Silverfish are nocturnal creatures and therefore like to come out at night. Usually a silverfish can grow from anywhere between 13mm to 25mm and are very common pests among Sydney households. They are quite common across Australia, Africa and other parts of the Pacific. This makes sense considering they enjoy habitats with high humidity levels anywhere in the vicinity of 75 to 90 percent. Due to their nocturnal habits, silverfish are often found in basements, cupboards, garages and other dark places around your home. Interestingly, silverfish are very fast runners but that is only the case on flat surfaces – they lack the physical capabilities of running up walls at anywhere near the same speed.

Safe Pest Control gets plenty of questions from clients about how they can get rid of Silverfish. Here are some tips and tricks that can alleviate a silverfish problem, however, many DIY methods only provide a brief respite before the problem comes back again. This is due to a number of reasons but the main one is that while you will get rid of the silverfish initially, it is highly likely that you haven’t solved the problem of where they are nesting.

Some ways of removing silverfish include:

  • Moist newspaper
  • Boric acid
  • Cedar shavings
  • Strong smelling spices (silverfish don’t like the smell)

One of the first things you should do is to ensure you have good airflow through your home or business. This will prevent any moisture or humidity from building up and therefore won’t give silverfish a reason to come and set up camp in your premises. Another way of preventing a silverfish infestation is to seal any cracks that you see. By closing them up, silverfish won’t have a chance to lay eggs in there or find a hiding place.

Signs of Silverfish

Some of the sure fire signs of Silverfish are:

  • Destroyed papers
  • Ruined clothing
  • Eaten wallpaper

If you see silverfish around your home then don’t let the problem get any worse than it already is – give the team at Safe Pest Control a call. Alternatively, check out our tips and tricks on ‘How to get rid of Silverfish’.

Q: What do Silverfish eat?

A: Silverfish enjoy sugary and starchy foods. They are also known to eat other insects as well as bed sheets, linen and other common household clothing.

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