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Discover essential insights on cockroaches and their behaviors during winter in Sydney. Dive into Safe Pest Control’s expert tips for effective cockroach management this season.

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Discover the answers to the top 5 frequently asked questions about cockroaches and learn how to prevent winter roach infestation through the most effective Sydney pest control tips

Australia is one of the highly urbanized countries and best known for its natural wonders that can attract tourists and also make every Aussie proud!

However, the bustling vibe of urban cities tends to be quite appealing to diverse pests; that is why they often decide to make your home their own.

With the sudden rise of rodents due to the pandemic outbreak, cockroaches are also scurrying to enter your home especially now that it is winter time.

Common Questions On Roaches

To keep them out of your household (not only during winter but all year round), let us share with you the facts that will help you understand them well to properly devise the preventive measures to take.

Question #1: Do cockroaches like the winter season more than summer?

Cockroaches love to live in the tropics and they are more prevalent during summer. But they are also considered all-year-round pests. Generally, most species of cockroach don’t like the cold weather and prefer an environment with comfortable thermostats. So where do they go during winter? They typically target your home for shelter and foraging purposes. Many of the roaches enter a hibernation-like state and the residential houses are an ideal environment for them to remain active and able to survive the cold winter. Among the various species of roaches, the most likely to visit you in winter are American Cockroach, German Cockroach, and Oriental Cockroach.   

Question #2: Can cockroaches survive the cold temperature? 

One of the common misconceptions about cockroaches is that they can’t die out due to the cold weather. They can somehow manage during winter but it doesn’t mean it is also bad news for them (because it actually affects their behavior!). When the temperature drops below 7°C, they limit their reproduction and growth activities. Instead, they’ll spend more time searching somewhere they can hole up to spend the winter. ( Cockroach infestation in winter )

Typical places they find to be good sources of warmth are in a garage, underneath piles of woods, attic, basement, or any comfortable area inside your home that will help them survive. However, once the temperature drops below -10°C and without any place, they can take shelter, the condition will be too much for the cockroach thus leading to their death. Another fun fact that may spike up your interest is the hearsay relating to a cockroach’s ability to withstand a nuclear blast. It is one of the misconceptions about their survival capacity.

The truth is, they can’t survive a nuclear event. However, according to some research studies, they can withstand radiation doses 10 times higher compared to the level that humans can handle. 

Question #3: What attracts cockroaches to your home? 

The most common attractants for cockroaches are leaky pipes and faucets. However, it is more directed towards the amount of moisture they can get from such an environment. Even the cleanest house can potentially be visited by cockroaches. As long as they are in search of water, your home is at risk for pest infestation. The moisture found in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms is quite appealing not only to cockroaches but also to other kinds of pests such as mosquitoes and even rodents. Read more on our Safe Cockroach Pest Control Treatments.

Other reasons that also lure cockroaches are the accessibility to food and they indulge in nesting in forgotten areas like trash cans that aren’t cleaned regularly. But now that it is winter, they are most likely drawn by the need to find a warm shelter to survive the cold.

Question #4:  Can cockroaches play dead? 

If you are wondering if there are any particular facts about cockroaches you should know, that will be their ability to play dead.

It will surely make you wonder how they can pull such an act but the reason why they are extremely good actors lies behind their innate skill to hold their breath – that’s up to 40 minutes to be exact! They can also survive up to 30 minutes underwater. What makes it more believable is the way they can stay completely still until they flip back on their feet once they’ve detected that there are no threats anymore.

After they’ve ensured that the close is clear, you’ll see them scuttling away to hide. Plus, here’s a ghoulish fact: roaches can live for a week without a head!

Question #5:  Does killing a cockroach attract more into your home?

Cockroaches have a reputation for being omnivorous scavengers who can eat almost anything. They are most likely to consume every available food they can find and even if it is their own dead species.

In compelling situations, dead cockroaches may draw more roaches because they see it as potential food, and several species like the German and American Cockroaches are attracted to this kind of food preference (whether it is wounded or already dead roach). 

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How to Effectively Exterminate Cockroaches During Winter?

The most obvious solution to successfully keeping the cockroaches at a distance is to have reliable professional help. But picking any random Pest Control company won’t suffice because, despite their offers, only a few can effectively provide excellent service with guaranteed high-quality workmanship. 

But following these simple approaches would come in as great pest management to prevent winter infestation: 

  • Have a clean and organized home space. Keeping a regular housecleaning schedule would be a great start to reducing the chances of pest infestation. Remove any clutter inside your home that can potentially use as a hideout. Eliminate the piles of wood (typically used for the fireplace) as roaches can “sleep” there. Some species of roaches like the Oriental cockroaches also consider it as an ideal nesting area during winter.
  • Give proper attention to cracks, crevices, and other openings. Roaches can wriggle into cracks and broken sidings so it is important to seal any openings they can crawl into or any possible entryways to get inside your home.
  • Store all food in tight-sealed containers. Don’t leave leftover food overnight and that also includes pet food because it can attract pests too. Make it a habit to clean spills or food crumbs right away because even the tiniest bit will attract the roaches quickly.
  • Don’t give the roaches any reason to swarm and stay. They love to scavenge any potential food sources. So always clean the dishes and don’t stack the sink with plates (either clean or dirty ones). Store the plates, bowls, and pots in a secured cupboard or kitchen cabinet so they can’t get inside and leave bacteria on your tableware. Make it a habit to vacuum your place, wash the floors, and wipe down the counters. Plug the bathroom drains so you can seal up any potential access point.
  • Contact a Reliable Pest Control Professional. Sanitizing and disinfecting your home and office space is highly important during this pandemic. And now that the winter season is upon us, keeping everything clean and organized is something we have to prioritize – that also includes the need for effective pest control management! It can be quite tricky to solely rely on the basic preventive measures partnered with your best efforts. Never hesitate to call in professional help to successfully prevent them from ever coming back. 

Let Safe Pest Control be your trusted professional pest exterminator. What we provide is more than just ordinary service, because we know you rightfully deserve only the best. With us, there are no empty promises. We can help you determine the type of cockroach pestering your home and where they are nesting through our strategically-designed pest control service. You can avail of our customized plans at the most affordable service rates. Simply talk to one of our experts today and get to enjoy FREE quotations!


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