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Imagine your home, workplace, or investment property here in Sydney.  You may see a single spider or cockroach and think it’s not a big deal.  However given the right conditions, these pests can quickly multiply, and before you know it your home is overrun.  Perhaps you’ve noticed the windows and doors of your property are hard to open and close, and the walls sound hollow if you knock on them.  These are both signs of termites, and these tiny insects could be wreaking havoc on your home without you even realizing it.  These are only two scenarios that illustrate why engaging in a pest control service is so important.  Any kind of pest infestation can have serious consequences, ranging from the estimated $100 million of termite damage to homes and properties in Australia alone to the closure of restaurants for health code violations resulting from cockroaches and other pests infestations.  Safe Pest Control can provide Penrith and surrounds with effective pest control treatment and removal packages for a wide variety of pests that affect both residential and commercial properties, having serviced Penrith in both general pest control and termite control for over a decade.   

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So if you discover you have a pest control issue, you may wonder why you should call in a professional pest control team rather than grabbing some bug spray and mouse traps at your local hardware store?  The answer is simple: do-it-yourself pest control products will only resolve your infestation on a surface level.  The source of a pest in your home or business is normally hidden well away from even the most attentive owners and requires inspection by an expert pest control technician with substantial experience to both locate and treat the problem.  The best course of action in this scenario is to get a pest control company (such as us here at Safe Pest Control) on board so that whatever vermin or bugs have infiltrated your property can be eliminated for good!  Many commercially available pest control products can also be toxic if used incorrectly, so hiring a professional pest control group will also ensure you get the best results in a safe and unintrusive manner.  Safe Pest Control is the best choice to provide Penrith’s residential and commercial properties with reliable, effective pest control servicing day or night.

Rats can create havoc in both residential and commercial settings alike, causing both substantial financial losses and serious health problems.  These long-tailed rodents are omnivores, meaning they consume both plant and animal matter and will therefore eat almost anything they come across.  These particular species are much larger than mice and can reproduce at an alarming rate, meaning that a large infestation can occur within your home or business in a relatively short amount of time.  Due to their preference for sheltered areas that are readily accessible to food and water, rats love to inhabit places like sewer pipes and garbage bins, where they are exposed to copious amounts of germs and bacteria. They then readily spread these wherever they go through their urine and droppings.  Research suggests that these familiar pests are also involved in the transmission of SARS-Cov2-based diseases – one of which we now commonly know as Covid-19.  This is just one reason why rat control services in Penrith are so vital.  If you suspect a vermin infestation may be occurring at your property the team at Safe Pest are here to help provide a successful solution.  As Penrith’s leading pest control company, they can ensure the extermination of these filthy pests, protecting the safety and wellbeing of those you love most.

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Penrith is a food and entertainment hub in Western Sydney, with a plethora of eateries to explore.  Engaging pest control services are extremely beneficial to restaurants and cafes in Penrith, as rat infestations can have a devastating impact on the hospitality industry.  Due to the ready availability of a variety of food sources these pests like to squeeze their flexible bodies through cracks and crevices and wait until nightfall before wreaking havoc on the property.  Their nocturnal nature means you may not see the rodent themselves, but rather find their droppings around food cabinets and floors.  Gnaw marks on furniture and food packaging, and the presence of nesting materials such as dried leaves and shredded paper are also good indicators of an infestation and the need for immediate pest control.  As the hospitality industry has developed a shift toward increased outdoor dining following the Covid-19 pandemic, mice and similar pests have also become a somewhat more visible problem.  Outdoor eating areas often lack barriers to vermin entry, and food scraps around these zones are enticing an influx of rodent activity.  As more people utilize al fresco dining in both Penrith and across wider Sydney it also means more customers are around to bear witness to the problem.

The infiltration of these pests into restaurants can result in serious consequences such as the risk of food poisoning from serving contaminated products, loss of customers and even being fined or closed by the public health department.  The New South Wales Food Authority conducts regular inspections of such businesses throughout the state to ensure that mice and other pests are not present, and that routine pest control treatments are being carried out.  Safe Pest Control team is a trusted industry front-runner in commercial pest control and can offer pest control solutions to keep the restaurants, bars, and businesses of Penrith pest-free.

The abundance of construction and development throughout Penrith, New South Wales has also stirred up a wave of activity in terms of rodents and mice.  Old holes and cracks in buildings are closed and new ones are created during the construction process, meaning that these pests find their homes disrupted and set out in search of new ones.  Safe Pest Control is a proven expert in rat control in Penrith and Western Sydney and can assess the scope of the problem and formulate the best pest control plan for your circumstances.

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There are several types of rats commonly found throughout New South Wales, and if you’ve seen one around your home or property you might not be aware of exactly what subspecies it is.  The largest and most common is known as the Norway or Brown Rat.  This pest happily resides anywhere they can find food, water, shelter, and warmth, and are particularly comfortable in urban areas – making any home in Penrith an ideal residence.  Norway Rats are approximately 40cm long and covered in short, dense fur apart from their ears, nose, and tail, which remain bald.  This fur can be grey through to brown, although a reddish-brown color is perhaps the most common.  Their tails are shorter than their body length.  Although their life expectancy is usually only one year, a female can have up to six litters during this period (of up to 12 offspring each time).  That’s 72 of these vermin created from a single mother!  This pest is skilled at swimming, climbing, and jumping, but prefers to dig extensive excavation systems and burrows at ground level.  It is this widespread digging that is one of the many reasons these rodents are considered so destructive, as the resultant damage can undermine the foundations of your home or property.

The second subspecies commonly found in Australian homes is the Black or Roof Rat.  They also like to reside in urban areas, particularly those in coastal regions.  As the name suggests, this pest prefers to occupy roofs, wall cavities, and overhanging trees, and they are extremely agile climbers.  These rodents grow up to 24cm long, with a tail longer than their body.  They have a pointed nose and large ears, unlike the Brown Rat whose nose is blunt and has smaller ears.

Rats are a pest that can also have a devastating impact on your home.  Aside from the property damage caused by their incessant chewing and the health risks posed by the presence of these unsanitary pests, they may also bite if you unwittingly disturb their nest of pups.  They may also attack if they feel cornered.  A bite from this disease-ridden pest is not only painful but can cause other symptoms from bacteria found in their saliva.  Aside from bleeding and puncture wounds at the site of the bite, a victim can also experience swelling, pain, and even fever.  Infection is also a common complication, so it is essential to seek medical advice if necessary.  Many of the families residing in Penrith have pets, and it is important to note that these furry friends can also be affected by the health problems associated with this particular pest.  Domestic animals can contract the diseases they carry either directly (such as from a bite or from eating the pest) or indirectly (by drinking urine-contaminated water or food).  Residential pest control in Penrith ensures not only rodent control but also protection from other household pests such as termites, silverfish, and cockroaches.  Safe Pest Control offers a range of pest control resolutions that can protect your home and family from these unwanted pest problems.  As the pest control experts in Penrith Safe Pest Control have an established track record of providing reliable and effective pest control services utilizing methods that are safe for adults, children, and even pets. 

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There are a variety of pest control approaches that can be used to treat a vermin infestation.  Whilst trapping these pests might seem like the safest method, it is also one of the most ineffective when trying to eradicate this pest quickly and efficiently.  These particular vermin reproduce at such speed that time is of the essence when attempting to get on top of the problem, otherwise what initially may be a single-digit infestation can easily become one that is overwhelming.  A pest control methodology that is far more effective is the use of chemicals such as rodenticides, which allow for the elimination of a vast number of vermin in a single application.  At Safe Pest Control we understand that the health and safety of Penrith residents are of the utmost importance, and we can guarantee that we can implement these methods in a way that is both effective for your pest problem AND safe for your family.  One such method is by placing rodenticide baits inside lockable bait stations that are then strategically placed around the premises.  These stations feature a small hole that is big enough for vermin the enter and exit through, but small enough to keep little hands out of.  Therefore, bait stations are safe to use around children, and as they are lockable people and animals are unable to gain access to the rodenticide inside.  Once the pest has consumed some of the bait they then wander off and die elsewhere, removing the issue of unpleasant odors caused by deceased pests.  Bait stations are also useful when conducting commercial pest control as food products and the like are not at risk of contamination by rodenticide.  Baits are also useful to place in subfloor and roof void areas where these pests like to nest.  The preparations used by the qualified technicians at Safe Pest Control have all passed a rigorous certification process that deems them safe to be used to treat a range of pests and insects in your home and/or commercial property and can even assist in the removal of the odors that come with them.  The team at Safe Pest Control will conduct a thorough on-site inspection of your home or property on the day of service to determine which pest control approach is best suited to the situation.


You can rest assured that you get the best pest control service Penrith has to offer when you engage Safe Pest Control as your pest control team.  Our skilled and experienced staff will provide inspection and servicing of your pest control problem promptly at the appointed time, and with minimal intrusion.  The combination of years of experience and innovative techniques make Safe Pest Control the number one choice for all pest control needs in Penrith, whether that be for a home overrun with mice or a commercial property requiring termite control.  Contact us to discover how our safe and reliable pest control service can provide you with peace of mind when it comes to your home or business.

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