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How we can help eradicate cockoaches fast

How scary and gross when cockroaches start to touch the food preparation area or food products in food retail stores?

When an annoying pest like a cockroach attack, you will surely shout and run away to avoid it. Cockroaches are truly disgusting! Cockroaches love eating starchy and sugary food like chocolates and some pastries.

At the same time, they like feeding on paper boxes, boards, books, dead cockroaches of the same kind, fresh and dried blood, sputum, babies’ nails, dirt, feces, and trash bins.They tend to spew some digested food at intervals and drop feces while moving and used to release secretion with very offensive odor leaving the places and even food they touch.


With these undesirable feeding habits and behavior, cockroaches became the carriers of some serious health problems such as dysentery, cholera, typhoid fever, diarrhea, leprosy, and other viral diseases.

They also cause some allergic reactions like itching and swelling of the part of the skin being bitten.

Clearly, the danger and damages cockroaches may bring to food retail stores are critical when they caused serious problems to many business owners in Sydney, especially when their customers and employees are being affected by the cockroaches’ attacks.  

Food products in retail stores are unsafe once a cockroach touches any part of their packaging or ingredients.

Food products are delicate and require careful and proper display area and storage to keep them clean and in good condition.

Remember, your customers deserve to have the best and quality products all the time if you want your retail store business to be successful and if you care enough for their safety.  10 COCKROACH FACTS YOU MUST KNOW

Get Professional Help From Only the experts in Pest Control

Contact the experts in pest control. To talk about ways we can work together and keep your store and food products spotless, high-quality, and bug-free at all times, contact SafePestControl Pty Ltd., a company with which we have received a strong recommendation.

How can SafePestControl do that?

 SafePestControl Technicians are knowledgeable in searching the hard-to-find hide-outs of cockroaches, getting into all possible access to entry points, and eradicating them thoroughly. They employ different strategies appropriate for resolving any pest infestation in your home.

One thing SafePestControl is good about, is its initial inspection procedure.

Pest control technicians survey not only the area of the retail store but also the nearby stores or offices and residential premises in the vicinity, they are checking enthusiastically all the entry points to be included in the treatment procedure. This is to put some cockroach control measures to prevent pests  from coming back to your commercial premises. In doing a pest control treatment, especially in a food-related establishment, it is imperative to use eco-friendly pesticides to ensure that no harm can happen to your beloved customers, employees, and environment.

We Comply with HACCP Guidelines

SafePestControl is also a member of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA) and can fulfill certain requirements for organizations that require Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) quality audits.

And compliant with Quality Management System (ISO 9001), OH & S Management System (AS4801), and Environment Management System (ISO14001), all these assured any business owner or food retail store owner that this pest control company is serious and respectable in this industry.

With SafePestControl, your never-ending problem with cockroaches before will soon be gone.

A stress-free business is coming on its way! 

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