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Who does not want to try a 5-Star Google Review Rate pest control service? It is surely a one-of-a-kind service that everyone desires to experience. Fortunately, this special service is available in Sydney, SAFE Pest Control is here to handle your never-ending pest problems in your home and business premises. (Related: Child Friendly Pest Control)

SAFE Pest Control is one of the most reputable and reliable pest control companies with almost two (2) decades of pest control expertise in the country.

What can SAFE Pest Control offer and provide to clients? SAFE Pest Control has its own experts to provide you the best service you will never forget, starting from Admin Support with great customer service who will listen to your pest concerns attentively and gladly answer all your queries to a team of highly-trained and high-caliber Technicians and Exterminators, up to the friendly, courteous and truly professional Director, you can surely count on all the time. They are indeed SAFE Pest Control’s greatest assets that other companies do not have. (Read: Things to prevent pests)

Also, SAFE Pest Control guarantees honesty and integrity in all aspects of business transactions with clients. They provide a variety of very effective pest control solutions to any known pest problems, eliminate the pest infestation, clean, and then put control measures wherever possible places pests might appear. SAFE Pest Control is also known for its innovative services to provide clients through the use of cutting-edge technology. (Related: Top 5 Pests in Sydney NSW)

One of these high-tech procedures they provide is the online report monitoring during the treatment procedure, this is to capture the real-time activities of the technicians on-site when the client is working outside or far from his house. Another one is “pest analytics”, which is to give complete information to clients for easy analysis of the pests’ actual activities and behavior. Then a customized Pest Treatment Program will be formulated.  

Care for the environment and safety of clients’ families are prioritized by SAFE Pest Control. “These are the heart of our business”, according to them, so they employ the latest environmentally-friendly techniques and use a premium line of products that contain chemicals with the lowest toxicity level, in combination with sticky pads or gels that have the greatest effect against pests.  (Read: What You Need to Know AboutPest Control)

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SAFE Pest Control Services cover every pest infestation throughout the whole season in Sydney. They cater to almost everything, whether residential or commercial premises. Specifically, they have implemented different treatment procedures for houses and businesses which include offices, hotels, restaurants, bars, factories or food-processing plants, hospitals, schools, and retail establishments. They cover any place in Greater Sydney from Outer West, Central Sydney to Sutherland Shire. (Related: Non-toxic pest control)

Also, no worries for some clients with businesses across Sydney, since they cover multi-sites for businesses with different branches and SAFE Pest Control Technicians will prepare tailored programs to cover each and every location when necessary. Moreover, business owners can assure that their commercial properties are in good hands and surely will pass to NSW Food Authority and 152 Councils’ inspection. And of course, the treatment procedure will be done with minimal interruption to the business and customers so it’s business as usual.  (Read: Common pests in sydney nsw)

Their Commercial Pest Control treatments have the EPA, HACCAP, and Work Cover certifications. In addition, SAFE Pest Control is also an official member of the Australian Environmental Pest Management Association (AEPMA). With SAFE Pest Control, each situation will be treated as a unique case, and they do the following steps:

(1) Onsite Inspection

(2) On-site Pre-analysis

(3) Business-to-Client Consultation

(4) Determining potential problem points through Hygiene expertise

(5) Comprehensive Treatment Plan, which can be tailored to the needs, and lastly

(6) Checking Results.  Also, SAFE Pest Control offers free backup service, and all works are fully insured.  They provide a 6-month warranty for pest control treatments as well. (Read: Organic Pest ControlRelated: How Find the Right Pest Control Company)


It is true that if you happen to pay a lower cost for any pest control service, expect substandard results or some back-jobs but with SAFE Pest Control, their approach will be to find a treatment plan which ensures you only pay for the treatment needed of your pest problem, nothing more nothing less, while delivering exceptional value for money when compared to one-size-fits-all treatments.  Pest control treatment at SAFE Pest Control is very cost-effective.  

What are you waiting for? Choose a pest control service that is safe for you, safe for your family, safe even for your pets, and safe for your business. Choose SAFE Pest Control! Call now at 1300 119 085 for immediate booking. (Related: Why Safe Pest Control)

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