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Cockroaches are extremely unpleasant neighbors that are very difficult to get rid of. They live around humans for hundreds of years. Unlike bed bugs, they don’t feed on blood, so they don’t bite. However, they are carriers of pathogenic microflora, provoke allergic reactions, and inspire disgust with their appearance. We will figure out how to get rid of cockroaches in the apartment quickly and effectively.

Reasons For The Appearance Of Cockroaches:

For the destruction of pests, one single cleaning is not enough, it is necessary to clean it regularly. Store food in airtight containers, remove crumbs from the table and keep an eye on areas where pets eat. It would be a good idea to audit kitchen drawers for spilled cereals.

It is advisable to wash the dishes immediately after eating, and not store them in the sink with the remnants of the meal inside. There is some reason your house builds up cockroach infestations. These reasons are…

Access To Food:

Free access to food, high humidity, warmth, and darkness are ideal conditions for cockroaches to live. They move from apartment to apartment through cracks in windows or doors and crawl along ventilation shafts, pipes, garbage chutes, and building facades.

In addition, they can be accidentally brought into the house on clothes, along with old things during a move, in a suitcase from a vacation, with a parcel post or delivery from a furniture store.

Open Trash Bins:

All domestic cockroaches are synanthropic organisms. This means that they cannot exist outside of human habitation. Most often, insects settle in the kitchen, where it is easier to get food.

Especially if you have open bins, sink leaks, unwashed dishes, breadcrumbs, or traces of grease on the tables. Moreover, they are interested not only in human food but also in pet food.

Electrical Appliances:

Cockroaches often nest in electrical appliances: a toaster, microwave, stove, TV, on the back of the refrigerator – it is warm, dark, and safe there. They also like to inhabit under sinks, kitchen cabinets, air vents, cavities under baseboards, and peeling wallpaper.

When the population grows, and the insects begin to lack food, some individuals move to neighbor apartments or houses. Interestingly, before that, they send their “scout” who inspects the territory and determines its suitability for life. If it is dry, clean, all food is hidden and there are repellents, cockroaches will prefer a more comfortable place. Read more about cockroach extermination here.

How To Get Rid Of Roaches​

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches:

If the cockroaches nevertheless settled in you, in no case should you let the situation take its course? These insects will quickly spread not only around the apartment but throughout the house.

Meanwhile, mold, pathogenic bacteria, and viruses accumulate on their paws. They can cause allergies and lead to asthma. In addition, there are many cases when cockroaches climbed into the ears.

Since these insects quickly adapt to poisonous substances, specialists are forced to constantly develop new ways to deal with them. For starters, you should try folk remedies – they are more gentle compared to chemicals and can be used in apartments with pets.

Many of them are no less effective than modern insecticides. Minus one – the results will have to wait longer.

Boric Acid:

Perhaps of the best and reasonable mean. Albeit boric corrosive has been utilized for quite a long time, it even neutralizes safe populaces that have created insusceptibility to famous synthetic substances.

Dissimilar to most toxins, this substance doesn’t influence the cockroach’s sensory system: it consumes the walls of its gastrointestinal system.

In little amounts, boric corrosive is innocuous to people and pets. But then cooking poison with defensive gloves is suggested.


Straightforward and tried and true, and above all totally free way. Like all bugs, cockroaches fear the cold and can’t keep up with interior intensity all alone. In this way, when the temperature decreases to 5 degrees, the irritations start to pass on. To “kill” cockroach eggs, you really want freezing temperatures.

The freezing strategy is typically dependent on when different means never again work. To do this, open the windows, open the bureau entryways, and mood killer the focal warming with the goal that the lines don’t explode. The base ventilation time is four hours.

This technique must be utilized in winter. Best of all – in serious ice. In this situation, there is a gamble of harm to the pipes and home devices. Also, in the event that you don’t impede the battery – and the warming framework.


The guideline of activity is straightforward: cockroaches have an extremely delicate feeling of smell, so they don’t endure serious areas of strength for a. Alkali is utilized mostly as hindrance insurance – to drive off bugs that relocate from corrupt neighbors.

Blend a teaspoon of Ammonia in with a liter of water and wipe baseboards, window ledges, furniture, ventilation grilles, lines, and entryways with the arrangement.

Even better, wash the floor with them. The method ought to be rehashed each a few days until the cockroaches are totally gone.

Remember that any controls with the utilization of smelling salts ought to be done in a thick clinical cover and elastic gloves. In the event that the loft is vacant, the arrangement can be made more focused. Or on the other hand, empty alkali into little containers and spot them in the spots where you saw bugs.

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches​

Expert Cockroach Extermination Services:

Struggling with a cockroach infestation and DIY methods falling short? It’s time to call in the experts. At Safe Pest Control Sydney, we pride ourselves on being Sydney’s leading cockroach extermination service. Our team conducts thorough and effective pest control, ensuring long-term results and providing essential preventative advice.

We offer a multi-month guarantee against cockroach return.

Our Approach to Cockroach Elimination:

Merely using insecticides or traps isn’t sufficient for cockroach eradication. Effective extermination involves a well-prepared approach. We suggest several key preparatory steps.

Residents should vacate the premises temporarily and perform a thorough clean-up, including laundering all fabrics, upon return.

Informing neighbours is crucial. This ensures they take safety measures and ideally, undertake simultaneous pest control in their homes. Without this, cockroaches may simply relocate temporarily and return once the treatment subsides.

1. Securing Food:

Eliminate cockroach food sources. Store grains, flour, and sugar in sealed containers. Use an airtight trash bin with a lid and remember to secure pet food dishes at night.

2. Eliminating Water Sources:

Cockroaches thrive on water as much as food, surviving a month without food but only two weeks without water.

Before extermination, fix any plumbing issues. Ensure no leaks or drips are present in your home. Dry sinks, tiles, and tubs before bed, and seal drains. Store wet items like sponges and toothbrushes in sealed plastic bags overnight.

Cockroach Control Sydney | How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

3. Clean up:

Even if you’ve kept all your food and water safely hidden, cockroaches can survive on accidentally spilled drops of oil or soy sauce.

Do a general cleaning – clean the stove and microwave, wipe down kitchen cabinets, and sweep dried bread crumbs out from under the refrigerator.

Make new rules: wash the countertop immediately after using it and never leave dirty dishes in the sink.

4. Seal Gaps:

Work on protecting the apartment: eliminate all the cracks, the slightest cracks, holes around the pipes. This can be done with a putty, glue gun, polyurethane foam, ordinary nylon or reinforced tape.

In addition, cockroaches love to hide in household appliances – cover loopholes with tape. They should not be left with shelters and escape routes.

5. Prepare the poison:

Professionals use folk methods or buy ready-made insecticides. We use techniques and tools that are not available to ordinary users.

Disinsection is carried out by cold or hot mist, which guarantees a good result. At the time of processing, people and animals must leave the apartment.

Cockroaches Pest Control sydney | How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches​

Method We Use To Kill Cockroaches:

The opinion that cockroaches can appear only where hygiene standards are not observed is erroneous. No one is immune from the appearance of parasitic insects in the apartment. To stop cockroach infestation we use several methods. These are chemical methods. So, see below the methods we use…

It is important to remember that all insecticides require strict adherence to safety rules. They are toxic and can harm human health and pets. When working with any professional products, be sure to follow the instructions on the package.

Glue Trap:

This is a good option if the insect colony has not yet grown. You can buy a ready-made glue trap in the store or make it yourself.

Any deep jar or bowl will work for this. Lubricate its inner surface with vegetable oil and put some sugar, honey, biscuits, bread, or fruit on the bottom. Having smelled the bait, the cockroach will get inside, but because of the fat, it will not be able to get back out.

Instead of a can, you can take any cardboard. Tape it with double-sided tape and place something tasty in the center. You need to change the bait every three to four days, otherwise, it will lose its aroma and stop attracting cockroaches.

How To Get Rid Of Cockroach | Cockroach Pest Control


Sprays and aerosols are easy to use and have an immediate effect. It is enough to spray a spray can in places where cockroaches accumulate. For best results, it is recommended to temporarily close windows and doors.

The disadvantage of such funds: they are much more toxic than crayons, traps and gels. Even if the aerosol is odorless, it can only be sprayed in a respirator. At the time of processing, there should be no children and animals in the apartment.

If you have an aquarium or terrarium, you should temporarily move it to another location or close the lid tightly and turn off the aeration. After using the aerosol, ventilate the apartment and do general cleaning.


The main advantage of gels is that they can be used in a home with small children and pets. The main thing is to apply the product pointwise to places where none of them will reach. For example, behind a dishwasher, on top of a kitchen unit, or in a cabinet under the sink.

The gels do not have an unpleasant odor and do not emit harmful substances, but at the same time they are very attractive to insects. The sticky substance remains on their paws and is passed on to relatives.

Active substances block the nerve impulses of the cockroach, as a result of which it stops breathing.

The action of this gel lasts up to 30 days. Then it needs to be updated. The amount of substance applied depends on the degree of infection of the apartment. But if there are a lot of insects, it will be difficult to get rid of them only with the help of a gel.

Cockroach Traps:

Traps are different: glue, electric, poisonous. The first work on the same principle as homemade ones. The latter attract insects and destroy them with a weak current discharge.

Still others are small plastic washers with poison hidden inside. The cockroach runs into them, becomes a carrier of poison, and then infects its colony.

Choose the traps you like best. The main part of them should be placed in the kitchen – behind the refrigerator, under the headset, next to the stove and trash can.

The expiration date of glue and poison traps is indicated on the packaging – after it expires, they are replaced with new ones. Electric traps are more durable and effective, but are more expensive and require very careful handling. One device is enough for a small apartment.

Ultrasonic Repellers:

These are compact devices that do not destroy insects but force them to leave their nests using ultrasonic waves. The frequencies are chosen to give them maximum discomfort.

Gadgets can run on batteries or from the mains. They are silent and safe for people and large pets.

A nice bonus: such devices repel not only cockroaches but also other pests – bedbugs, fleas, mosquitoes. It depends on the range of the model and the availability of additional functions.

In stores, you can also find electric fumigators and magnetic resonance cockroach repellers. But both are dangerous to human health. The first is due to harmful fumes that enter the air during operation.

The second is due to harmful radiation. Such devices are not suitable for permanent use.


A popular and cheap tool that looks like ordinary white chalk. It is necessary to draw thick straight lines on the baseboards, around the vents, and behind the kitchen furniture and pipes.

If a cockroach crosses one of these lines, the insecticide will be on its body, penetrate into the body and cause paralysis within a few hours.

It is recommended to do the treatment twice a month, after carefully washing off the old stripes. Be sure to use a protective mask and rubber gloves – crayons are toxic.

For the same reason, they should not be applied to cupboards and dining tables. Despite the seeming harmlessness, this remedy is not suitable if animals or small children live in the apartment.