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Pest controlling your business or commercial space can be quite a hard task to do but it’s very significant. This is important because pest infestations can get your company to its knees. No matter whether it is a hotel, an office space, a restaurant, a mall or any other commercial, pest control must be your foremost concern to deliver a sanitary, clean environment to both your staff and clients. 

Hiring a licensed pest control company can help you get rid of pest problems with effective commercial pest control services. A commercial pest control team like Safe Pest Control can help you get rid of any pest problem in your commercial space. Let’s know more about professional pest control services for your commercial properties below…

Safe Pest Control is one of the best and leading residential and commercial pest control providers in Sydney. With certified, experienced, and trained pest control technicians, we’ve been providing the best professionals for pest control problems. Our integrated pest management team has been dealing with undesirable guests that keep infesting your lives. Following are the areas our commercial pest control partner works… (Read: Common mistakes when dealing with rodent problem)


Commercial Pest Control Services In Sydney

Restaurants and hotels are highly prone to pest infestation because of all the meals that fall while cooking and eating. One of the largest challenges encountered by restaurants and hotels is finding a professional pest control service provider with appropriate training to remove pests like rodents and cockroaches because hygiene is the biggest priority of such commercial. (Related: Pest Control in Medical Centers)

Corporate Work Places

A hygienic and clean workspace is essential for the mental and physical health of your workers. A hygienic office improves the rate of work conducted by 8 times as per studies by the UK Journal. So, our commercial service offers termite inspections to the commercial customers to find out pest control problems and thus, provide pest control needs. (Related: Sydney Commercial Pest Control)

School & College

Commercial Pest Control Services In Sydney

Pest control must be among the major priorities for schools and colleges. In supporting the students’ mental and physical health, a hygienic and clean environment plays a massive role. You may lose the affiliation of your institution over just a single rat or cockroach in your institute.


Commercial Pest Control Services In Sydney

We do not even need to talk about the significance of hygiene and cleanliness in the hospital. However, it isn’t always easy as well as we at Safe Pest Control understand that. One can lose your entire stature over something as little as a cockroach. 

Commercial Pest Control Services And Methods

It is a lot more effortless to move a household than it’s to shut down a whole business for some days. That is why commercial pest control services tend to have more immediate solutions that cause minimal trouble. Commercial areas are tricky to clean, and thus, you need good knowledge of long-term preventative solutions. Following are the general pest control techniques used in commercial spaces and offices:  (Read: Commercial Pest Control Service in Penrith, Best ideas for controlling pests in a commercial establishment)

Physical Pest Control:

Commercial Pest Control Services In Sydney

The physical pest control method involves killing or trapping pests for example rodents and insects.

Some typical tools contain sticky flypapers to entrap flies; insects might be trapped with such means as volatile, pheromones synthetic chemicals, or ultraviolet (UV) light.

Often glue boards are used for scanning cockroaches, and for capturing rodents. The spring traps even come in handy for rodents.




Commercial Pest Control Services In Sydney

This is on the pricey side of pest control approaches and takes extra time in the procedure, but also ensures 100% pest extermination. (Read: Pest Control Sydney Near Me)

It’s the treatment of a system to kill pests for example termites, wood-boring beetles, etc. by stuffing it with an airtight covering and then fogging using liquid insecticide for around 24 to 72 hours.






Poisoned Bait:

Commercial Pest Control Services In Sydney

The poisoned bait method is typically used for preventing mice, rats, birds, snails, cockroaches, slugs, ants, and also other pests.

These are food attractants used against the target species along with a suitable poison or toxicant. Using poisoned baits is tricky often as it’s dangerous to humans and pets if consumed.


Book an appointment for commercial pest control from Safe Pest Control and allow us to do our best job to help you get rid of pests and rodents from your commercial spaces. Our experienced experts will inspect and confirm that your premises aren’t infested anymore with rodents and pests. Feel the privilege of understanding that you do not have to stress about pests in your business or commercial space anymore with our services.