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The natural world is full of dangers, particularly in Australia. Mosquitoes and biting flies can chase you outside, rodents can invade your home and bring in diseases, and bed bugs can even come after you while you sleep. But one of the nastiest kinds of pests is often invisible or undetected until their damage has already been done – and of all the nuisances that can disturb your well-being, this one often proves to be the most harmful overall.

The small and mostly quiet termite may leave you alone personally, but that is only because its eyes are on a larger prize: your home. With the building’s entire structural integrity at stake, it is essential to have your home inspected regularly for the presence of these harmful creatures, by availing yourself of effective termite control in Sydney.

Termite infestation is surprisingly common nationwide, with an estimated presence in fully 1 in 3 Australian homes at this very moment. Two-thirds of Australian homes are expected to suffer from termite damage at some point during their lifespan. As for the rest – the lucky ones that are free from this constant menace – there is a strong likelihood that their owners are not lucky at all, but simply smart. Termites may seem like an unstoppable force of nature when your home is their target, but they can be neutralised through a variety of proactive methods of termite protection in Sydney.

The sooner you take advantage of these methods, the less stressful your experience as a homeowner will be. Termites can be repelled at almost any stage, but catching them early is far better than catching them late; anticipating their arrival is far better than catching them early; and physically preventing their access to your home, through special measures taken during the construction phase, is best of all.

Whatever state your home is currently in, be mindful that the termite problem cannot be shut out by ignoring it, nor can it be escaped. Even if you decide at some point to sell your house, the property’s termite status will assuredly be factored into the selling price. It is far better to bring in the experts and let them deal with the situation now, rather than letting these wood-chewing home-wreckers have their way with your house and property.

The good news is that today’s methods of termite inspection in Sydney are highly advanced and represent an enormous leap over those of previous generations, which used to be more invasive and disruptive in every sense. We at Safe Pest Control use a thermal imaging camera, for example, which picks up heat signatures in walls to identify termite activity.

Other techniques can also help us to quickly identify and block termites as they try to enter the structure of your home. A Termatrac uses advanced microwave technology to basically see through walls, highlighting termites if they are active in the area. A borerscope is a tiny drill that lets us look beneath the surface of suspected areas for termite tunnels, while keeping your property intact. A moisture meter is an indirect termite detection tool, letting us see which sections of your home have the environmental conditions which make them more likely to house termites.

Our team members use each of these methods and more as we conduct operations for termite control in Sydney. After identifying the sources of the problem, we install countermeasures which force the termites into a retreat. By blocking other paths of entry into the home, using chemical and physical barriers, as well as initiating a cleanup of stray wood and other detritus outside the home that the termites can use as sources of food and shelter, we essentially turn your house into a termite-repelling fortress.

Underground tunnels, moist earth, gutters, floors and ceilings – all of these avenues are enormously attractive for termites looking for an entryway into your home. Stopping them is no job for an amateur; it takes thousands of hours of experience, along with the right chemicals, barriers and other equipment necessary to stop all of the termites and close off their paths of entry.

At Safe Pest Control, we perform all of these checks and fixes for homeowners, to keep their residences safe and secure. For homes not yet built, we can set up physical and chemical barriers beneath the surrounding soil so that the house under construction will have an impenetrable shield for decades to come.

No matter what condition your home is in, termite inspection now is preferable to termite extermination later (although we can do that too). Our fully licenced team will take the utmost care when protecting your home, and will also provide you with clear and effective advice for keeping termites at bay far into the future. Our extensive experience lets us answer any questions you may have, while also preparing us to deal with the unique properties of every home.

At Safe Pest Control, we understand that your home is your most important possession, and our operations are always clean, safe, environmentally friendly, and conducive to healthy living for adults, children and pets. We conduct our operations with patience, dedication and courtesy for our customers, even as we show no mercy to the pests that have made the mistake of targeting their homes.

Australia experiences over $1 billion in termite-related damages each year. If more homeowners would take the initiative and call in experts to follow anti-termite procedures such as the ones we use at Safe Pest Control, the termite issue would become far less of an issue almost overnight.

Take control of your home, both inside and out, by calling for inspections right away. They take only a couple of hours but can save you countless headaches down the line, not to mention many thousands of dollars in home repairs. Call us on 1300 119 085 or write to us at [email protected] to arrange an appointment. With a comprehensive Safe Pest Control termite treatment in Sydney, we’ll take care of your home so that you can finally stop worrying.

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