How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles?

What are Carpet Beetles? Remember how terrifying bed bugs are, how they easily infest your beddings and transfer from one person to another? They are like carpet beetles, easy to transport since they also fly and breed fast, and before you know it they are likely infested your home or workplace. The tiny insects known as the varied carpet beetles from the family Dermestidae, usually pale brown, yellow, and straw scales in colour, with a rounded body, growing up to 3 millimetres for adult and 5 millimetres for larvae, are considered to be household pests also in some commercial premises like the natural history museum throughout Australia. The Australian Carpet Beetle The Australian carpet beetle, a native member is one of the many different types of carpet beetles that live in urban areas, woodlands, and forests. With good environmental conditions, the life cycle of the Australian carpet beetle can reach 1-3 years, while the varied carpet beetle can have one generation each year and other species can even have four generations. The beetles usually lay eggs in the closets, under skirting boards, or under furniture and air ducts and tree holes as their nest. They can breed very fast and the next time you notice them, they already infested your wardrobe or office building. Damages Damages to properties All-year-round, carpet beetles can infest your carpet, curtains, furniture, clothing, blankets, cupboards, and some furs where they feed on. The Houses, building offices, hotels, museum of natural history in Sydney are greatly affected by the damages caused by the larvae. Since these pests are small in size and they have the ability to fly, they can easily enter any residential or commercial premises through windows, doors, or small openings and hide quickly inside the closets or furniture drawers. Damages to human Aside from those damages to your properties, exposure to carpet beetles can now cause the development of medical conditions specifically dermatological conditions to humans. Pruritus, Dermatitis, Papular urticaria are some of these conditions. Symptoms of an allergic reaction include the following, itchy, watery eyes, rashes, and itchy skin, with burning sensation and gastrointestinal concerns if severe. And one of the best ways to treat carpet beetles is to prevent them to live on your premises or control them through some effective practices. Here are the 10 possible ways to get rid of carpet beetles in your residential and commercial spaces: 1. Thoroughly vacuum your carpet, floors, and upholstered furniture The carpets and floors in your home or offices should be cleaned thoroughly using a vacuum cleaner, this is to remove the eggs or larvae which possibly enter through your doors or windows. Furniture, curtains with natural and synthetic fibres that are available in your home or office should be vacuumed as well. By doing this regularly, you are assured that no single beetle can stay or live inside your home and workplace. 2. Steam-cleaned the carpets and rugs or clothes  After using the vacuum cleaner, the next step is steam-cleaning. This is to remove the remaining eggs or larvae in the areas through the moisture and heat of the steam-cleaner. 3. Washing clothes and bedding, blankets using hot and soapy water  By simply using hot and soapy water in washing clothes, bedding and blankets will prevent the carpet beetles from breathing and eventually die; also the levels of diseases they might cause may be controlled. 4. Wipe and spray surfaces of the furniture with vinegar Vinegar is also best to repel carpet beetles, just use it in wiping or spraying to surfaces of furniture and floors whenever necessary. 5. Use Boric acid to deter carpet beetles Boric acid or borax is one effective element to deter carpet beetle, this powder is safe and for best results, you may need to sprinkle it to the areas affected particularly the carpets. 6. Focus on the sources/ nests and the most infested areas Determining the source/s of the infestation is very important in getting rid of carpet beetles in your surroundings; give your full attention in the most infested areas for a faster and effective way of eradication. 7. Remove dead birds, rodents, or other insects  Larvae usually feed on organic matter, that’s why carpet beetles also cause damages in the natural history museum. Remove those dead animals or remains of organisms and waste materials. 8. Use pheromone-based glue traps for serious infestations If carpet beetle infestation is already serious, you may use some pheromone-based glue traps, to catch those pests immediately. You may place the traps in all entry points like windows, doors, and other openings. You may check the traps twice a week to see if enough carpet beetles are caught and the infestation can be controlled. 9. Choose synthetic materials for carpets or curtains Since carpet beetles live and feed on organic materials, it is the best option to use synthetic materials for your carpets and curtains. An infestation will not likely to occur by then. 10. Call up the pest control expert in Sydney Get professional help from the pest control expert To stop the pest infestation and eradicate carpet beetles without a fuss, get professional help from the pest control expert! Safe Pest Control Pty Ltd. is your pest control expert who can provide you pest control solutions to your carpet beetle infestation problem whether in residential, commercial, or industrial premises. They also offer every client their fast response to any queries, safe and effective pest control treatment, and value for money. 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