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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Sydney pest control prices can range from $200 – $400 depending on the size of the project, type of pest and the pest control company you choose. Safe Pest Control can provide a certified, safe spray pest control treatment from as low as $220. Give us a call today on 1300 119 085 for a fast and easy quote!

    Our prices are quoted based on the size of your property and type of pest, we tailor our treatment to you! General pest control for a single-story house can be completed from as little as $275 and a double story house from $340. We also provide pest control for hotels, restaurants, factories, offices and hospitals. For a specific quote, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1300 119 085 or get in touch with us via email at

    Yes! Safe Pest Control operates Monday – Saturday from 8am to 5pm. Noting our flexible schedule, will be sure to fit you in at your preferred time.

    Absolutely, we use eco-friendly pest control products that are safe for family members and pets. We ensure our industry leading pesticide products are safe and non-toxic as possible which allows for no impact to be had on your family or the environment. Our safe spray products and eco-friendly mindset are one of the many reasons why we are one of the best, commercial pest control companies in Sydney.

    Safe Pest Control provides 6-month warranty period with our general pest treatment. For each treatment we complete, we will provide you with a certificate for the job including a batch number and details regarding the products used. The certificate will also note the specifications of the exact amount of the non-toxic chemical used and where it was sourced from. The certificate also provides full details of the dates we visited, the time and tools, along with other standard reporting features. This type of reporting allows for each client to have access to every detail of their treatment. Our clients always come first, ensuring you are 100% satisfied with your treatment, is our #1 priority.

    The pest control treatments last 3-6 months depending on the type of treatment. Our approach finds a treatment balance that ensures you only pay for the treatment you need, delivering exceptional value for money when compared to one-size-fits-all treatments. This approach ensures that you get lasting treatment for an affordable price.

    More on mice…

    If you can hear scratching sounds in your wall cavities or scurrying feet across your roof space in the quiet of the night, chances are you’re sharing your home with a rodent. The good news is, you’re not alone and in recent years we’ve seen a rise in rodent infestation in Sydney homes. The bad news is these small pests can cause big damage in your home – they will eat virtually anything and are active all year round. There are different types of rodents found in Australia from the common house mouse to the larger brown rat and all pose a serious health problem if found living in your home. If left untreated, their numbers can grow to significant levels – this is where Safe Pest Control can help.

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    Introduced in Australia by the first European settlers, mice have been a problem all around the world for some time. They have a hearty appetite and multiply quickly, with the female species having up to eight in a litter at a time. The House Mouse is a small species, weighing up to 30g and is approximately 70-95mm in length. It is grey/brown in colour, has thin whiskers, narrow hind feet, sharp claws and a long, almost naked tail. As its name suggests, the House Mouse prefers to live indoors, in the comfort of wall voids, behind cabinets and around appliances. The real cause for concern with mice is that they can spread diseases via their urine and droppings, contaminate food and damage materials in and round your home – i.e. chewing through electrical cords and gnawing on wood and insulation.



    Norway Rat

    The largest of the rodent species and by far the most common is the Norway Rat (also known as the Brown Rat). This pest can be found living happily wherever there is food, water, warmth and shelter – by this we mean anyone’s home. The Norway Rat has a life expectancy of approximately one year and the female species will have 5-6 litters in that time. It grows up to 40cm in length and weighs approximately 350-500g. It is reddish/brown in colour and whilst it is a good climber, jumper and swimmer, it prefers to burrow at ground level.

    rat image

    Black Rat

    The second species which is also commonly found in Australian homes is the Black Rat (otherwise known as the Roof Rat). Prone to living in coastal towns, the Black Rat is dark brown/black in colour with a pointed nose, large prominent ears and a tail as long as its body. It grows up to 24cm in length and is known for its agility. The Black Rat is a particularly serious threat to farmers, eating a wide range of agricultural crops and it too has a lift expectancy of approximately one year. Both species will consume different types of food around your home, primarily cereals, bird seeds and pet food left unattended both indoors and out, so good housekeeping goes a long way. There are close to a dozen diseases that are linked to rats, including Salmonellosis and Leptospirosis (both worldwide and both transmitted when eating or drinking food or water that has been contaminated with rat droppings or urine*).

    If an infestation of mice or rats has been identified in your home, the next step is to implement practical and long-term solutions to avoid a re-infestation. Effective rodent control is essential in keeping your home and your family safe from the spread of disease, the contamination of food and the damage to your property. Don’t be fooled – mice and rats are clever creatures. They know what to do and where to hide in order to survive, so solving a rodent problem can prove to be quite a challenge. Appointing a knowledgeable and qualified team of pest control providers is your best bet in getting rid of rats and mice for the long term.

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    The dedicated team at Safe Pest Control will tailor a solution specifically for you. It will start with a detailed inspection using the latest technology, where they will identify the areas in your home where the rodents are getting in and where they are likely to hide. “A good pest control provider will recognise the signs, solve your rodent problem quickly and then show you how to manage it in the future,” said the company’s Director, Milad Bahrami. “Once we carry out the initial inspection, we will then put into place a range of highly effective, eco-friendly rodent control solutions that will bring positive results for the long-term.” ‘Rodent proofing’ your home will also help a re-infestation from occurring so be sure to keep the kitchen and other food preparation areas clean; store food in air tight containers (preferably glass or plastic, as rodents can eat through paper and cardboard); and keep the lids on your garbage bins closed and in good condition.

    Rats and mice will quickly make your Commercial or Residential property their own if you let them, however, there are ways you can help prevent an infestation from occurring. Whilst their eyesight is poor, they have excellent hearing, smell, taste and touch and all they want is easy access to food, water and shelter. By making access to these things as hard for them as possible, you’re off to a good head start. Keep your house tidy both inside and out and eliminate places where rats and mice can hide and most importantly, don’t leave pet food unattended. Small gaps under doorways are big enough for rats and mice to enter, so use door strips across the bottom to block their entry. Holes in your walls around pipes and utility cables, etc. are a welcome sign for rodents. Cover these and broken roof tiles with wire mesh and seal any smaller gaps. Rats, in particular, are good swimmers and can travel through damaged pipes, so covering drains with metal grates is a good way to stop them in their tracks.



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    Best Sydney's Pest Control Company

    Safe Pest Control is one of the few Sydney’s pest control companies that can offer a login service whereby should you be away from your properties while we are working, you can log into our website and access the online real-time reporting feature. This is just one of many innovative features we have implemented to ensure our customers are always aware of the work schedules and that we are adhering to our advised service times. Another feature is the pest analytics we provide you with, thoroughly analyzing the pest’s activities and behavior in order to provide you with full information about how we are treating your pest problem.

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    Our Commercial Pest Control division has rapidly expanded as Sydney’s business owners have taken to our thorough and professional approach to keeping their pests out. Knowing that we are EPA, WorkCoverand HACCAP complied is also a huge reassurance.


    Safe & Effective Pest Control in Sydney


    Does your Sydney home or business require urgent pest control? We have your solution. 5 star ratings, eco-friendly, child and pet safe products, certified treatments and affordable price what more could you ask for? Safe Pest Control Sydney has been providing exceptional service with effective results to both residential and commercial property owners alike, throughout Sydney for the past 15 years. Our company is trusted, reliable and reputable in the industry for leading an environmentally friendly approach to Pest Control services in Sydney. Our products are eco-friendly and completely biodegradable. We control over 12 major pest types pests including cockroaches, termites, mice, rats and ants. Every treatment is catered to the specific property, pest type and extent of infestation. Our team is made up of highly trained Environmental Pest Managers who will give you expert advice on how to ensure your pest free home lasts by taking preventative measures. Our team can answer any questions you have, and with a 6-month warranty period you can have the ultimate peace of mind. Call us today for a fast and easy quote on your home or commercial business! Whether it’s your first experience with pest control or you’re a loyal monthly client, our customer service will have you as our number one priority. Don’t hesitate to get into contact with one of our friendly technicians today via phone on 1300 119 085 or email us at

    Here is a list of our ‘top tips’ for preventing rats and mice,

    which you can easily carry out in your home…

    Keep your house tidy, both inside and out. Having less clutter and debris in your home and around your garden means less places for rats and mice to hide. Clean out sheds and storage areas on a regular basis as well.

    Store food in air tight containers with a proper fitting lid (preferably glass or plastic, as rodents can chew through paper and cardboard).

    Don’t leave pet food unattended as it will immediately attract mice and rats. When bird seed spills out from the feeding tray and cage, clean it up and dispose of it straight away.

    Where possible, dispose of all garbage and food waste in a bag and tie it up and ensure the lids on your garbage bins are closed at all times and in good working order.

    Act quickly! If you suspect signs of a rodent infestation in your home, call the professionals. The sooner effective action is taken, the better.

    Signs of Rats and Mice in Your Home

    Even if you haven’t physically seen a rat or a mouse, this doesn’t mean they’re not around. They become active after dark which is why, it’s usually in the quiet of the night, when you will hear the scratching sounds in the walls and the shuffling in your roof space. There are several telltale signs of rodent activity and/or an infestation in your home including small droppings, urine stains in your kitchen cupboards and pantry, gnaw marks on food products or skirting boards, or even sighting them out in the open running hastily across a room. We explore these in further detail below.

    Norway Rat

    rats and mice will produce anywhere between 50-80 small and dark droppings in one night. You will usually find these along walls, in the cupboards and pantry and under the kitchen sink. Urine stains are also a sign of rodent activity.



    rats and mice are nocturnal creatures and it is often in the quiet of the night that they will come out to search for food and build their nest. This is when you will hear scratching sounds in the walls, under the floorboards or in the roof space.


    Gnawed objects

    gnawing is how rodents keep their teeth sharp and evidence of gnawing can be seen on food packaging, cardboard boxes and even on skirting boards. Rodents are also known to chew on electrical cables and insulation.



    materials that are easy to shred, such as newspaper, cardboard and insulation are used by rats and mice to make their nests. Warm, isolated spots under and around appliances, such as the fridge, are where you’d expect to find a nest.


    Visual sightings

    rats and mice rarely come out in the day, so after dark it’s not uncommon to see them scurrying across a room or running across the top of a fence.


    Why Safe Pest Control

    Residential and Commercial Pest Control Sydney

    In order to ensure that all of our clients are completely satisfied with their Pest Control Sydney treatments, we offer a 6-month warranty period. This gives all our client’s peace of mind and leaves them happy with their new, pest free home. For each treatment we complete, we will provide you with a certificate for the job including a batch number and details regarding the products used and specifications of the exact amount of the non-toxic chemical used and where it was sourced from.

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    These certificates also provide full details of the dates we visited, the time, tools and even the weather conditions at the time for further documentation. This allows each client to have access to every detail of their treatment and gives them peace of mind. Our clients always come first, ensuring you are 100% satisfied with your treatment is our #1 priority! Another reason why we are the best Pest Control Sydney has to offer is our termite insurance offer. Despite the dangerous structural damage that termites can cause, insurance companies often don’t cover for termite damage.


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    We are here to provide convenience to you. Our experienced Service Technicians service all of Sydney, including the Eastern Suburbs, Hills District, North Shore, The Shire and more. Our service is available 6 days a week, so we are sure to be available at a convenient time for you.Call us to check for an available appointment today!


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