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saydney Cockroach facts

1. Cockroaches can find a way anywhere!

Due to their exoskeleton bodies, cockroaches are able to crawl through the smallest of gaps by flattening their dynamic exoskeletons and spreading their legs to either side, and tiptoeing their way through. This is especially true of the German Cockroach which is the smallest of the three most common species found in Sydney and Australia. Holes and cracks as small as 25% of their body height are still no match for cockroaches’ penetrable abilities, so it’s no surprise that cockroaches have found a way to be a major pest in every continent in the world.

   2. Cockroaches like beer!

That’s right. The next time you leave a few longnecks lying around after a party, think again. The hops and sugars contained in beer can attract cockroaches, as well as the food and crumbs that are often a byproduct of a few friends having a few beers together. Maintaining a clean and tidy environment at home or work is one of the best ways to prevent cockroaches, as well as other insects and rodents entering in the first place.

However, if you’ve left it too late and already have a cockroach problem, you could try this interesting DIY tip to trap and get rid of cockroaches by using beer as the bait! Or call the professionals and let Safe Pest Control handle it.

  3. Cockroaches are one of the oldest species in the world!

Whilst the average lifespan of a cockroach is usually around 1 year, their species has been around for a lot longer.

Fossil evidence found all over the world consistently shows that a wide variety of cockroach species have existed and thrived for more than 300 million years!

The common saying goes “Cockroaches will be on this earth long after we’re all gone!”, and all evidence tends to support this theory. Cockroaches belong to the Blattodea order, of which termites also belong. Both species can be traced back to the Carboniferous period, and are world-renowned as being two of the most sturdy, robust, and resilient creatures found today. The good news is, that out of over 4500 varieties of species, less than 1% are found to live in human habitats. The bad news is, that 1% can utterly infest your home or business if you’re not careful, and then your only option is to call in a professional Pest Control expert.

   4. Cockroaches can survive without a head for 7 days!

If they weren’t difficult enough in the first place, cockroaches can live up to one week without a head!

Due to the unique respiratory system of cockroaches, they don’t breathe through their mouths like humans. Cockroaches have what’s known as spiracles, which are tiny holes in their body that they use to breathe and transport oxygen. If you factor this in with their ability to survive without food for nearly 30-40 days, you have an insect that truly deserves the title of “survival specialist”. More info on COCKROACH INFESTATION IN WINTER

 5. Cockroaches lay eggs and lots of them!

Female cockroaches lay and protect their eggs by enveloping them in an ootheca, a form of egg casing common to many species of insects. Luckily these are visible to the human eye.

German cockroaches can lay up to 40 eggs in one ootheca, while the American cockroach lay between 10-20 eggs per casing. Over the course of their 1-year lifespan female cockroaches can lay multiple egg cases, which is why you should act quickly if you notice these around your home or business because, by the time you’ve spotted them, there will be a lot more you haven’t, and by then it’s too late. Another handy way to spot if cockroaches have invaded is their droppings. Similar in shape to a rice grain, they are small, cylindrical pellets of brown or black color.

If you notice either of these signs, then you have a cockroach problem. If you’re in the Sydney area and need advice or a quote on an inspection, removal, and control of cockroaches in your home or workplace, then call Safe Pest Control today on 1300 119 085