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Termite Prevention in Sydney

Signs, Tips & Advice

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Termites eat through various types of timber,creating serious trouble from a structural standpoint. Statistics suggest that one in every four homes will have some sort of termite presence each year. These are persistent and destructive pests, so it’s important to guard against them well.

Safe Pest Control are the experts when it comes to dealing with termites. We offer a warranty on all our work,including any potential threat that termites can pose to your home. By contrast, insurance companies won’t insure you for termite damage. The absence of this coverage leaves you and your home at risk of an infestation if you don’t regularly have a pest spray carried out.

Here are a few ways of identifying signs of termites:

Mud tunnels

Blowholes in trees

Earthen packing

Flight tubes

Excavation of wood


Presence of alates

Tree nests

Collapsed timber


Safe Pest Control can arrange termite insurance for our clients, covering up to $100,000 of any potential damages. For just $360, you can protect yourself for 5 years with a $100,000 TimberSecure Termite Insurance Policy.

While this type of insurance represents some comfort, better still would be guidance on how to prevent such damage from ever happening in the first place. Fortunately, we provide that too. Here are some tips and techniques, depending on whether your home or property has already been built, or if it is still in the planning stages.

For homes on concrete slabs, ensure that the slab has 75mm of concrete slab edge exposed.

Physical termite barriers can be added during the construction phase, surrounding your home and preventing underground entry by termites.

For homes not yet constructed, a reticulation system can be built which will provide a network of pipes spraying chemicals in the soil to repel invading termites.

Chemical barriers can provide a similar, although not permanent, type of protection surrounding your home, and can be applied at any time.

Termite bait stations can be installed around your property, to provide you with early warning signals when termites have begun making a push toward your home.

Ensure that drainage and ventilation systems are functioning properly, without leaks. Do not allow moist basements or moist soil close to the exterior of your house.

Remove all forms of loose timber from the outside of your house. Wooden boards should not lean against the structure, and other food sources (dead leaves, garbage) should also be kept away from the exterior surface.

For your gardens and fences, use timber that has been treated for termites. Ensure that a 50mm gap exists between the ground and all timber fences and posts.

Remove dead trees, climbing plants and bushy gardens from your property.

These methods are effective in keeping termites away from your property, and giving your home a long and healthy structural lifetime. For all termite prevention and treatment services, contact Safe Pest Control today. We at Safe Pest Control are members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association provide prompt service, backed by excellent equipment, years of experience and an unwavering commitment to professionalism


Termites are generally classified as one of the most successful insects in history. They have a presence on almost every continent on earth except Antarctica and their colonies can span from a few hundred to several million.

How many different types of termites are there?

 There are over 3000 species of termites on earth, however, a third of those are found in Africa while in Australia there are over 360 different types of the little buggers. 

How big can termites grow?

 You will usually find that termites grow between 4 to 15 millimetres in length. The exception here is the Queen of the species Macrotermes bellicosus which can grow up to 10 centimetres long!

How much damage can termites do?

The fact they love eating wood ensures that termites can cause plenty of damage to unprotected homes and wooden structures. 

Is the presence of termite damage clearly visible?

 No. They have a habit of remaining concealed when they are doing their dirty work. That means they can excavate through wood and leave a thin layer on top so you wouldn’t know they were there because there is no visible damage on the surface. Of course not all termite damage is hidden. There are many occasions when you will see timber beams, trees and supports with some sort of termite damage. Interestingly, less than 200 species of termites can actually cause damage. 

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