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Now that it’s wintertime, have you ever thought that maybe you’re not the only one who’s enjoying the warmth and safety of your home? Ironically, it may not be safe at all, if it is vulnerable to winter pest infestation. Discover the top 5 winter bug infestations you should watch out for and easy-to-do pest management Sydney tactics while you’re searching a reliable pest control near you

Although there are varieties of bug pesticides, commercialized bug repellents, and safe spray pest control, there are natural methods you can try for effective winter bug pest control that can help you prevent them from invading your home. High-quality pest Control Services in Sydney, Call us at 1300119085.

#1 Winter-Bug Pest Control Tip: Seal up Any Point of Entry

Where do bugs go during winter? Due to the cold temperature, many insects and bugs (just like any other household pests) are in search of food and a warm place to wait out the winter season. So it is important to ensure that pests can’t gain access to your home. 

Easy points of entry are the cracks and gaps commonly found under your doors or windows. They can also come in through the dryer vents, crawl up trellises or tree branches, and take a hitch on your guest’s shoes. Almost anything that can make contact with your home can potentially be a carrier of the small crawlies. They can cling to your luggage or may also come in along with your furniture especially if you’re fond of antic furniture. Related: Bug-Free all year round

For better protection, eliminate any point of entry by sealing the cracks with the following tips: 

  • There are commercialized sealing products such as different variants of caulk, adhesive sealants, weather-stripping, and door-seal kits that can effectively help bug-proof your home.
  • You can also install a sturdy aluminum or hydraulic door which will be quite helpful to ensure that the door is secured to its’ frame and closes behind people whenever coming or going through the threshold.
  • Using the fireplace can sometimes make the house feel stuffy so opening the windows may be a little tempting but that is the time winter bugs try to sneak in. To prevent them from getting inside the house, you can install a fine window screen with enough size of holes to serve the purpose of natural ventilation and still keep the bugs out.
  • Don’t forget to check the utility or pipe penetrations in your walls because there are potential gaps large enough for the bugs or other winter pests to crawl into. Read: Pre-construction pest control


#2 Winter-Bug Pest Control Tip: Removing the Factors that Invite them into Your Home

Knowing what attracts unwanted pests into your home can be a crucial factor for your pest control plans. Basically, when it’s wintertime the insects and bugs are naturally attracted to the warm temperature and the readily available food at residential homes. That is why you can commonly find them hiding in dark and humid areas. They love to hang out in the kitchen, pantries, bathrooms, and basements because they are looking for the ideal place they can infest and build as their nesting ground.

This eventually leads to the importance of keeping your home clean and devising a regular cleaning routine. If you give a proper assessment of what needs to be cleaned and removed then you can pest-proof your home. In particular, that would be wiping the kitchen counters or table to make it devoid of any crumbs or spilled food that invites bugs or other winter pests. Removing firewood and storing them at a safe distance would also be helpful. They will not have a reason to stay if you can clear away the things they’re looking for.  Read: Pest Control Process

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#3 Winter-Bug Pest Control Tip: Set up a Regular Clean-up Schedule.

The most basic rule to prevent pest infestation is to ensure that you have a clean home. Keeping your house properly insulated is good but failing to organize or remove the things that attract them would be the reason why the infestation may thrive. They love the warmth and the mess particularly if you forget to tidy up the clutter. 

Setting up a cleaning schedule (best recommended to have it on a regular basis as much as possible) can help eliminate the chances for these insects or bugs and disrupt the pest development cycle. General housekeeping should be done diligently most particularly when doing the following tasks:

  • Taking out the trash because leaving them unattended and unclean can encourage the pets to infest your home. Basically, one man’s trash can be a bug’s treasure.
  • Maintaining your yard is beneficial in reducing the chances of pest infestation. Keep it well maintained by eliminating the wood-to-soil contact, gutters are properly drained, and remove any kind of debris (specifically the wood logs) before the snow coats them because it can be a potential nesting ground for the bugs to keep warm.
  • Hang up your clothes, organize your closet, and regularly sweep or vacuum all areas of the house.
  • Don’t forget to de-clutter your attic and basement so you can dissipate the pest infestation.  

#4 Winter-Bug Pest Control Tip: Adopting a Pet

  • Investing in adopting a pet can give you more than just adorable companionship because they can be very helpful in keeping your home pest-free. Some insects and bugs are naturally afraid of your furry pets (which are somehow the designated predators to some of them, just as how the cat preys on the rodents). They are quite beneficial to your pest management as it can be considered one of the easiest ways to take care of your insect or bug infestation problem. Related: Top 5 plants to repel pests

#5 Winter-Bug Pest Control Tip: Hiring Pest Control Sydney Experts

There are many DIY pest-proofing tips you can find on the net, but if you truly wish for a tightly-sealed and properly protected home, asking for the expert’s help is the most sensible action to take. 

Household pests pay no heed to the calendar (no matter what season it is) so whenever there’s a chance to infest, they can be quite active in seeking food and protective shelter. When there’s one sighted, there’s likely to be a risk of more unwanted houseguests. You must take quick action by hiring professional Pest Control Sydney experts.  Read: Common Garden Pest to look out for

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