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    If you live in Australia then chances are you would have encountered a spider somewhere along your travels. Australian spiders have a reputation as some of the most deadly in the world but what isn’t commonly known is that our local spiders generally have a ‘bark that is worse than their bite’. For all their menace and fearsome reputation, spiders are less threatening from a human perspective than snakes or sharks. Some 10,000 varieties of spiders live in a number of different ecosystems. Spiders are found everywhere from city and urban centers to the natural outback.

    Some common backyard variety of spider include:

    Sydney Funnel Web

    Golden Orbweaver


    White Tail


    Long Jawed

    St Andrews Cross

    Stick Spider

    Leaf Curling

    Black House

    Garden Orbweaver

    Mouse Spider

    By doing a quick search on the internet, you can find the most dangerous Australian spiders:

    1) Sydney Funnel Web Has highly toxic venom that is produced in large amounts. Rated as the deadliest spider in Australia and possibly the world.

    2) Redback Spider These are found right throughout Australia. The Redbacks don’t discriminate either and can be found in either rural or city areas.

    3) Mouse Spider There are eight species of this variety and they can often be found near waterways, rivers, lagoons etc

    4) Trap Door Spiders If you get bitten by one of these some of the symptoms you will experience could be some minor pain, nausea, lethargy or malaise.

    5) White Tailed Spiders

    6) Australian Tarantulas These can also be known as whistling or barking spiders as they are known to produce sounds by rubbing their front limbs against their jaws. They mainly feed on insects.

    7) Recluse Spider The reputation of this spider has been greatly exaggerated in Australia. Their existence ‘Down Under’ has only been noticed in the last 20 years but in South America they are known to inflict serious bites.

    8) Huntsman These spiders are widespread throughout Australia and are one of the bigger spiders you are likely to encounter. Huntsman spiders can have up to 15cm leg span. They look menacing, however, are unlikely to be a danger to humans.

    9) Common Garden Orb Weaver


    If you are looking to get rid of spiders then here are a few recommendations Safe Pest Control can give you. As is the case with many pests around the home, clutter is usually the number one reason for finding spiders both in and outside of your house or place of business.


    You can do many things in order to prevent spiders from infesting your home. Spiders usually like to remain in outdoor areas, however it is common for people to find the nasty little buggers indoors too. One of the first things you should do to prevent spiders is to turn off any outdoor lights you have. By leaving the lights on you are inviting the spiders to find ways of entering. Do you have vegetation directly outside your residential or commercial property? If you do and you are finding spiders inside your home regularly then it could be time to remove it. Vegetation, such as shrubs, trees and various plants provides the perfect hiding spot for spiders who will then seek to move closer to your home when seeking warmth or food. Are you finding plenty of cobwebs? That means that spiders are present. Simply grab a broom or vacuum and remove the cobwebs. By leaving them unattended the spider or spiders will continue to build their web, lay their sacs and breed. If you have taken all these measures and are still finding spiders around your home or business, then give a professional exterminator such as Safe Pest Control a call. Headed by Milad Bahrami, Safe Pest Control are one of Sydney’s leading companies in the industry and members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association with a wealth of experience in dealing with spiders and various pests.

    Signs Of Spiders In Your Home

    The first one is obvious – if you are finding cobwebs then you definitely have a spider issue. Secondly, egg sacs are an indication that spiders are breeding and therefore you may have an infestation issue on your hands. Some spiders may prefer a damp and cool climate and as such we advise you to check places such as basements and sheds. Finally, spiders do have a major usefulness – they eat other insects! If you do have a variety of pests around your home then this is another sure sign that spiders are lurking.


    It is generally accepted that over 10,000 different varieties of spiders that exist in Australia

    While spiders do carry poisonous venom, no one has died from spider bite in Australia since the early 1980s. If anything is susceptible to spider bites, it’s various insects.

    No. It is widely acknowledged that the Sydney Funnel Web is the most dangerous spider in Australia, if not the world.

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