long-lasting, satisfying outcome.

Education alone is not enough, however, as children have been known to play on the grass, wear dirty clothes and bring food from outside which can attract new pests to even the best-kept grounds. Our sprays and other hygienic treatment methods are cost-effective, easily applied and long-lasting, giving your school the best protection available against the outside world of bugs and critters.

Please note that our treatments are entirely safe for children, as well as animals other than pests. They are also odorless and environmentally sound, meaning that your school property will remain charming and pleasant throughout the treatment process. Parents and administrators can rest assured that their children are in safe hands when they study in schools protected by our team of experts at Safe Pest Control.

We are fully certified and take pride in offering the best service possible in the greater Sydney area. Even termite infestations can be effectively combatted through our services, leaving your buildings safe and secure. Whatever the situation at your school, contact us today and we’ll dedicate ourselves to keeping your educational institution free from pests of all shapes and sizes.

Diseases travel quickly in a space where many people breathe the same air and eat in the same cafeteria. Remember that a clean, hygienic environment improves not only the health, but also the strength and motivation of teachers and staff at your school. Give your students the best possible start in life, by giving them an ideal environment in which to learn and develop themselves.

We at Safe Pest Control have over 15 years experience in all forms of Residential and Commercial Pest Control in Sydney NSW and are certified members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association. Leave it to the professionals, and call us at 1300 119 085 for a free quote now.

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