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Pest Control For Food Retail Stores

Have you happened to see products in the grocery store with a few holes on the packaging which look like bites of something and are wet with a urine-like smell? And when you look at the bottom of the shelves, you found many small and black feces all over. Absolutely, it is a sign of rodents infestation. Rodents are one of many pests usually found in many retail grocery stores. Rats and mice love to stay in a very comfortable place with ready food available like a grocery store.

They are also attracted to stacks of boxes inside the store warehouse to find more food and breed. There are many factors attributed to rats’ infestation in the grocery store. Poor sanitation is one of these. Grocery store personnel do not keep the store clean from spills of broken or open packs of products all the time, some nearing expiration or near spoiled food items, particularly fresh foods are still displayed on shelves.

Another thing is a disorganized display of products of different kinds, there are products mixed with different categories, or the manner of shelving is not properly arranged. Lastly, store managers and supervisors prefer manual ways of eliminating pests, such as putting traps, giving orders to merchandisers to catch these rats, and even using cats at night when the store is closed already. The presence of rodents may bring danger to consumers, employees, and to store owners. (Read: Commercial pest control service)

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Let us take a look at this seriously. For consumers, once they accidentally purchased products with rat bites or rat urine and consume them, this may cause them possible illnesses such as Leptospirosis, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Rat-bite fever, Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis, Plague, Tularaemia and Salmonellosis. Some people will also develop trauma because of this. The health of the whole family is at risk. For workers or employees in the grocery store, their health is also at stake, and possibly be infected with the said diseases as well.

On the other hand, store personnel may feel very bad and this can affect their performance and productivity. Also, the pest infestation incident may lower their morale. For store owners, when pests damage their goods on shelves and in the warehouse, this may cause them profit loss. And if the mentioned situations happened to their consumers and their employees, this will result in sales loss and hefty compensation which may eventually lead to a store shut down. Before it is too late, store managers should be proactive in telling the store owners to get professional help as soon as possible. Better consult commercial pest control with a trusted pest control company. (Related: Factory pest control services)

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Commercial Pest Control: Inspection, Treatment & Management

Commercial pest control is made easy by SafePestControl, the one you can trust for your pest problem on your business premises. No matter how severe your case may be, SafePestControl has pest control solutions for you. At SafePestControl, highly-skilled technicians perform a thorough inspection before carrying out any spraying or extermination.

This is to gain a better understanding of the potential risks that pests, may cause to your premises. SafePestControl’s exterminators also look into every corner and hard-to-reach spot and will determine where pests are hiding and breeding.

After getting all the needed information, they will sit down with you to discuss how pest infestation started on your premises, how to manage them, and give you the results of the onsite pre-analysis. Then, they will be customizing a treatment plan and package that is suitable for you so your premises are treated accordingly.

 With the use of pest trend analytics and then combining SafePestControl expertise in hygiene, which will teach your store personnel how to maintain hygienic premises, surely your worries and anxieties will be gone. (Read: Restaurant Pest Control in Sydney &  Cafe Pest Control Services)

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