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    Australia is home to approximately 900 recorded bird species, including some of the most beautiful and celebrated birds in the world. Regardless of where you live, in the city or the country, birds are part of the landscape. There are, however, a handful of species which have become a serious problem in Australian homes and businesses, requiring professional bird control methods to contain. From damaging property and blocking the gutters, to carrying fleas, mites and the like and posing a health risk generally, these are the birds that nobody wants to keep as pets in their home.

    The feathered culprits

    The species which are most problematic to Australian homes and businesses are pigeonsstarlings, the Indian Mynah and sparrows.

    Residential Inspection and Pest Removal in Birchgrove, NSW

    There is no silver bullet solution for getting rid of birds and some are known to return to their previous habitat for nesting or because of easy access to food. Using a range of preventative measures around your home and garden, such as removing access to nesting sites, will help keep their numbers down. Appointing a qualified pest control operator, such as the experienced team at Safe Pest Control, means effective and humane methods will be used to eliminate the problem.

    Some bird species need very little shelter to build their nest, while others are small enough to get into your roof space for a protected spot. It’s not just the damage to your property that you need to worry about. Birds carry a range of diseases and the spores from their droppings can pose a serious health risk to humans. Some species, such as pigeons, carry ticks, fleas and bird mites and if these insects start to infest your home, then your problem has just increased ten-fold.

    Here is a list of our ‘top tips’ for preventing birds, which you can carry out in your home and help keep bird numbers down …

    1. Eliminate their water source and other places where they can feed. This includes your gutters – keep them clean to prevent water building up.
    2. Don’t feed any pest birds. If you do, they won’t see any reason to leave and will bring their friends!
    3. Keep the lids on your garbage bins at all time and keep this area as clean as possible. Any food scraps or scattered rubbish will attract nuisance birds straight away.
    4. Seal openings (for example, under your eaves), where smaller birds can enter. Use plywood, wire mesh or netting for the most effective results. When you’re doing this, if you notice evidence of a nest, remove it.
    5. Call the professionals! Our friendly and knowledgeable team here at Safe Pest Control has highly effective and humane treatments for bird control.


    Birds are generally quite noisy, so identifying an infestation in or around your home is easier than with other household pests. Knowing where to look will help. Places like under the eaves, gutters, in chimney stacks and on balconies are some of the common places where you’d expect to find nests. Inside your roof space is also a common spot, particularly for species such as pigeons.

    Here are some of the other telltale signs that you have a bird problem in your home:

    If you recognise any or all of the above signs, take immediate action and contact us today. The team at Safe Pest Control will tailor a solution to control the bird problem and show you how to prevent a re- infestation in the future.


    They carry a range of diseases and pests, some of which are a serious threat to humans. These include ticks, mites and bird lice which are a huge problem in themselves. Some species, such as pigeons, can also carry Salmonella, therefore it is essential to address a bird problem sooner rather than later.

    Some of the common places include under the eaves and in gutters, on balconies and in chimney stacks. Some species, like pigeons, prefer the comfort of your roof space and will cleverly find a way to get in to build their nest.

    Birds are noisy and particularly so while they’re nesting. So if you don’t physically see them, chances are you will hear them. Other signs include a large amount of droppings around your home and evidence of a nest, including twigs and branches, etc…

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